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Fbi's murderous agenda

Fbi's own assassins threaten the world

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Fbi's police state:…


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Thugs of fbi and federal magistrate judges must be prosecuted

This report references provocative assaults on people by hoodlums and assassins working for fbi. We must find a way to hold the provocateur responsible for destruction of lives which is a violation of our social contract.

Contract Law:

Contract law recognizes destructive elements of forced agreements & the need to nullify them. We must also discover how to nullify charges against accused when fbi/Police wrongly affect his free will.

Free Will is taken away… Continue

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Nightmarish fbi


Public Policy Law is now emerging as a macabre and corrupt subversion of our constitutional de6:


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Fbi Retaliates Again

Fib Retaliates:


I believe that my reports online and at *Academia. Edu

are causing grief to fbi and that fbi seeks to pass their grief to me.



Fbi Agents Rampantly Engage In Criminal Activity…


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Fbi Agents Rampantly Engage In Criminal Activity

                                                                                By :  GERAL SOSBEE…


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Historical Considerations of fbi

Historical Considerations of fbi

The United States Government created a federal investigative unit in 1908, and in 1935 from that unit was born the fbi under the direction of a sinister and shadowy character named J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover's true, criminal and perverted nature can be seen today in the horrific and murderous agency that he formed, the federal bureau of investigation  (hereinafter referred to as the 'burro').

In 1945, I was born during the time that the burro… Continue

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The COMEY Effect

This short, but meaningful report shows how the psychopaths of fbi/cia engage in gratuitous atrocities when their crimes are made public.

The COMEY Effect

James Brien Comey Jr. , an attorney and 15 years my junior, has in his lifetime shown how a traitor is born and nourished in the USA. He has not in truth ever served this nation, but is instrumental in destroying it.

Appropriately, as he switched from a staunch Republican to now as traitor to the US, he calls… Continue

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fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials

Republication of “fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials” with introduction added after first posting.…


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USA 's government is thoroughly corrupted by fbi

With evidence in abundance...

... which I have published online and as an attorney at law licensed in all appropriate federal & state courts, I charge federal magistrate judges, Congress and others throughout the federal judiciary (including SCOTUS) with treason and a host of felonies as perpetrated in concert with and on behalf of the fbi's own cadre of assassins , serial killers and homicidal maniacs.

Inasmuch as the fbi agents program and indoctrinate all police in… Continue

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Secret 'BOLO' on you is a threat

Fbi and police often secretly announce their intention to harm via 'BOLO'.

'BOLO' is a police threat to harm.

Be On Lookout For Cops On Lookout For You, because they may want to imprison or kill you.



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More evidence of fbi crimes and coverups


See the attached pdf for this report.

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The real fbi

The real fbi

As the lead domestic intelligence authority in USA, the fbi employs perhaps a million persons to control and to program the general population. Threats, stalking, monitoring, assaults by street thugs, extreme psychological operations, bio-chemical and viral agents and by DEW attacks are mainstays in fbi repertoire of dirty tools.

While the fbi pretends to help protect you, the real goal is to intimidate you, to turn you into an operative or informant, or at… Continue

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Our World Is Under Attack



Our world today, 2016, is under attack, not by aliens, but by traitors with familiar faces using cruel, space based weaponry on Earthlings:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the…


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Trauma and Stress Designed & Induced By fbi

Trauma and Stress Designed & Induced By fbi 

All cases prosecuted by or in any manner orchestrated by fbi, including evidentiary hearings in civil or criminal matters, must be remanded and the accused/defendant/patients released and compensated now. For I have proven that the fbi and their  twin evil group of assassins in cia engage in the rampant  torture, imprisonment and murder of human rights activists. By forcing their victim to endure torture or trauma, the fbi seeks to… Continue

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Hope may lead to crippling despair

Hope may lead to crippling despair

While many persons place faith in the concept that hope springs eternal, I discover ( with respect to unconscionable assaults on humans by DEW and by psychopaths ) that, after 3 decades of attacks on me by fbi assassins, hope for an end to the torture is dangerous.

For hope in the face of grim reality often leads to delusion, sadness and despair. Where hope is suspended, one may face the threat head on with confidence that the evil may… Continue

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