fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

f b i 's Truly EVIL Thoughts and Deeds

fbi truly filthy thoughts and deeds


In examining the record that I leave regarding fbi unconscionable crimes against me & others, we may clearly see the destruction of the moral and legal precepts of society, globally.

As fbi picks out Targets who are easy to attack, the fbi also becomes in and among themselves a tsunami of thugs, torturers, criminals and assassins who are busy around the clock in terrorizing and provoking the Target. The fbi also employs sophisticated high technology, such as DEW, ELF, PULSE MICROWAVE and bio-chem-viral agents, to decimate the body and mind of the beleaguered Target .

When I finally realized that fbi and their equally insane federal magistrate judges were dedicated to ending my life, I surprised and turned
the table on them. Many other Targets are also fighting the fbi beasts who try to imprison or kill them.

The fbi's hounds from hell aim to drive their Targets insane; and when successful the fbi announces through their corrupt media personalities , "See, we told you so." The public, ever ready to accept fbi propaganda, has no interest in the crime wave that invaded the life of the Target, the same crime spree that is used against other innocent persons across this nation.

So, someday my record of fbi high crimes may be read by inquisitive minds who seek to understand the
symbiotic relationship between fbi murderers and the misled general public. In that understanding the Target may be viewed as a sacrificial lamb slaughtered by the most heinous beasts in the wild, the fbi.

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