fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

False denials by media, U.S. Attorney & fbi

fbi COINTELPRO against Geral Sosbee; false denial by Monica Mclean:
This report further contradicts lies by media and journalists regarding fbi threats, harassment, torture and attempted murder of GERAL SOSBEE by fbi in their provocative investigation continuously for the past 35 years.
During that time, the fbi has turned SOSBEE into a quasi international fugitive in plain sight, while engaging in torture, maiming, and attempted murder.
The aggravated attempts on my life and other assaults caused extensive medical problems which are chronic and life threatening.
For additional timeline data see:
The two smoking gun documents which reveal that media lies are as follows:
1) Statement of AUSA SARA ROBINSON, inadvertently admitting fbi investigation of GERAL SOSBEE IN YEAR 2000:
“ sosbee…is suffering …any real injury at the hands of the fbi”.
Note that the phrase, “ any real injury”, reveals by inference that Robinson is fully aware of the fbi investigation against SOSBEE.
2) False declaration of Monica McLean
See also the statements of the Medical Board of California and the medical report of Dr. Morocco of UCLA confirming that Dr. Morocco was in contact with fbi in the year 2000:
In the year 2000
The entire federal court where I file suit against fbi was aware of the fbi investigation against SOSBEE which was denied by Monica Mclean
In the federal court in the year 2000 the court reporter also knows that the fbi interfered with my request for a transcript; she pretended and falsely stated that I failed to pay her for the document which was needed for my appeal of the corrupt court ruling. She tried to delay or prevent me from filing an appeal.
From that time to present the attacks on me have intensified and caused serious bodily injuries, even as McLean and Robinson fail to admit their roles in support of fbi assassins.
The U.S. Attorney and the fbi can never be allowed to deny their participation by cover up in the potentially deadly COINTEL PRO against GERAL SOSBEE.
Thank you and may Providence expose the fbi and the U.S. Attorney employees as demonic.

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