fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi efforts to murder me:

Clear and convincing evidence proves the following documented efforts by fbi agents to murder me, or to torture me to death:

1) fbi agent, on authority of an insane federal magistrate judges in El Paso, Texas plots with nurse operative  while I was unconscious after surgery for service connected deviated septum, to smother me. The operative entered my hospital room and changed the bed notes to read, "provide full meals to patient when he awakens ".
I nearly died from suffocation from my own vomit, as my nose was completely sealed off and no air passage was available by which to breathe as I regurgitated the food.

2) fbi agent well versed in the use of chemicals in the formation of kidney stones began a systematic delivery of chemicals into my body on authority of a criminally insane federal magistrate judge in Brownsville Texas. The fbi agent then created by chemical combination a synthetic kidney stone in vivo in me, as though I were a test tube.
fbi also endured that an incompetent M.D. attend me.

3) fbi agent in L.A., or Brownsville Texas,  acting under authority of an insane federal magistrate judge, directed my dentist to put me to sleep during treatment. Then, a fbi operative dentist planted a bacterial infection near the root of tooth number 31 which was in close proximity to my cerebrum.

4) fbi high tech expert/agent commenced against me in about year 2001-2002 extreme assaults with DEW  & ELF, continuing to date uninterrupted. These attacks cause disabling sleep deprivation and coronary artery disease in me. Such high tech attacks also cause dangerous & dramatic swings in blood pressure. I have collapsed three times from the effects of DEW AND ELF ATTACKS.

5) fbi tampers with my motorcycle, after disabling my car, as I reported intentional medical malpractice by a M.D. who was a de facto operative.
The fbi agent loosened a strategic part on the moto which fell off on my return to Brownsville from Austin, Texas.
I was traveling at about 65-70 miles per hour and I nearly lost control of the bike.

6) fbi agent pumped toxic  fumes into my residence sending me for medical care.

Federal Magistrate judges provide fbi assassins with Carte Blanche authority,  via a corrupt civil court order, to engage in an unending crime spree against me with intention to end my life.

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