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Geral W. Sosbee: A New Perspective, Let My People Go   January 22, 2020               A New Perspective, Let My People Go 26 Dec 2014 @ 20:39, by Geral W. Sosbee Alternate Link: http…

Geral W. Sosbee:

A New Perspective, Let My People Go


January 22, 2020







 A New Perspective, Let My People Go

26 Dec 2014 @ 20:39, by Geral W. Sosbee

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After fbi assassins caused the removal of my account at Academia.edu, I worked to find my papers in order to reproduce them again. This is a paper that I wrote in 2014 dealing with my concept of replacing the fbi’s CJS )criminal justice system) with a more humane system and perspective. See my paper in the link below on the new, unheralded, illegal CJS.



The United States of America fails its people and all the world by engaging in mass murder, wholesale imprisonments, selective assassinations and tortures of human




beings globally and other atrocities; and no better time than now seems appropriate to address the most serious problem facing mankind: man's inhumanity to fellow man, especially as evidenced by the United States government's ongoing crimes against humanity. See “Police State USA” in the link  below.

As with my other recent post on the evil and murderous men & women in the fbi, cia, nsa, dod, etc., this brief report is about a half century in the making:

Allow all people to walk in the light, to escape the darkness, and to realize that each life is glorious and filled with the blessings of our maker and the good will of us all toward all.

Remove the criminal codes (penal & procedural) from existence; convert to a civil merit system where all mistakes are addressed by a program that seeks to make whole both victim and perpetrator and where no human is killed, tortured and caged by the government.

Tear down all jails and prisons. Remove from power the most heinous offenders in society, those for example in the fbi,cia, police, dod because these groups of misanthropes and killers have ruined our society, threaten our nation's security, and prevent in a sense the effective survival of the humanitarian spirit of our species.

Disarm all police and stand down the military. Release all prisoners from confinement and launch a full, rich employment initiative for all who were confined and for all guards, wardens, jailers, defense attorneys, judges, probation/parole officers, and all others trapped by employment (such as psychiatrists) in this ungodly criminal justice system which has gone mad. Only rapists, homicidal psychopaths and torturers (such as we see in the fbi, cia, police) will need special and alternative management.

End the inhumane system that seeks to force men and women to lose hope, personal dignity, and love of life. For wherever people are treated as animals/criminals, wherever they are tortured, maligned, marginalized, rejected, they are likely forced into despair and even antisocial reactions. Neuroses often manifests in our mistreated brothers and sisters when they are intentionally provoked by the current law enforcement community which in turn also forces our people to live and to walk in darkness. Correct such injustices and we begin to truly walk together in the sunlight now and for all time.

Then, as the true leader of the world, as the protector of human and inviolable God given rights, and as a beacon of hope that may reach all human beings suffering everywhere on earth, this nation may for once in its existence live up to its leadership potential through its everlasting endeavor toward the betterment of our species ' In God We Trust.'

Thank you kindly.


GERAL SOSBEE, fbi History Book, 1990







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police state usa, brutal-deadly


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Reduce Mankind To A Fearful, Trembling Species, II (deleted by fbi in many locations)
















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