fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

On fbi evil and pure immorality


From the McCarthy hearings:

I edit the record from the McCarthy hearings in order to show parallels to today's fbi witch hunt for human Targets for fbi and cia to wrongfully torture, imprison and murder. The quoted material below (from Joseph Welch) is from the hearings & are in single quotes.

My report:

In all my service to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I have not fully comprehended until the past three decades the pure evil character of fbi agents and operatives.

No more vile rogues have ever lived than those fbi agents whom I describe in my work which spans nearly half a century.

From my first hand experiences as one who is tortured and one who has suffered numerous assassination attempts by fbi, I present here a true appraisal of fbi murderous corruption and the simultaneous destruction of the USA through fbi's subversion of law and society. One is invited to read all of my vital reports on topic at

The fbi, together with insane federal magistrate judges are busy in the arbitrary targeting of a segment of our population for extermination. I am one such Target and I am in *contact with many others.

The fbi is 'judge, jury, prosecutor,
castigator, executioner and manipulator of press all in one' with regard to turning their Target's life into a living nightmare.

So, I borrow Joseph Welch' s words to express my contempt for the evil fbi agents and their henchmen who every moment of their lives torture,force suicide and assassinate their innocent Targets:

'Until this moment...I think I never really gauged fbi cruelty, recklessness.'

This author calls upon all persons who may yet feel a sense of patriotism and duty to fellow man to insist on the complete dismantling of fbi and the removal of federal magistrate judges, et al, who empower fbi's continuing atrocities.




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