fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Examples of fbi/police/DA/AG subversion of laws

This report serves as an indictment of all who protected the fbi by covering up their crimes against me. Anyone who is interested in the collapse of law and order might read this report and all links for specific data on how the cops and fbi have ruined this country, subverted the laws, and trashed fundamental human and civil rights.

For more information on these topics see my papers at:


 See the following report for relevant background information :

Dirty fbi, police, DA, AUSA, Judges, USPI, etc.



The players in this post are as follows:

Fbi agent/operative:


Unidentified fbi agents/operatives/thugs/assassins on assignment from the fbi office in Brownsville, San Antonio,Texas, and  a few in Washington D.C. (I identify some fbi operatives by name or by photo online). See “My Story In Detail” for the names of many individuals who helped the fbi terrorize me over the past 30 years:


I have also identified at least one female cop who tried to discreetly and seriously harm  me.



Ken Paxton

Assistant AG:

Neal Falgoust


Luis V. Saenz

DA Investigator:

George DeLauney

Brownsville, Texas PD:

1)Detective Adrian Posada (Posada)

2)Internal Affairs Officer Rolando Vasquez

3)Sergeant Robert Martinez

4) Commander James Paschal


My report:

In November of 2015 the fbi continued vandalizing my car and I tried to file a report with the Brownsville, Texas Police Department (BPD). The police officer who listened to my report refused to accept it, though he pretended to accept the report. That officer is Detective Adrian Posada.

He impliedly threatened me and my wife (during the initial meeting in his office on or about 11-20-2015) when he stated that “filing a false police report is a crime’’. Posada also incredibly and with hostility stated to me, “take the medication.” Posada also asked my wife away from my hearing where she met me.

For more data see:

 The Posada Adventure, Continues ( attached to the following report is proof of DA unethical and prejudicial contact with fbi’s ryan.flint)


I subsequently filed an incident report with the Cameron County Sherrif’s office, and I filed a verbal complaint with the BPD Internal Affairs officer Vasquez who ignored my request for assistance. I also asked the DA Saenz to allow me to file a complaint against Posada for the cover-up, threat, etc. I also gathered information from the DA, BPD and the DA investigator DeLauney, under the Texas Open Records Act (ORA). The information provided to me by order of the Texas Attorney General  (AG) showed that Posada and Sergeant Martinez  lied and tried to discount the report of fbi crimes against my person.

I asked that a public integrity case be opened against Posada et al.

Public Integrity Case Is Requested Against Detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville, Texas PD


I also notified the  AG that the BPD , DA, and DA investigator continues to violate the ORA. The AG ignored my repeated requests for specific data withheld by DeLauney, and I cited the law which has criminal sanctions against any public official (including police, DA, etc.) who violated the strictures of the ORA. Again, the AG ignored my proof of violations of the law by the parties described herein. Specifically, the laws supporting my accusations include (but are limited to) Texas Government Code 552.351 and  551.001(2); Tex.Loc.Gov.Code 203.041, 203.025. I explained to the AG that Delauney intentionally withheld the content of his email to  ‘ryan.flint@ic.fbi.gov’ (flint)


DeLauney’s  contact with flint is a travesty because flint is an agent/operative with the very group of fbi thugs responsible for many felonious assaults on me and on my wife over the past 25-30 years. No reason existed for DeLauney  to contact flint except to prejudice my report of the cover up of the fbi’s  crimes as I have documented. Indeed, I consider the cover up by Posada, DA, DeLauney, Martinez, Vasquez, Paschal as tantamount to subversion of law by the members  law enforcement community, violations of ORA, suppression of evidence, manufacture of evidence, and other offenses. Such cops/fbi persons also are accessories to the many felonies that I document.

On 4-25-16, I tried to reach Falgoust telephonically , but he refused to return my call. Then, he or one acting for him in the office of the AG  sends me a “non-message” via the internet as he visited my site as follows:

Domain Name


state.tx.us ? (U.S.)

IP Address


204.64.50.# (Texas Attorney General)














Time of Visit


Apr 26 2016 11:25:17 am

Visit Entry Page








This non message in the context of my several efforts to obtain the contents of the DeLauney email to the fbi appears to be a statement that the AG is finished with this ORA case, and that nothing is forthcoming with regard to the apparently illegal withholding of the email to the fbi. Of course, I also asked for the email to DeLauney from the fbi’s flint. That request was also ignored.

Flagrant *violations of the ORA by these officials is a serious problem for liberty interests, especially when cops, fbi, etc., engage in crimes & cover ups, threats etc. against the victims of fbi/police crimes as I have documented for 30 years. The police state unfolds right under our nose and is authorized by the fools who pretend to protect and serve.

*Open Records Act Violated By BPD, DA and others


Finally, the fbi with the full awareness and authority of a corrupt federal magistrate/judge (under the control of the fbi intelligence community) continues the Directed Energy Assaults on me 24/7/365, possibly for life; these assaults are made by pulse microwave or extremely low frequency sound waves and are sometimes disabling in their effects. For more data see part 19 of “My Story” and see:



Thank you.







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