fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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I'm glad this site exists: "I don't know who would understand" without this peer group?

Tonight, I got around to viewing a movie called "A Beautiful Mind" about John Nash, a genius math god who cracked codes for The NSA long ago.

It was painful to watch the scenes when family members are absorbed and negatively effected by what appears to be "Nash's descent into Paranoid Schizophrenia". I had to turn away....thinking about "how my mother and father" interpret my erradic behavior without realizing what the cause of that behavior is and was in the past. The causitive…


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Domestic Drones and Directed Energy Weapons?

After stories came out from the Pentagon suggesting that "Drones are being deployed" to aid civilian law enforcement........I realized.....that's how the surveillance (Homeland Security?, CIA?,NSA?) is performing TORTURE.


I always get fried and awakened....every time I would drift off into the dream state (Deep REM, "Rapid Eye Movement") no matter where I was sleeping whether in a hotel room, my truck, or my father's home.  To the unitiated, this seems like nothing....but, it…


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