Unconcionable offenses by fbi

As I have documented on many occasions the fbi identifies a Target such as whistleblowers or others who are at odds with corrupt political and ideological goals (reminiscent of Nazi Germany) of the USA, and then the assassins /torturers of the fbi fraudulently treat the Target as a criminal. See how the fbi uses police and others to try to provoke the Target so that he/she may be imprisoned:


USA's fbi  are champions of destruction:


The fbi,cia,dod often discreetly join together in atrocities against our own people, including veterans:


-medical doctors issue false reports, while they and some dentists also torture or perform malpractice on the Target.

-attorneys at all levels all but abandon the Target.

-some medical doctors and dentists simply refuse to provide services to the Target.

See 'My Story in Detail'

fbi uses medical doctors to torture/incapacitate/maim Targets:


attorneys at all levels  abandon the Target.