fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

A nation ruled by hoodlums


Evidence of the collapse of the usa that many of us once believed in.

The fbi (i.e. the 'burro')continues daily their assaults by thugs in apparent efforts to provoke a response. The provocateurs are brazen in their stalking and intimidation, and they generally appear in shops and malls monitored by surveillance cameras. 
These covert crimes by the burro against me are authorized by a secret and thoroughly corrupt judge who is also ready to issue any order needed by the burro, provided that some slight evidence be manufactured to support an order. 

*This type of low & dirty burro campaign, together with the DEW assaults 24/7/365 and other operations, often with police support, render me (and perhaps all others under similar attack) quite tired, especially after 30 years of defending myself. The secret burro plots of torture, forced suicide, false imprisonment and assassination are now forever revealed to the world via my reports. Others may now come forward to document their own suffering at the hands of burro criminals who are licensed by USA to kill. 

Fbi's invisible bullets: 


Fbi's Cointel Program: 


The burro commands the subservience of all police and of all other branches and departments as though they are all federalized upon burro command. All such underlings obey burro orders (both express & implied) and all engage in crimes for the burro on queue. 

Fbi & police breach of public integrity: 


Although I grow weary of the burro thugs and high tech assaults, I know that the burro is now universally exposed as subhuman for their unconscionable crimes and that my efforts against the burro hoodlums shines a big light on the fraud that is the overthrown regime known as the USA. I am saddened that I am one of many who chronicle this fact, as I lived for a third of my life believing in both the integrity of the USA and in the values most of us hold dear (I.e., the preservation of human, civil, and constitutional rights). Today anyone who still has faith in this murderous government is truly delusional. 


Thus, the real state of this union is best described as a 'gigantic and evil fraud on the world stage.' 

Thank you. 

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