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Must Watch Video: fbi hoodlums gone wild

Subject: Watch "Report # 75: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower/Podcast 3: Endless and Criminal FBI Retaliation" on YouTube


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Silver Lining


The silver lining


At long last we see the beginning of the end to our greatness as a species.


A dark and evil curse spreads over this land and, like a virus, swoops over the globe under the terrible auspices of USA's intelligence community. The assassins and torturers of fbi/cia and their affiliates in strategic locations everywhere place all of us, all…


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Fbi lies on utube

Video Attribution Information

EX FBI Agent Geral Sosbee Exposed by a Targeted Individual…


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fbi and fmj commit crimes against humanity

See the following links for background *data related to this report.…


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BLOCKBUSTER report on fbi crimes


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Fbi deletes this report on corruption of fbi and fmj



**The fbi and the cia are modern day Nazis who engage in atrocities globally. Targets are identified as enemies, as they were in Nazi Germany, are isolated, labeled, tortured, imprisoned, and assassinated.**


**See photos from Nazi Germany and understand that the new torture and murder program by fbi/cia uses some of the same tactics used…


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Murderous corruption of society by fbi and federal magistrate judges (fmj)

Geral Sosbee <gsosbee@gmail.com>

This report is inspired by recent attacks on me and my wife by the criminals in the fbi. Specifically, the fbi increases extreme assaults by DEW and ELF , causing incapacitating sleep deprivation; the fbi sends 4 thugs to follow and harass my wife and me as we stroll in the mall. For those who refuse to understand the true nature of the fbi…


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Where are the brave war heroes?

Where Are The Brave Soldiers When They Are Needed?

The disgraceful USA is shown by fbi attacks on this combat veteran by thugs, half wits, psychopaths and average citizens who seek to provoke a violent response in order to imprison me in jail or in a mental ward, at the pleasure of an insane federal magistrate judge.


The fbi also intentionally aggravates…

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Collapse of constitutional government of USA

wswire article reporting global


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A new name for Journalism

**Journalism Replaced By...

Many of us read, watch and listen to media figures who refer to themselves as journalists, or  investigative journalists. All such 'reporters' have one trait in common: they never disclose or reveal compelling evidence of crimes ongoing by fbi and cia, as documented first hand by victims of covert intelligence macabre operations.

Indeed, the so called main stream journalists turn their backs…


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Our fbi

Our fbi
The letters  FBI  are intended to boldly impact and impress  the viewer/reader by implying  the great power and presumed prestige of the nation's top police authority. These letters flash across media including in print,  tvs, movies,etc., as subliminal suggestions to honor, respect and obey w/o question all cops, but especially the devious and murderous fbi.…

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USA, A Nation On A Collision Course With Its Own Decadent Values

*USA, A Nation On A Collision Course With Its Own Decadent Values


No former fbi Special Agent in the 100 year history of fbi has ever documented more effectively than I the sick, murderous and traitorous culture of that group of assassins who claim to represent the highest law enforcement group in the country, the fbi.


For 18 years I have labored to document fbi atrocities committed…


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Fbi & Portland Indymedia delete my reports

Fbi and Portland Indymedia continue to delete many of my reports from that forum. Here are two deletions relating to fbi's crime spree against me and others.
I have personally endured over 3 decades multiple assaults by fbi assassins sent by fbi to murder me, or to mortally wound me.

Some such attacks include the…

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Obstruction of justice by cops & prosecutors

In their efforts to protect the dirty methods and murderous practices of fbi, all local authorities refuse to do their sworn duties .
Obstruction of Justice Texas ORA # OR2018-12114
For several months I have requested from the city attorney in McAllen, Texas, a copy of the “Letter of Declination” of prosecution in the assault and battery case…

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World Intel community blocks online reports of their atrocities


World Intelligence community prevents publication of their atrocities

I believe that all people everywhere on earth are programmed to ignore the crimes against humanity ongoing now by the intelligence community as spearheaded by fbi/cia and supported by French Surte, German SS, etc. Indymedia groups in USA ban me, except for Portland Indymedia;…


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Fbi corrupts local and state government across the country


I have shown that local and state government officials assist fbi assassins by refusing to investigate and prosecute cases of crimes against me, my wife and my property. 


City of…


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"fbi sabotage of government whistleblowers", BARBARA HARTWELL

(Note that the report in the following link also shows how 'whore shrinks' are used for 'punitive psychiatry'  against credible whistleblowers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018…


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