fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Expose the fbi assassins

What to do when the most powerful agency in the world,
the assassins of fbi,send their homicidal thugs to torture, malign and try to kill you!
Expose them as the lowest form of human beings ever to live on God's green earth.

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Portland Indymedia Blocks Me As Ordered By fbi assassins

For several years many Indymedia groups refuse to publish my reports which are of vital concern to the people of the world. Today very few such groups allow me to post reports. Three that now permit me to publish are Austin, LA and Barcelona Indymedias.

Portland Indymedia (P I) now blocks all of my submissions and refuses to publish them. At the same time the fbi sends me the following message that the fbi plays a role in controlling Portland Indymedia. Here are  the remarks by the…


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The filthy and criminal minds of the fbi

The fbi for about twenty five years has pursued, tortured and tried to kill me, using fbi agents, operatives, street thugs, police and the general population. Meanwhile the assassins who work for the fbi follow me around everywhere I go and display their fraudulently obtained civil court order  (from a de facto operative/judge) by which the fbi can further slander me  and turn everyone hostile against me.

*Below are some of the dirty remarks made by fbi operative(s ), using different…


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Request for disclosuure under the Texas Public Information Act, Open Records Act; Brownsville Texas Public Library, Texas AG File number not known.

Geral Sosbee

to public.inforequest@cob.us, publicrecords@texasattorneygeneral.gov, mayormartinez, +6

I often refer to myself below in the third person, GERAL SOSBEE , and in the first person, I.

This is an official request for disclosure of information under the Texas Public Information Act (ORA) for information… Continue

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Rob man of all that is most precious

Fbi/cia/nsa/dod seek to control the mind of man, to strip him of individuality and override his capacity to honor God .


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May I run for President

Why does it seem strange when an ordinary person like, say , you or I announce the desire to run for president of the United States of America?

Because the only credible, viable candidates are those who are accessories to torture, forced suicide, mass murder and assignations globally!



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This Is The United States of America

The following report with links offer an insight into 1) the disturbing effects on human beings of the fbi/cia covert crimes and atrocities committed against them 2) the types of crimes regularly perpetrated by USA' s intelligence agencies. Note that many victims of such crimes/atrocities live in denial of reality because delusion is a coping tool against the horrors visited upon them.…


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The truth about the USA

The United States of America (including the people and all branches and departments of government) is an heinous predator nation that feeds off the suffering and deaths of human beings whom the fbi/cia/dod/uspi,et al, wrongly and capriciously torture, imprison and murder on foreign & domestic soil.

My experience as a reporter against the fbi subhumans:…


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fbi corruption of Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines at will

I present  two fraudulent entries in Google Search results under the search words, “Geral Sosbee, Announcement” ; they are in the form of false attributions, are intended to mislead the reader and are listed below:


1) ·  portland imc - 2013.03.21 - FBI/Police Create Social…


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Gross injustices before our eyes

With the support of the general population the fbi and all law enforcement in the USA (their agents / operatives & informants) cause , enhance , benefit from and enjoy extreme human suffering that they by their employment pursue 24/7/365 for all their careers and thereafter . 

See my main website and the following synopsis thereof for compelling and uncontested evidence of my assertions. …


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