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Davy Crockett speaks to us

Geral Sosbee 

Davy Crockett  ( Davy) , died at the age of 49  in the year 1836 at the Alamo. However, he lives on today through his insightful & universally applicable expressions, as we here in our cause for freedom from  murderous oppression may also live for the next 100 years due to our heartfelt  exclamations in rightful defense of liberty…

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Enemy Within=fbi/police

Enemy Within=fbi/police


As I have demonstrated over the past twenty five-thirty (25-30) years the fbi and the police are in many instances criminally insane, especially as evidenced by their provocations, torture, assaults and battery, torture, attempted murder and fraudulent stings on inocent persons like me.

See my reports, for example of the…


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Our last best chance for freedom from murderous government was the legal system which is today in hopeless  shambles, as directed by doj,fbi,cia,nsa and the other  fools on the hill. A few links in support:

Corruption of the federal judiciary by fbi:…


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William E. Cooper : A Tribute To You, Kind Sir

William E. Cooper: A Tribute To You, Kind Sir
During my college years I had the privilege and honor to work for William E. Cooper who was President and Chairman of the Board  of the Dallas Market Center (DMC) .  1)
My employment with the…

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Cops & fbi Mad To The Max

The demonstrated  madness of cops in modern times  reflects at once  their insanity & corruption. 

Cops & fbi engage in multiple violent felonies in pursuit of their victims who are often perceived as possible future misdemeanants and who thereby provide all law enforcement officials with the opportunity to perversely claim  justification for  their violent and brutal tactics as they chase down and murder their…


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Parents are sometimes severely wrong

Confused and disturbed Parents often say that obeying police vital.

I respond that the police and their fbi teachers are violent criminals and torturers, that they can never be trusted, and that they (not their prisoners in jails & prisons) should be incarcerated or institutionalized. See my main website at sosbeevsfbi, or study the short reports below, and then decide for yourself…


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