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Sources of fbi/cia Financing For Illegal & Criminal Intel Operations


*Sources of fbi/cia Financing For Global Criminal Intel Operations

The fbi/cia thugs, kidnappers, torturers, assassins, burglars, etc., obtain all the money they need for their criminal operations from multiple sources: Congress, Illegal drug operations and money laundering schemes, theft and seizure of Targets' assets, blackmail, theft (including burglary & robbery) and the stock markets around the globe. The…


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"Time to get going....what lies ahead, there's no way of knowing...." Tom Petty

Thomas S. Bean.......is parked regularly along the Mexican California Border on the Quechan Indian Tribal lands.


I'm looking for those who wish to travel south into Latin america..........and need some company.


Gas money...and moral support....with anybody "ready to run" until Ron Paul wins.


It might be too late............but I have more faith in Mexican Police....then the shameless, corrupt, lowlife scum known as THE AMERICAN POLICE…


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THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations

                      THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations


As I reflect on the past two decades of vicious assaults on me by agents and operatives of the fbi and the cia, I sometimes in my quiet moments seek to comprehend the cause or genesis of the evil that characterizes many of the horrid events that I describe in "My…


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People follow their *leaders into the depths of ** hell !

The crimes against Humanity committed by the fbi/cia for the past century are hidden by the popular media and the majority of the world's population are largely ignorant regarding the atrocities that I and others describe for the past decade. However, the people cannot forever claim to have no knowledge of the abominations performed in the name of the American people; ultimately, the people themselves are led off the cliff by the very leaders who pretend to know which way to go in an…


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New law attached to Defense Budget seeks MILITARY DETENTION of any US Citizen

Recently, I saw a story about the bill that Jane Harmon floated a couple of years ago.  This bill allows MILITARY DETENTION (without charges or evidence or legally obtained info) of any US Citizen slandered as an "enemy non combatant".


Meaning what?


It's blank check authority to "detain and torture" indefinitely anybody the CIA-FBI does not like.


This bill is back and attached to the new Defense Spending bill.



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The fbi is Mafia today

In the early years of the fbi  Hoover discovered that his agents were generally not quite capable (for a number of reasons) to deal with the murderers and psychopaths of organized crime in the United States; so, Hoover and his associates set out to correct this inadequacy in a calculated and systematic manner: his agents when deemed appropriate would (by training and mind programming) become themselves homicidal sociopaths.

His plan worked so well that…


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         A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.

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Assault on Kommy Yazdian by Miami Police and Medical Staff

From: Kommy Yazdian, CPA Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Subject: [Targeted Individuals] Reality Check

Reality Check

Yesterday, about 4 PM, while driving from a Chiropractor who had taken new X-Rays & taking them for 2nd opinion to my treating Holistic Chiropractor, I was ambushed by a Ford Edge SEL, SUV, Vehicle License Plate: 239 JMU, Driver: Palila Andrea Acosta.  Then, the 1st Responders took their turn…


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The Living Dead: fbi/cia/police/congress, etc.

Admin: See Brain

Entrainment, An Admission:









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DOJ is nervous that their crimes and coverups are now globally exposed.


DOJ receives vibes from my reports of their crimes (and coverups of same) on behalf of the assassins of the fbi and the cia. See the link shown in the site meter entry below and discover that our work to expose the assassins & torturers of this government (principally the fbi/cia/DOJ) is tremendously successful as evidenced by global awareness of our work. The link below is:  




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fbi homicidal sociopath orders "kill yourself geral sosbee"


Due to success of this and my other websites (i.e. sosbeevfbi.com, etc.) the fbi is suffering heartburn from my revelations regarding the collapse of the USA's constitutional government.

Here is the message sent to me this date by the desperate fool & apparent associate of the fbi assassins.…


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fbi agents, cops & ***operatives send messages applauding the suffering of the Target

Occasionally I receive messages from fbi agents and their operatives, informants and operatives; In August, 2011, a representative of the office of IG at HHS sent a message that they indeed are party to the torture and attempted murder of this Target; further, the HHS message to me implied that the actions against me by the fbi are the result of my reports of crimes and misconduct by fbi agents across the country. The HHS is therefore identified as a de facto operative of the fbi/cia…


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The Meaning of 'Defense of Family'

      How to resist armed *thugs of government(i.e.,fbi/cia/police) from violently attacking & killing people globally!

Well, in the past violence has not stopped the barbarians; ' love thy enemy' equally fails; pleas to politicians…

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consent of the governed, NOT!



                  Inasmuch as this government and the culture that supports it has become over time a murderous oppressor of people and nations and simultaneously continue to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors against all of the world's inhabitants, I cannot in good faith  consent to its rule.  



                                  Consent of the…


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What did Mueller (or Holder) ever do for your civil liberties?

At "Tickle the Wire.com", a story appeared on 7/27/11 that stated that, The Senate voted to extend The FBI Director's term past the ten year limit.


Not one US Senator ever, ever, ever.....had their staff talk to me about some of the many FBI PROBLEMS with evidence and fraud on the courts.


Mueller, some how....manipulated Congress to extend his term past ten frigging years.  That statute was written to prevent another J.Edgar Hoover problem (a guy who abused…


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An fbi perpetrator recently stalked me at the phillyIndymedia forum where I posted my reports. In the comment section of my report the shill (the fbi low level operative) describes the food that I recently ate in my home as he writes: "Want some cheese with that Whine".…

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fbi covers up crimes against humanity ongoing at Guantanamo Bay,evidently.

Any Special Agent whistleblower of fbi (and cia) crimes and coverups is tortured, imprisoned, driven out of the country or murdered with total impunity as a matter of ***law. For more on how the fbi and cia function as serial killers see the ****links below. Also note that the fbi trains  police leaders as serial killers at the fbi National Academy. The corrupt and cowardly Congress of the United States encourage the fbi to engage in all of the crimes described herein in order that they do…


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Human Rights Violations Globally

See my report supported by overwhelming evidence of the fbi/cia (etc.) efforts to attack innocent persons and others via *inhumane methodology.




For over a decade I have presented evidence that the fbi/cia and their affiliates globally are terrorists who use high technology (both IT and Bio-Chem, etc.)and low minded thugs and assassins to…


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Mad Cow Morning News: Spooks, DEA, Bush Crime Family's drug conspiracies...ignored

New articles at Daniel Hopsicker's ineffable site, "Mad Cow Morning News.


I like this site a lot.  Hope you finish reading all the archives going back to 2006.


(I seem to have trouble "copying and pasting" from one site, to this post????.....perhaps that is by design).


The new story is from June 16th, and covers the "usual chicanery" and "subtle shades of official disinterest" when the SECRET TEAM OF ELITIST SPOOKS commit outrageous…


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The fbi's CJIS fabricates files on millions of Americans (including congress) in order to blackmail or otherwise threaten them with ruination; many such files are based on rumor and unsubstantiated claims made by fbi paid informants and operatives and by professional liars. The CJIS together with the fbi/cia can thus destroy any Target at will. These are the fools who have brought about totalitarian rule in the  United States of…


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