fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Beware: fbi fabricates evidence, *acts as prosecutor,judge,
executor & "Lord of The Flies ".


fbi & federal magistrate judges are 'Lord of the Flies '


From the novel, ' Lord of the Flies ' I present a modern-day version of perversions by fbi and federal magistrate judges whose murderous antics remind us of themes from the novel.

Fbi & federal magistrate judges are 'Lord of the Flies'.


Fbi as Lord of Flies rule with cruel groupthink 
torture  and
show criminality of men who are unchecked by rational moral authority.


fbi and their good friends in the federal judiciary are thugs,torturers & assassins who have no sense of human decency, no respect for human life and no self control as evidenced by their collective and cruel use of torture (including use of DEW AND ELF )
and forced suicide while Target is being monitored and assassinated.

If ever the world's population decides to stop fbi/fmj and operatives from their unbridled crimes against humanity, then all such miscreants are subject to life in prison or the death penalty. Federal Magistrate judges in NYC, DALLAS, *EL PASO , LOS ANGELES,  HONOLULU,  BROWNSVILLE , & MCALLEN
are particularly guilty of the high crimes against me. Across the USA thousands of innocent Targets are similarly tortured and murdered by fbi under authority of fmj.

*** The El Paso federal judges are most evil and psychopathic,  as they directed fbi to attempt to assassinate me and to highjack my life. One such El Paso judge harassed and insulted me in open court under fbi direction, when that judge presided in a lower court where I worked. **

So, Anyone who seeks to stop the fbi/fmj ' Lord of the Flies ' insane rule over the world is invited to see the references below.  If reading is too much trouble , then at least listen to Podcasts by RAMOLA D and me  also referenced below .

Thank you. 

Read "Lord of the Flies", a 1954 novel by Nobel Prize–winning British author William Golding. 

See 3 podcasts with RAMOLA D and me:



See corrupt federal judge operatives :


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