fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Another Hate Message Sent To Me

Brian Mahoney sends a gratuitous *hate message to me as follows: "You are a joke".

I consider the US military and its defenders/supporters/apologists as the cause for most of the suffering and deaths in the world over the past 50 years. They are by definition professional killers, torturers and misanthropes who bring disaster wherever they go . Their small minds  rule the world. …


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USA puts world and humanity at risk

If ever a demon appear incarnate on earth, we see its shadows by the atrocities committed by fbi,cia,dod:

Below are links to some of my reports online wherein I show that the world and the people are in serious peril or hidden crisis due to unchecked and murderous operations, conflicts, wars, etc., by the USA’s  fbi,cia,dod.…


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A new, evil nation is formed

A new and evil country has been formed from the remnants of our beloved and benevolent United States of America. Many among us conform to the unlawful demands of the murderers in charge and others live in delusion that the USA is the same as before; after all the trappings of the former nation appear on the surface to be intact such as the courts, churches, law makers , press, etc. However on close Inspection, one discovers that the press is a fraud in support of the tyranny all around us, law… Continue

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Serve the USA in combat and be falsely labeled a murderer by fbi/cia for such service

What does America really think of its war vets?
See my reports and ask who would serve in combat knowing that upon return home he would be treated as an experimental dog by the USA intelligence and police communities…

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fbi, cia threaten the world and all of mankind

The fbi,cia,dod commit crimes against humanity everyday, globally and lie to the people all the time. Domestic murders, torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide while the suffering is being monitored , psychological warfare, etc., exemplify the inhumanity and the barbarity of the USA which is controlled by fbi,cia 's own terrorists. My reports represent a microcosm of the unconscionable assaults on our brothers and sisters globally. One must open eyes and listen with heart to the cries of… Continue

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fbi/Boston cop murder an innocent man

Fbi/police abuses and killings of innocent individuals is a recurring event and reveals in the details of each deadly assault both the disturbing mentality of police/fbi and their usual mode of operation in such unconscionable criminal offenses. The most recent murder by fbi and a Boston cop moves me to write the following report on this topic:

*Boston police and fbi kill an innocent man today who was under surveillance and was harassed like me 24/7 for extended periods of time. In… Continue

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geral sosbee, teacher

My work as suggested online is to remove the fbi from our society by confronting them and their criminal agents,operatives, informants and supporters with the truth of their *insanity; at the same time I attempt to teach the public the subject of police/fbi murderous corruption.

See my site at http:// www.sosbeevfbi.com and other data on line to verify these comments.


"Geral Sosbee | Federal Bureau of Investigation |… Continue

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