fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi attacks my cerebum & threatens dementia

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After fbi assassins attack me with ELF, DEW, MICROWAVE 'sleep deprivation/memory loss' technology, the fbi criminals who hide unconscionable crimes by fbi sends me a message, but is time coordinated with another message.

Prior to receiving the 2 messages below, the fbi sends an agent / operative to park in my driveway at 11pm, with lights on, to prepare me for a night of torture by DEW for my recent visits with police in Pharr Texas .

 The first message below is from the fbi NCIC where fbi hatches fraudulent records on innocent citizens. That message is followed by and coordinated with a second message:

The second message below is from unknown person focusing on 'memory and oblivion' and is sent to me by Academia.edu wherein the author references, "mention GERAL SOSBEE ".

fbi visit my Academia.edu page:
17:01 Jul 1 Clarksburg, WV The United States Profile google.com
2) From Academia.edu : A paper:
"mention Geral Sosbee
Including one published in Memory & Oblivion"
PS: In 4th of July celebration expression sick ex fbi agents show their  joy in fbi "oblivion" and dementia message to me shown in the above paper.

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