fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Attention all vets , military servicemen and all who intend to serve the United States armed forces. Upon return from combat duty and after my service as a fbi Special Agent, fbi, I reported numerous felonies and extreme corruption in the fbi .

Subsequently, the fbi engaged in efforts to silence me and to discredit me by attacking my army service . The fbi operatives falsely and publicly wrote that my service in combat in Viet Nam means that this vet is a "murderer" or a " possible mass murderer". Then, the fbi hacked into my Facebook page, pretending to be me and wrote, "kill people". Subsequently, the fbi plants my name at the scene of a crime and caused federal and state police to descend on my hone. Today I posted a comment on CNN article and fbi operative again surfaces to tell the veterans of USA that no one cares about my reports of fbi abuses of vets.

Geral Sosbee 53 minutes ago

Neither Trump nor McCain care much for vets . See how fbi falsely uses war record of combat vet in efforts to discredit the vet's whistleblowing reports. No one acts to stop such fbi crimes, even though congress is well aware of fbi crimes.


ironman59 51 minutes ago

@Geral Sosbee The gop only sees those in uniform as cannon fodder. They take the same approach as abortion. You are useful to us in rattling our sabres. After that we don't really care what happens to you.

Geral Sosbee 49 minutes ago

Use your true name and stop hiding while you post your absurd attack on this or any other vet . Man up tinman.


ironman59 25 minutes ago

@CarterDeSoto @Geral Sosbee The loons have come out early tonight.

My conclusion:
Note that fbi operatives typically attack a vets sanity in desperate efforts to discourage readers from looking at the evidence of wholesale abuses of vets by fbi/police.

In a separate message to this vet on a different public forum another person sends a similar response to my reports of crimes committed against me by the fbi:


John writes:

"don't care".

All veterans should pay attention to such treasonous verbal attacks by fbi and their supporters because men and women may begin to question whether this government deserves their service.


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