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Parents are not encouraged to read this material to the children.

The full history of human monsters on earth  is not yet complete. In and between the lines of "My Story In Detail" and related  links the reader discovers how modern day serial killers, torturers, and sadistic fiends come together in elaborate schemes to  murder their victims. Main street news media are by default co-conspirators with the fbi in heinous crimes of our millennium that I and many others… Continue

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Make A Heaven of Hell

With the all the torture and pure hell visited on me by the fbi assassins and thugs I have been blessed with the most amazing associations imaginable such as BARBARA HARTWELL, and many on Facebook. So, in a way I achieve the most cherished and valued prizes in life as a result of my battle against the enemy of Mankind (the fbi,cia,etc.): a heightened sense of true friendship, love and joy. Thanks to you all (especially those mutual friends on Facebook)who have…

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The world awakens

Success is achieved when humans stop the killing machines.

Our progress is measured by the incremental awakening of the world's population who begin to see, through our efforts, the macabre nature of the little maniacal beasts of USA's fbi/cia/dod/police,etc.




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Our Very Own Age of Madness

We live in a most terrible age that some correctly call The Age of Madness.

The USA is killing people around the world, while the fbi/police/judges are busy here at home practicing their macabre handicraft which consists of threats, harassment, torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide, and coast to coast killings/assassinations against mainly innocent men and women including selected political and ideological Targets.

No end is near to the madness because the public… Continue

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CJS, fbi and all law enforcement are corrupt

Over The Past Three Months I have presented evidence of crimes and cover ups by fbi,police and other high officials. Here is the latest installment.

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office refuses to investigate my reports of crimes committed by the Brownsville, Texas police, even as the DA and his investigator insult me and ignore the compelling evidence that I have presented regarding Detective Adrian Posada's actions and inactions adversely affecting me and my wife . Thus, I… Continue

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America's Promise & The Reality

                                                America’s Promise &  The Reality

Below are a few of the crimes committed by the United States government against “We The People”; for more specific examples of the overthrow of our constitutional government see my hundreds of  reports on the subjects on line.

About me:…


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Overthrown USA Government

Re:The Posada Adventure & the corruption of our society by fbi hoodlums.


All authorities ignore my reports of crimes and cover ups against me, my wife and property by fbi and the police.

High officials in state and federal agencies completely remove themselves from the torture games and… Continue

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fbi is completely out of control

Fbi has a long history of engaging in crimes on and off campus . E.G.:


Today, as I have shown at parts 19 (a, b,c ) and part 20 of "My Story In Detail ” the fbi engages with campus police in a string of crimes against this political Target, and uses doctors to intimidate… Continue

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The living dead

The 24/7 nightmare for many persons, aside from suffering torture by high tech DEW assaults imposed by low minded perpetrators & murderers, is the realization that our reports of unconscionable offenses by government hoodlums is delivered to a public that in the main is accessory to, participants in, or unconcerned about the horrors we labor to outline. Thus, we lay out our pleadings, or our demands, to a people who are an inseparable part of the same macabre society of the Living Dead as… Continue

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Some countries question participation in NATO

NATO commits crimes against humanity by air strikes that killed women & children in the 1999 air strike on Montenegro, yet the the current corrupt regime there looks to join forces with fbi,cis,dod,surete, SS, etc., against Russia .

Podgorica officials or residents may have second thoughts on joining NATO, as they discover via my reports that fbi, cia style atrocities are not needed in their country.…


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