fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

                                                                 American Nazism

                                                             May 11, 2019


I am grateful to Acaemia.edu for allowing me to post my papers on this esteemed forum; and I am forever indebted to the splendid RAMOLA D.


and my wonderful friend, BARBARA HARTWELL,


and to many friends at Facebook, etc., for assisting me in making many of my reports and podcasts and for sharing their horror stories with me and others concerning fbi unconscionable crimes (torture, false/wrongful imprisonment, forced final exits, covert assassination).


This study is based on my forty- eight years of experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (hereinafter referred to as ‘fbi’). The focus herein is to present evidence that over the past century, at least, the fbi and other intelligence groups turn the constitutional democracy of the United States into a full- fledged (yet largely unacknowledged) quasi *Nazi State. For more information on my background see my other papers at Academia.edu, including my biography; and see my other sites online such as SOSBEEvfbi.com, my WRIT, and thousands of my posts, articles, journal, etc., also online at many different locations, such as the following link:

 https://everydayconcerned.net/2018/05/28/geral-sosbee-collapse-of-c... .

Fbi hacked the above link. Here is the correct link:



When fbi begins their retaliation against me, I am aware of many of the operations designed to silence me from reported fbi crimes. Today and for the past twenty years I report fbi atrocities which are in many respects unprecedented in human affairs and involve the fbi’s use of deep space based advanced high technology often referred to as Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) sound waves. The attacks with DEW, ELF and microwave cause in the Target (such as GERAL SOSBEE) medical and psychological symptoms which I have mentioned in other reports. Recently, for example, I sustained extreme sleep deprivation, headaches, mood swings and other indications. Also, the microwave assaults may have caused a minor heart attack, as I am diagnosed with coronary artery disease.


As I previously described in other reports, the fbi engages against me in the following additional offenses in efforts to kill me by ‘natural causes”: use of bio-chem-viral agents, pumping toxic gas into my residences everywhere I live, psychological and gas lighting maneuvers designed to drive me to neuroses, provocative assaults and battery by street thugs and police; the fbi also prevents all prosecutors from charging fbi operatives with crimes against my person, even when such criminals confess to the offenses. The United States Attorney and Congress also cover up all crimes against me and my property; The Courts are in plain words hideously corrupt.


*In short below is my analysis of the regime that controls the USA and possibly the world.

As I have documented for about half a century, the United States of America is under the brutal and homicidal control of fbi and other intelligence groups. In one of my reports I show how the government of the USA is actually overthrown by a silent coup spearheaded by fbi.

*"An aggressive political and militaristic form of government including the use of international deceit and expansionism, the arbitrary suspension of the rule of law, and arbitrary eugenics or genocide."



Finally, if one be aware of fbi atrocities as victims’ report & still supports fbi's stranglehold, then one supports Nazism against our people and the world.


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