fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

For two decades I have reported criminal offenses committed against me by the fbi and their operatives and thugs; the assaults continue today 24/7 and the United States government, all agencies, branches, departments and courts ignore my reports. Indeed, often I am punished for even filing reports, or I am threatened and harassed by the judges  for bringing my law suit. When I complain about the fbi’s  highjacking my life, the fbi sends operatives (like the fraud and psychopath J. Robert Upton, aka Judy Spencer ) to mock me by calling me a  ‘cry baby’  and a ‘whiner’.  At the same time the fbi sends thugs to provoke and assault me in order to cause a violent reaction so that the fbi could at long last arrest me. All such illegal  efforts have failed. Then, upon discovery that I have outflanked the assassins, fbi’s  Upton proclaims that I am a ‘’danger to myself & others’’:



Submitted by J. Robert Upton (not verified) on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 2:20pm

To be clear I ask for nothing from the people; I seek no personal help from any quarter. My reports are documentaries for posterity and serve as a record of the Godless and cowardly people of the United States of America who permit the global atrocities (arbitrary killing, torturing and imprisoning) which I and many others now report. The USA is a global lawless and murderous renegade and enemy of Mankind.

 *All who refuse to publish my reports, or who hide them and harass me for filing same are guilty of cover ups of the many crimes ongoing today by the fbi/cia, etc. I often name some of the so-called “Independent Media” groups who, acting as fbi/cia operatives, refuse to publish my posts. All such moderators are  de facto criminals because they participate by suborning the felonies that I document,  including  crimes against humanity.

If the reader of this post pretends that he has no duty to address the issues presented here, or if he accepts the premise implied in the statement, “My Government, Right Or Wrong” then that reader is my enemy and is also an imminent threat to all the people.



amerika is dead
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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 20:31

by Geral Sosbee   August 22, 2012   Hamsayeh.Net

- Americans generally have no clue as to the inhumane spy activities of FBI/CIA. But the rest of the world does.

-The FBI/CIA cannot get away with their continuing global murder, torture and crime spree.


Most are not awakened to the reality of the macabre USA global program; some don't care; others rejoice in the carnage; while many others participate in the slaughter.

USA is among the youngest governments with about 200-400 years in existence, Egypt 5000 years and itself is a dangerous place to try to live, European countries (France and Britain) are about a thousand years in the making of their sickening kingdom/oligarchy, and China in three thousand years still can't respect fundamental human rights including the right to live.

In a sense the Oligarchy also rules the USA today and encourages the barbarity that we witness.

Thus, all nations are ruled by tyrants and sociopaths.

The youngest nation on the world stage (pitiful and godless USA)propels all other countries to accept the war ethic because the economic and military forces of USA demand carnage. Even peacemakers are forced at birth to prepare for war against his brothers, and I see no remedy to correct the inhumanity that envelopes us all, especially as the FBI/CIA assassins are in complete control here and to a degree abroad.

See also: Operation destroy FBI/CIA is on.

Here's why: Re: Torture and murder of humans.










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