fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi and federal magistrate judges lose their cool

Fbi and federal magistrate judges lose their cool

May 28,2019





This paper suggests that the fbi and their federal magistrate judges turn our country and indeed the world into a *quasi Nazi State; as surely as twilight turns to darkness, the light of our constitutional democracy turns into dark night as fbi and police abuse their authority everywhere with no recourse to unsuspecting victims of the night.




Fbi and federal magistrate judges lose their cool

The more I publish data on fbi & federal magistrate judge atrocities, the less these scoundrels seem to believe that I'm doing it.



fbi is USA's secret police (Gestapo) and these powerful men and women exercise collectively a dictatorship over America with support of cowardly & despicable federal magistrate judges.

Thus, fbi proves to be the rebirth of Nazi party. Some examples of atrocities include torturing, maiming, human experimentation, death squads, mass imprisonment & murder.


Neighborhood watch leaders are also active en queue from fbi on any given block in the tradition of Nazi Germany and the neighbors are responsible for supervision of Targets for the fbi and the federal magistrate judges.

These tyrants are worse than Nazi Blockleiters and they are co-opted by fbi assassins and federal magistrate judges to torture, provoke, imprison and kill selected Targets. This is truly history repeating itself, as though our society learns nothing from the Holocaust.



Preface: Three items








Recent attacks on me and my wife cause many problems, one of which is increased risk of stroke or heart attack from the barrage of assaults by Directed Energy Weaponry (denied by my medical doctor) and increased criminal activity around my home intended to intimidate us. My wife is also feeling the stress as never before. Other fbi operatives come over to our home as some kind of notice that they too are hostile. See my affidavits 2007, 2014.




On May 26, 2019, from 7 to midnight, the psychopathic neighbor (fbi operative) sends a man who appears to be a professional killer to walk around brandishing his firearm on his right hip. He is h/m,5'10", 170 lbs, brwn hair, and he put on quite a show to see if I might exit my home. He placed his hand on the weapon, as though to show his intention, as he threatened me by intimidation. He too appears to be a psychopath. As I observe him from my living room window, the fbi watches me and passes on information to the thug; in one instance I had difficulty seeing the weapon on the man and I stated this to my wife, whereupon he received a message on his smart phone that he should move closer to the light. He did so.


The police apparently confirmed that the fbi thug has license to carry the weapon. So, this is state sponsored bullying and I consider this incident as criminal assault with a deadly weapon. Another fbi operative accompanied the armed thug at the patio where about 6-8 people (including 2 young children) were present, all intending to attract my attention from across the street. The armed man pranced around keeping his hand on his firearm and standing at times directly under the garage light in order to make the weapon visible. He stood for an hour staring at my window, as though inviting me out.


The thug with the weapon represents the fbi as Nazis and is armed by authority of the State of Texas. Such crimes by this hoodlum portends ill for the nation which already must deal with illegal shootings by police everywhere in this quasi police state.


Previously, I documented that fbi agents and operatives come online and fraudulently state that I am a murderer and a possible mass murderer because I served in combat in US Army. This kind of statement helps the fbi fabricate a imaginary basis to kill.


I have written to congressmen and the President, and I filed police reports on the above described incident. Nothing is done to discourage the assaults. The threat is now on my life by virtue of my coronary artery disease.





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