fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

See evidence that the fbi is nervous over my reports of their high tech crimes, including kidney stone attacks.

This report focuses on
1)fbi/cia blocking many of my sites from public or state office buildings and
2)fbi hacking my current posts at sosbeevfbi.ning.com/profile/geralsosbee and shutting down my decade long site at


Here is the message provided by the state of Texas regarding the blocking from view all of my sites:
"Web Page Blocked
You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.
URL: sosbeevfbi.ning.com/
Category: Personal Websites and Blogs
To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please click here.
Powered by FortiGuard. "

Previously, I documented similar hacking at



More recently the fbi begins hacking my posts at sosbeevfbi.ning.com, possibly as a result of growing global interest in the fbi/cia use of artificially synthesized kidney stones and other high tech assaults on selected Targets


Professional journals and other academics indirectly support my reports.



Particular queries of the kidney stone assaults from the Middle East, India and Thailand suggest the likelihood that the fbi/cia and other intel groups are disabling or killing dissidents and perceived enemies by kidney stone assaults, etc., at their locations globally.

I view the stepped up cyber crimes by the fbi as a sign of my great success in efforts to reach the world community on line (even though many people are apparently afraid to directly access my sites).

Thank you kindly.geral



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