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"Beware The Twilight", Darkness Has Fallen

"Beware The Twilight", Darkness Has Fallen

                       May 7, 2019


Geral Sosbee


This paper focuses on the corruption of USA’s society (especially the professions) by the fbi and their friends and supporters. The most powerful people in our culture are the wealthy, the politically entrenched and the police at all levels; these people are owned by the fbi/MAFIA.


Darkness has fallen on the legal, medical and dental professions in the USA.


In order to fully comprehend the extent of fbi’s murderous corruption of our government one may review all of my papers and evidence at https://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee

and on my website http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/


“My Story In Detail” continues:

In 1978 the fbi forced me to resign under penalty of death in a retaliation campaign that has lasted almost a half century. Shortly after that terrible event, I earned a Texas Private Investigator’s license and practiced until I gained admission into Law School where I graduated in 1982 and thereafter became a licensed attorney in 1983.


…and see:



The fbi harassed me during my law school studies and then their crime spree advanced into high gear, as I began to practice law in El Paso, Texas, that same year.

When I arrived in El Paso, I made application for admission into the federal court there. The judge, having clearly consulted ex parte with the fbi, tried to prevent me from admission into the Court. He or she failed. At about the same time I practiced law in the El Paso Municipal Court where I was later appointed as Associate Judge. While I worked in that court as a prosecutor, a judge of the court insulted me several times, once by asking me if I should be hanging on the wall by my shirt.

That same judge was aspiring to become a federal judge in El Paso, Texas. The inappropriate statements to me were not related to the cases being reviewed, nor by any personal knowledge of me. The outrageous statements of the judge were motivated by contact with the fbi. Later, that same judge was appointed as judge at the federal court in El Paso. Later, after the fbi terrorized, tried to kill me, and hijacked my life in plain view, that federal court immediately removed me sua sponte from the rolls of licensed attorneys to practice in that federal court.

The fbi used all methods to harass and kill me in El Paso: my cars were disabled by professional mechanics; I was almost smothered to death by an fbi operative during my service connected surgery and as I lay unconscious in the hospital. The fbi poisoned my dog, entered my home to engage in extensive gas lighting crimes and psychological operations (see my report on gas lighting), interfered with my efforts to sell the house (including the use of realtors to pretend to have buyers), used medical doctors and a dentist to torture me when I was a patient in their offices, and made life impossible by having neighbors and a cia operative threaten me, including challenging me to gun fight in my front yard. One dentist in Brownsville, Texas, actually tried to kill me.

Later I was homeless and even fled the USA to Thailand where Thai thugs also committed crimes against me, including kidnapping. Remember that all of these crimes are committed by the same authority (fbi and federal judges) who now seek to evaluate fitness to serve in the professions.

After I fled El Paso, the fbi continued a 24/7/365 terror and assault program against me which today includes physical attacks by thugs and assassins in apparent efforts to provoke a violent response, and via assaults via bio-chem-viral agents and directed energy weaponry (DEW) and extremely low frequency sound waves (ELF). All such crimes against me in the USA are impliedly authorized by a federal magistrate judge who owes his job and future in the judiciary to the fbi.

The fbi also used chemicals to cause the formation of a synthetically produced kidney stone in my body. Again, the federal judge authorized the fbi to ‘medicate’ me. In the same horrible scene, the fbi contacted the hospital administrator to insure that an incompetent doctor attend to the kidney stone matter. The doctor did nothing and I fled the hospital in search of another Urologist to attend me.

Later, as I tried to file reports in the public libraries, the fbi sent hoodlums to assault me in the libraries, to pump toxic fumes in my residences, and to cause the police to issue “BOLO” alerts against me everywhere I went. In Harlingen, Texas, the fbi was emboldened by the cooperation of numerous cops who helped pump toxic fumes into my residence and who at the University of Texas Health Science Center staged elaborate assault campaigns by thugs as police stood by ready to arrest me. See my reports on topic at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html  parts a,b, c. and see the “BOLO” below.

After decades of terrorist attacks, I have endured numerous medical conditions including coronary artery disease and loss of hearing which the fbi mocks at every opportunity.

Thus I conclude that darkness has fallen on the USA and the very institutions who have the power and the duty to stop the tyranny refuse to do so. See my writ and the mistreatment I received from judges, US Attorneys and Monica McLean. http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/texasbar.html


victims of the darkness." ~ Justice William O. Douglas


Finally, note that in December of this year the rules for admitting attorneys to enter into the legal profession are changed by the Texas Supreme Court (See Rules 2,4,6). So, going forward the fbi can control the kind of personality who may be allowed to practice law and similarly medicine and dentistry.


BOLO issued by cops who are directed by fbi to hound and threaten me when I use the library computer.

See my papers at


GERAL SOSBEE, certified to serve as police officer in New Mexico; and GERAL SOSBEE, fbi certified Police InstructorMore Options





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GERAL SOSBEE, teacher, soldier, lawyer, judge, fbi agent, USA citizen who reserves all rights against the evil of fbi and their hip pocket judges and so-called justices.More Options




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