Pickup blocking view of Perp's Observation Post.

After the I saw the observation post I checked and their view was blocked by the vegitation. After they cut a hold in the vegitation I parked my pickup to block their line of sight. They could still see thru the passenger side window and a part of the windshield with a part of the door post in their way. I then applied a large towell to the passenger side window and a sun blocker on the dash to block that part of the windshield so their view was totally blocked. Five minutes after I finished my other perp neighbor (lives on the other side of my home) drove up to his mail box and spent several minutes there looking at the pickup while making a phone call. That should block their view and hopefully any electronics they had aimed at my home.

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  • Thomas S. Bean

    Gil....I may have forgotten...but....just why are the vigilantes after you?  I know being gang stalked doesn't include "explanations"...but uh...WTF?    Don't these idiots have better things to do...then bother someone who..."probably has never done a damn thing wrong his whole life"?

    Ever wonder if....rumors and slander are promoted....to whip up a vigilante response...as the "fire starter of suspicion" watches the whole thing as he manipulates both target and perps?

  • Gil McDonald, Sr.

    Well, Thomas, I used to think it was because of my UFO experience and the information and photos I published begining in 2002 but after I was able to identify some of the agents invlolved I remember incidents involving some of these people going back as far as the early 80's.  In particular a woman and her twin brother who were agents.  The woman is the mother of two men who are major agents in charge of the local area and these two men were about five years old when I first saw them.  I knew then that they didn't look like normal children and there was something odd about them.  (cia half-human birth experiment) Back then I didn't know a lot of things about the alien/demon creatures that I have since learned.  These two men are only half human which means they are not legally classified as humans.  Others involved are clones, which means they are not legally classified as humans.  One woman in particular is a clone of the mother of these two half human agents referred to above and another one of the male agents is a clone of this woman's brother.  Some of these agents have particular talents: They are good at mind reading, They can cry on demand including the sheding of tears.  The female experience I had with one clone showed she was cold and passionless but I can't say that applies to all clones at all times.  Externally some of them have bodies that are almost flawless.  Also some of the males and females are giants in height and weight.  The humans that work with them are subjected to a lot of stroking to keep them producing the desired results.  They are complimented, petted, pampered, etc.  (My guess is they also use hypmotism and whatever drugs are necessay to get the desire results.)  Also the psychopaths desire to cause misery and pain for the targets as this feeds the demon half.  Many times the estate of an isolated target is stolen by them after the target is dead:  (Black Ops funding) That includes titled property and bank accounts.  This makes the destruction of reputation and the appearance of suicide or natural/accidental death an important asset to these criminals.  This activity also fits into the Agenda 21 activity to reclaim all productive and useable land for gov ownership as well as absorbing citizen assets to pay the trillions of dollars of illegal gov debts.  It is a huge and complicated enemy takeover of a country that could not be accomplished by an attempt at a military takeover.

  • Thomas S. Bean

    "....Many times the estate of an isolated target is stolen by them after the target is dead...";

    Funny you should mention "violations of fiduciary duties".....I found some pretty good info about such a case...and it is obviously a 5, 000, 000$ swindle of a dead lady's estate, by the lawyer drawing up the will...with guardianship papers signed over to the lawyer's sister...who managed to loot the estate, that was supposed to go to certain designated charities.

    The charities hire a lawyer, and he's got it in court.......yet.......have not heard of any law enforcement reaction...since...neither the civil suit Judge, nor the lawyer for the charities, bothered reporting this swindle (In South Dakota, this is a major case with headlines???).

    So once again....I'm stuck with the dilemma, "...do I report this like a good solid citizen" or do I remain silent? Giving this info to pigs or prosecutors...only gives them the opportunity to SECRETLY EXTORT THE MONEY FROM THE LAWYER CRIMINAL...so...why give them the opportunity when law enforcement in SOUTH DAKOTA is a joke, that appears legitimate only because the con artists are so good at promoting their own aggressive self importance and power tripping with absolutely no doubts about "the immorality of their own selfish delusional grandiosity".

    Why should I get involved......and "just how involved are the pigs" when...the Judge and the lawyer "know how criminal this fact pattern is"? It tells me...the swindler lawyer is gonna have to cut up the dough with the first prosecutor-pig team that gets the info.

    Hence.................my lips are sealed........this time.