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Evidence of chemically induced kidney stone synthesis in the living person of a whistleblower of government atrocities:
Scientific Journal:…


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Evidence shows that NOWPUBLIC.COM is apparently an fbi operative




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More vicious DEW TORTURE yesterday

Intense DEW torture assault in my downstairs bedroom, at my father's home.  This was more intense then past assaults...and I woke up very stiff with all muscles aching.

This was done to make it impossible to sleep....and they woke me up several times.  The most severe assault yet, in this home.  Where is the torture device...on a drone, or mounted on the roof of the house?  There is no place you can sleep safely in a house...this microwave radiation goes right through building…


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Intel Agencies Method Is Madness


One may conclude the following from a study of my reports on line:

The United States government, through its intelligence agencies engages in a wholesale, unconstitutional, & inhumane program (‘P’) to silence troublemakers and suspects…


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http://my.nowpublic.com/ is Not Honest


I joined the following group to add information relevant to the discussion; I now believe that Nowpublic is a de facto a fbi operative, or gives the impression of same:



Promptly, the moderator at http://my.nowpublic.com/ 

begins a gratuitous campaign to discourage me from…


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Only way to state this, frankly:



The USA is a global lawless and murderous  renegade and enemy of Mankind.



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Amerika Is Dead

For two decades I have reported criminal offenses committed against me by the fbi and their operatives and thugs; the assaults continue today 24/7 and the United States government, all agencies, branches, departments and courts ignore my reports. Indeed, often I am punished for even filing reports, or I am threatened and harassed by the judges  for bringing my law suit. When I complain about the fbi’s  highjacking my life, the fbi sends operatives (like the fraud…


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Facts that fbi seeks to avoid

Verifiable Facts Presented By Geral Sosbee

See evidence that the fbi seeks to discredit this reporter even as they torture him with DEW.

As a result of my recent reports the fbi tries to discredit same; here are some links to the verifiable facts that are causing people to at once question the integrity of the fbi and reason for the existence for the corrupt & murderous agency.



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Mentality of fbi



Mentality of fbi

One of the purposes for posting information regarding the fbi efforts to torture, silence and harass me is to show the world the mentality of the assassins who threaten us all. The reason that this is important is that the assassins mentality…

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The Corrupt and Murderous Congress Of USA

"You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic.

Congress assists in

fbi/cia world inhumane & murderous domination…


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Forced Suicide By Torture Is Murder








Notwithstanding the failure of law makers, judges, lawyers and others to address the present issue, torture of the type that I have described in many of my reports is often a form of forced suicide (or actual murder) and those who engage in the inhumanely dirty deed should be subject to prosecution…


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DOJ undr Holder announced the closing of their investigation in.re. DETAINEE DEATHS

Recent news story today.

Holder announced there will be no civil rights charges filed regarding two deaths of detainees.

Of course this ignores other murders and attempted murders of my known associates.

Both FBI and DOJ HQ knows about these facts (murders occurred during an FBI MONITORED investigation of me).

Again ,I've had no success opening a dialogue with any prosecutor or Mueller's pussified FBI Clown act?

I tried humiliating them… Continue

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DEW Assaults and My Right To Life Report





As I typed the  report shown below on a woman's 'right to choice', the fbi hacked the report . Note that fbi hacking of the report is the tip of the iceberg with regard to cybercrimes, planting of evidence and other crimes against the fbi's Targets; also, the fbi sociopaths increased the DEW (sleep deprivation)…


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Gabriella Hafner Sends Nasty Hate Message:

              A very disturbed woman and former

                  non participating  member of this forum

sends the following message to me (on *facebook).Note that apparently Hafner ( probably a pseudonym) deceitfully  joined this NING group in order to later verbally attack me as shown below; he or she is a fraud on Facebook and a menace to the…


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THOUGHT CRIMES: latest attempted frameup?

Recently, my Mom sought a bid on repairing our driveway.

I stopped to chat with these two strangers to me...and the contractor starts talking all this crap about the government and "he made direct threats of completing a conspiracy" against a former congress critter..............and I had to tell him to shut up.  Within five minutes of talking to me, a total stranger starts whipping up a conspiracy to commit a crime of violence?


That's how you know you just…


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I charge the fbi with treason & other high crimes

                Evidence of Police State

I charge the fbi and its lab employees with multiple crimes (& treason) against the *American people and against **me:


* Beginning in 1971, and extending for seven years at least, I witnessed the  fbi lab authorities issue illegal directives to the investigative field agents ( who were submitting…


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I order the police to stop killing our people

              Evidence of Police State




I order the police to stop killing our people; otherwise we will need to defend against those in blue who pretend to defend us.

Police kill our people almost daily in the usa, as sometime shown on popular TV entertainment programs. The police are trained as serial killers at the fbi…


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I'm glad this site exists: "I don't know who would understand" without this peer group?

Tonight, I got around to viewing a movie called "A Beautiful Mind" about John Nash, a genius math god who cracked codes for The NSA long ago.

It was painful to watch the scenes when family members are absorbed and negatively effected by what appears to be "Nash's descent into Paranoid Schizophrenia". I had to turn away....thinking about "how my mother and father" interpret my erradic behavior without realizing what the cause of that behavior is and was in the past. The causitive…


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Domestic Drones and Directed Energy Weapons?

After stories came out from the Pentagon suggesting that "Drones are being deployed" to aid civilian law enforcement........I realized.....that's how the surveillance (Homeland Security?, CIA?,NSA?) is performing TORTURE.


I always get fried and awakened....every time I would drift off into the dream state (Deep REM, "Rapid Eye Movement") no matter where I was sleeping whether in a hotel room, my truck, or my father's home.  To the unitiated, this seems like nothing....but, it…


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