fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi crimes online accompany new de facto criminal courts

The fbi has failed to silence me from reporting their high crimes for over 25 years. The efforts against me by the fbi & cia include attempts on my life, torture (including assaults by DEW), and other  psychological warfare intended to force a final exit. Recently the fbi increases their criminal stalking and harassment of me online and attempts to use the  internet to fraudulently incite public malice against me.  As shown in this report the fbi also in its efforts to finally prevent my disclosures (see my affidavits 2007 and 2014) actually commits crimes and plants my name at the scene so that other police agencies may consider me a suspect.

See my report and the comments by fbi operative/criminals here:


Furthermore, I have also shown in many of my reports that the fbi fraudulently exploits civil court judges and magistrates to authorize abusive court orders in efforts to terrorize me by constant, uninterrupted surveillance (both electronic and physical) in my home and car and with simultaneous invasions into my home and car for purposes of vandalism, poisonings, etc. Some of the fbi operatives are intimately familiar with my life and they actually go online to report my activities even as they are torturing me.

The first two links below are followed by examples of the fbi lies online that are designed to inflame and to cause the police to illegally open a case on me.



"The most incompetent government agencies in   the world

26.Feb.2013 13:30

paint me doubtful

 Millions upon millions of dollars and man hours wasted watching this imbecile and no results. What in the world justifies spending so much time and money watching this goober? They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance."


"Monique Abu-Jamal

 You brag about being a murderer in Viet Nam, then complain about imagined torture by some evil fbi folks on people elsewhere. You are a fucking hypocrite and as loony as Daffy Duck without the cuteness."


In another of my reports see the *link below  for more examples of the fbi’s online libel campaign in the comments of its criminal perpetrators at the end of my report (note the incidents of criminal harassment and cyber stalking).

Finally, the following report also shows how the fbi uses the secret civil courts in concert with their perjurious  allegations in order to illegally charge, try, convict, punish and kill selected Targets, all with the implicit authority of public policy.

In other words a new form of criminal court is forged by the fbi in order to prevent the accused from defending against the outrageous hidden charges. In brief, the fbi is engaged in torture, forced suicide, false imprisonment, attempted murder, and murder while falsely accusing the Target of being a murderer.


                   “fbi crimes online forge new criminal courts



See evidence that the fbi secretly turns civil court judges into criminals and at the same time uses the internet to try, convict, and punish innocent Targets of fbi for intelligence purposes.

download PDF (30.7 kibibytes)

This report is significant globally as I present information on the new and largely unseen program by the fbi/cia, et. al., to use the internet in the sweeping execution of an unfamiliar form of criminal law born of extreme abuses of civil law.

Specifically, the fbi now has in place in the United States of America a system of trying, convicting, sentencing, torturing, forcing suicide and killing people for a variety of fraudulently alleged charges.

The Targets of such a hideous program has no idea that he is now being pursued by the fbi and company and sometimes by the global population who are the de facto vigilantes enforcing the orders of the invisible, secret and quasi criminal court.

The people of the world are not aware that they play an integral role in the destruction of people’s lives; the general population is indoctrinated by the main street media (like fox, cbs,nbc,msn,cnn, and local subsidiaries, etc., globally) to unwittingly support government atrocities in order to secure their own imagined liberties.

The mind programming of the masses also includes causing the people to fear war, disease, famine, and other calamities that may threaten them. In all instances the people are led discreetly to think that they are performing a legitimate community service that advances community security. Such a program of mind manipulation is not unlike a similar system in government and corporate sectors where the individual is led to conform by expecting certain rewards:

“BEHAVIORS REWARDED: participation, conformity to ideas/behavior, zeal,
personal changes” (1).

In my case the fbi obtained fraudulent and corrupt civil process in order to discourage me from reporting their atrocities and in order to complete their potentially deadly vendetta against me. Then, the fbi spread the word that this Target is to be followed 24/7, globally, for life, as an alleged threat to public safety.

See also the fraudulent police BOLO issued on me by the lunatics of the University of Texas Police in concert with fbi who also ran a joint counterintelligence operation of assault and battery on my person by an operative named Alonzo Yanez.( 2).

The judge who issued the corrupt and abusive order at the request of the fbi is actually an operative for the fbi and knowingly violates fundamental human, civil, and constitutional guarantees that are intended to protect all humans. See my writ on the refusal of all courts to stop the crimes by the fbi and their civil court judges (3). Also note the recent and thoroughly corrupt ruling by the United States Supreme Court that police and fbi are authorized to kill suspects fleeing in their car.

Additionally, the fbi now comes online to announce that their operatives and thugs are monitoring the Target in his home by electronic and physical surveillance for harassment purposes (4). During the entire process of terrorizing the Target, the fbi and friends & associates, engage in multiple felonious assaults (including DEW attacks 24/7 for life) and mind games on the Target (for more on the types of crimes committed by the fbi see “My Story In Detail” and related links and reports online.

The current program of fbi abuses  of our people is accepted by the general population and is furthered by the use of online message boards and discussion forums which are often dominated by the very thugs and assassins whom I describe in my article.

Thank you.



1)Mind Control:


2)Modern Cointelpro


3)My Writ:


*4)Evidence of fbi Forging New & Murderous Public Policy


Recent filthy threat by fbi psychopathic operative: http://la.indymedia.org/news/2014/11/266480_comment.php#266535 Fbi retaliation:

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