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fbi's Corruption of all police & the moral freefall of the united states of america


                   Evidence of Police State

              Two part report on UT unlawful acts and on moral freefall of usa
Part One:



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Drones, etc.


GERAL 08 Jun 2012 15:30 GMT

See the evidence that the United States of America, through torture & the

threat of torture, seeks to reduce mankind to a trembling, fearful species

as may be needed to control earth and space.

Drone attacks are in a sense an attack on all of Mankind. See my reports on this topic.



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Methods used by fbi/cia to kill people

For over a decade I have presented evidence at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com that the fbi uses various methods to kill or incapacitate their Targets. For example I have shown that the assassins fabricated (or synthesized) a kidney stone in me, placed a potentially deadly infection near the root of tooth #14, planted viral infection in me ( thereby sending me to the emergency room), assaulted me 24/7 (continuing to date) with…


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Legal Profession Does Little/Nothing To Address Government Corruption (of fbi psychopath Upton)

As a matter of fact, almost no effort is made by the professionals to deal with the collapse of the very constitutional government that the profession is sworn to uphold and to protect. Further, when an fbi assassin appears in public (as shown below in the comments of the fraudulent J. Robert Upton), all authorities (including the police) run for cover. Here is a summary of the evidence of crimes committed by J. Robert Upton:

fbi assassins (i.e. J. Robert Upton) show their evil…


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MAFIA/fbi in two parts




                                                            PART ONE



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Summary of fbi efforts to end critic's life

Below are the links to my reports that the fbi tries to discredit or ignore:

One of my reports focuses on the need to prosecute the fbi/cia for murders.*Must prosecute fbi/cia assassins For Clandestine Murders.


*[Because otherwise,wholesale extermination of dissidents becomes…


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fbi assassins show their evil intent

 The reader is invited to venture into the mind(s) of the fbi’s homicidal sociopaths in order to comprehend the clear and present danger posed against our citizens by the very officials who are sworn to protect and defend our  fundamental  human, civil, and constitutional rights. One method to gain an insight into the twisted thinking patterns of the  murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia is to read their filthy comments which are recorded by Geral Sosbee…


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2009 Conspiracy to violate civil rights of geral sosbee covered up by police & courts

On or about 9-24-09 I filed a police report against one Alonzo Yanez (dob: 11/5/42) for class 'c' assault, Harlingen Police Report # 2009-00045954; the assault occurred on the campus of UTHSC, Harlingen, Texas, as I have documented at




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War, politics and the perceived justification for the next attack on US

War, politics and the perceived justification for the next attack on US


   The world is in a state of crisis (largely hidden by media) even as the general population globally is now becoming aware of the macabre and murderous methods used by USA (the enemy of Mankind) to threaten, torture, imprison and murder people on a grand scale.

    Below are two of my reports on this…


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Free My Brothers & Sisters From Their Prison Cells

Sosbee's Tribute To Our Brothers And Sisters Jailed Anywhere On Earth:



   We all owe a debt to the millions of persons imprisoned by the corrupt criminal & civil justice systems worldwide, for THE IMPRISONED have…


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To All Armed Forces of The United States Of America From Geral Sosbee

I served in the Army during the Viet Nam War; upon return I also served the fbi as a Special Agent. My service in the fbi was terminated after I reported crimes by the fbi.

Subsequently the fbi began an extreme vendetta against me toward the goal of incapacitating or killing me. Additionally, the directed energy and other assaults by the fbi aggravated the injuries I sustained in Viet Nam in 1967, including injuries associated…


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Decade Old Hate Mails From Charles Bruce Stewart & K. Adachi

From Brownsville, Texas

November 29, 2006

Several years ago I was contacted by e-mail by a man who identified himself as Charles Bruce Stewart. This person attempted to befriend me, but later turned hostile for no apparent reason. Barbara Hartwell responded to Stewart's outrageous and vile verbal assaults on me as shown in the Hartwell article (the link is shown below).See the article entitled and dated as follows....

Saturday, November 25, 2006



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fbi engages in high tech crimes, etc.

See evidence that the fbi is nervous over my reports of their high tech crimes, including kidney stone attacks.

This report focuses on

1)fbi/cia blocking many of my sites from public or state office buildings and

2)fbi hacking my current posts at sosbeevfbi.ning.com/profile/geralsosbee and shutting down my decade long site at…


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American Lack Of Intelligence

American Lack Of Intelligence

Summary of some of the illegal methods and practices of fbi/cia assassins globally.

Many Americans…


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Sources of fbi/cia Financing For Illegal & Criminal Intel Operations


*Sources of fbi/cia Financing For Global Criminal Intel Operations

The fbi/cia thugs, kidnappers, torturers, assassins, burglars, etc., obtain all the money they need for their criminal operations from multiple sources: Congress, Illegal drug operations and money laundering schemes, theft and seizure of Targets' assets, blackmail, theft (including burglary & robbery) and the stock markets around the globe. The…


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"Time to get going....what lies ahead, there's no way of knowing...." Tom Petty

Thomas S. Bean.......is parked regularly along the Mexican California Border on the Quechan Indian Tribal lands.


I'm looking for those who wish to travel south into Latin america..........and need some company.


Gas money...and moral support....with anybody "ready to run" until Ron Paul wins.


It might be too late............but I have more faith in Mexican Police....then the shameless, corrupt, lowlife scum known as THE AMERICAN POLICE…


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THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations

                      THE AGE OF MADNESS & A Critical Review of fbi/cia Operations


As I reflect on the past two decades of vicious assaults on me by agents and operatives of the fbi and the cia, I sometimes in my quiet moments seek to comprehend the cause or genesis of the evil that characterizes many of the horrid events that I describe in "My…


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People follow their *leaders into the depths of ** hell !

The crimes against Humanity committed by the fbi/cia for the past century are hidden by the popular media and the majority of the world's population are largely ignorant regarding the atrocities that I and others describe for the past decade. However, the people cannot forever claim to have no knowledge of the abominations performed in the name of the American people; ultimately, the people themselves are led off the cliff by the very leaders who pretend to know which way to go in an…


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New law attached to Defense Budget seeks MILITARY DETENTION of any US Citizen

Recently, I saw a story about the bill that Jane Harmon floated a couple of years ago.  This bill allows MILITARY DETENTION (without charges or evidence or legally obtained info) of any US Citizen slandered as an "enemy non combatant".


Meaning what?


It's blank check authority to "detain and torture" indefinitely anybody the CIA-FBI does not like.


This bill is back and attached to the new Defense Spending bill.



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The fbi is Mafia today

In the early years of the fbi  Hoover discovered that his agents were generally not quite capable (for a number of reasons) to deal with the murderers and psychopaths of organized crime in the United States; so, Hoover and his associates set out to correct this inadequacy in a calculated and systematic manner: his agents when deemed appropriate would (by training and mind programming) become themselves homicidal sociopaths.

His plan worked so well that…


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