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August 2012 Blog Posts (6)

DOJ undr Holder announced the closing of their investigation in.re. DETAINEE DEATHS

Recent news story today.

Holder announced there will be no civil rights charges filed regarding two deaths of detainees.

Of course this ignores other murders and attempted murders of my known associates.

Both FBI and DOJ HQ knows about these facts (murders occurred during an FBI MONITORED investigation of me).

Again ,I've had no success opening a dialogue with any prosecutor or Mueller's pussified FBI Clown act?

I tried humiliating them… Continue

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DEW Assaults and My Right To Life Report





As I typed the  report shown below on a woman's 'right to choice', the fbi hacked the report . Note that fbi hacking of the report is the tip of the iceberg with regard to cybercrimes, planting of evidence and other crimes against the fbi's Targets; also, the fbi sociopaths increased the DEW (sleep deprivation)…


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Gabriella Hafner Sends Nasty Hate Message:

              A very disturbed woman and former

                  non participating  member of this forum

sends the following message to me (on *facebook).Note that apparently Hafner ( probably a pseudonym) deceitfully  joined this NING group in order to later verbally attack me as shown below; he or she is a fraud on Facebook and a menace to the…


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THOUGHT CRIMES: latest attempted frameup?

Recently, my Mom sought a bid on repairing our driveway.

I stopped to chat with these two strangers to me...and the contractor starts talking all this crap about the government and "he made direct threats of completing a conspiracy" against a former congress critter..............and I had to tell him to shut up.  Within five minutes of talking to me, a total stranger starts whipping up a conspiracy to commit a crime of violence?


That's how you know you just…


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I charge the fbi with treason & other high crimes

                Evidence of Police State

I charge the fbi and its lab employees with multiple crimes (& treason) against the *American people and against **me:


* Beginning in 1971, and extending for seven years at least, I witnessed the  fbi lab authorities issue illegal directives to the investigative field agents ( who were submitting…


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I order the police to stop killing our people

              Evidence of Police State




I order the police to stop killing our people; otherwise we will need to defend against those in blue who pretend to defend us.

Police kill our people almost daily in the usa, as sometime shown on popular TV entertainment programs. The police are trained as serial killers at the fbi…


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