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Mr. Richard Enos, Dr. Tomo Shibata and Geral Sosbee report on ‘Deep State’ abuses and other offenses by the intelligence community. This report focuses on Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) soundwaves used by fbi and others to attack Targets. Data from Mr. Enos and Dr. Shibata are included in a link herein.





November 19, 2018 For about the past thirty- five years the fbi in a vendetta highjacks my life, as I explain at Academia.edu, in my paper entitled, “What Would You Do If”. During the same period of time the fbi uses high tech, deep space based weaponry (including Directed Energy Weaponry) to assault me night and day. Since about the year 2002, the fbi also uses extremely low frequency sound waves, 24/7/365, which causes sleep deprivation and other serious medical indications such as occasional debilitating headaches. I have lost most of my hearing and now I have coronary artery disease, for which I refuse medical treatment. http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/non-consensual.html



The sleep deprivation assaults are delivered to me in greater intensity, 1) when I compose and publish a paper such as this one, 2) when I interfere with fbi’s psychological operations, or when I foil a gas lighting episode.,3) when I ask Congress for help, 4) when fbi decides on other occasions for reasons not clear to me, 5) when I successfully prosecute a fbi thug/operative.

Sleep deprivation also causes mood swings and once I also noticed my incoherent speech patterns, following another sleepless night. I am also at times unable to walk due to extreme sleepiness. In fact, I always feel as though I am falling forward when I try to walk. I have collapsed several times, and I fainted once in the mall as a result of the assaults. Medical doctors pretend that my claims are indicative of paranoia. See my report on Doctor Holder at part twenty of My Story in Detail, at SOSBEEvfbi.com.

Based upon Dr. Holder’s conduct and statements to me and separately to my wife, I believe that he is an operative for the fbi and is looking for a way to “first do some harm”. The report on Dr. Holder is also available at Academia.edu in my paper entitled, “VA PDF”. Recently, I have associated with many others who are Targeted by fbi/cia/nsa and their associates for similar assaults. I am also online friends with “RAMOLA D” (DHARMARAJ), BARBARA HARTWELL and KAREN MELTON-STEWART. Two other friends of liberty are mentioned below with evidence of their heroic efforts to encourage law makers to address atrocities by fbi/cia et al. The linked post on the proposed bill originally drafted by Dr. TOMO SHIBATA  was written by Mr. RICHARD ENOS, not by Dr. TOMO SHIBATA.

In the link below see one of Mr. Richard Enos' superb papers which I praise for the established authenticity of the work and for the focus on ‘deep state’ (or shadow) government activities against our populace. Kindly consider his work in order to understand the threat to our culture globally by intelligence agencies of the United States Government, inter alia. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/11/13/bill-proposal-in-ca...

Finally, the above report by Mr. RICHARD ENOS on Dr. TOMO SHIBATA's bill proposal against organized covert torture reflects the timeless struggle of all mankind against the evil of our era. I extend my eternal gratitude to Mr. RICHARD ENOS and to Dr. TOMO SHIBATA. My related post:


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