fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

In addition to my report here 


Note :

fbi now keeps me awake or in bed 20 hours a day with DEW & ELF, causing blood pressure & pulse rate spikes which fbi monitors.

Heart pain & throbbing currently is worst ever, approximately all day and night on & off.

Plus,fbi thugs (male & female ) assault me and my wife which also cause pulse rate increase .

A few months ago fbi attacked with microwave which made me think that I was experiencing a heart attack, at which time I advised my wife 1) I love her 2) do not take me to hospital. I refuse medical care .

So, now I believe that cowardly fbi expect to induce heart attack by stress & sleep deprivation.

fbi are well aware of my coronary artery disease & the fbi are expert at discrete, non traceable assassinations.

On 10'27-19 , 7:30 pm, a male (23-26 yrs) w/female followed us into Cinemark theatre,

500 N. Jackson Rd, Pharr, TX 78577

harassed us w/clear intent to cause stress. This man is an assassin for fbi. He exited theatre from different door & drive out quickly to prevent me from recording license plate. 


Off topic: I ask Mr. KEVIN CALLAHAN to cease and desist all efforts to contact me .

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