fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally


Update on the fbi's use of very criminal tactics to injure and kill Targets

Most people have no concept of the atrocities committed by fbi against their Targets.
For example I have documented the following crimes against my person by the fbi assassins:
1) extreme psychological operations (psyops) intended to drive the Target crazy
2) production of a synthetically manufactured kidney stone in vivo
3) place bacterial infection in Targets' tooth close to the brain
4) castration (after threats to me to keep my mouth shut; I have never been accused of any offense).
5) smother Target while he is in the hospital

Now, for the atrocity of the century:

fbi assassins contract with the Mexican government to send infected persons into the USA for the sole purpose to infect the Target with a communicable disease

In my report at the following link see the various diseases which fbi and their hip pocket, corrupt federal judges use to place the Target into the punitive  global disease surveillance system (GDSS):

The fbi also attacks the Target 24/7/365 with directed energy weaponry, causing many medical injuries (such as loss of hearing); fbi follows the Target around inside stores and gently pats with right hand his center/left chest area to remind the Target of his coronary artery disease.

Note that the fbi and the federal judge (usually a federal magistrate judge) get together and decide how to completely destroy the Target and at the same time to attempt to drive him crazy. The judge issues an order which places the Target into the GDSS which is honored globally. From that moment the Target is harassed & monitored everywhere he/she goes.

The fbi invades the Target's home, poisons/cripples/kills Target's dog and performs a variety of other terrorists acts such as planting chemicals (or live cockroaches) in food.

For more details on psyops see my reports at SOSBEEvfbi.com, Academia.edu and other sites.


Today as I type this report in the public library, fbi sends 2 thugs to assault, harass & distract me. One of the hoodlums is a security guard.

*My efforts to stop these assaults ag/me by librarians fail as fbi controls all in the library.

See attached letter from medical doctor who repeats that I have no evidence of communicable disease and no history of sexually transmitted disease.

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