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I started blogging after getting tortured and mind control chipped.....in my f---ing home.

So, I hit the road...living on the run....out of my truck with my cat, "Sinatra".

We camped on fed lands to get away from the total dumbf---ers....known as INFRAGUARD, NSA TSP, contract surveillance, contract torturers.....and all the duped cops, feds, and prosecutors who always "have been mislead" and unwilling to investigate what has been called OPERATION SLAMMER.

So....I… Continue

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Anti Fascism website by ALEX CONSTANTINE

One site a visit frequently is by Alex Constantine.

He wrote a book called "The War Against Rock and Roll" suggesting a COINTELPRO MURDER PROGRAM to silence a lot of musicians who also did some activism.

His site is worth a look.


I hope that Targeted Individuals....come together some day....so we can watch each other's back.

A site from… Continue

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Madcow Morning News by Daniel Hopsicker: favorite website on BUSH MAFIA CRIME FAMILY

I hope I'm not preaching to the choir.

Wanted to promote Daniel Hopsicker's MADCOWMORNING NEWS.

His archive goes back to 2007, videos, books.

Well worth your time.

He's not covering "group stalking" or Fascism in America....but....he has the angle on FLORIDA-JEB BUSH-DRUG SMUGGLING linked to the CIA-FBI right wing Octapus mafia crime family.

Hopsicker links ATTA, to drugs, guns, US Intel Community.

Hope you find it and enjoy this… Continue

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