fbi pranks

fbi Certificate is attached.

This report includes a description of fbi psyop plus a summary of recent electronic torture.

Note that fbi continues to delete some of my posts on this forum.

After I post the 
fbi certificate on Redditt, a fbi low chatacter writes a fraudulent appraisal. Then, after I expose fbi's 'Bubba' as an fbi operative, fbi sends an electronic notice to me followed by increased attack by DEW/ELF sleep deprivation.


*Bubbasully15 , fbi operative says...*

*to me:*

* "You literally made that up and made that picture yourself.why would someone who’s afraid of being assassinated be so prolific with their reddit account? You really should see a doctor."*

*(https://twitter.com/GeralSosbee/status/1300448346126114817?s=09)*Mira també: