By these premises and by virtue of my extensive documentation of events referenced herein I announce that

the United States government as spearheaded by the fbi and other intelligence services and police authorities have criminally hijacked my life, destroyed my professional work and name which are seven difficult decades in the earning, tortured me with ungodly and unconscionable methods & technologies, attempted to murder me, engaged in innumerable and ongoing felonies against me for the past twenty five years , and have ignored all of my pleadings in the courts, in congress and in the world wide web in my failed efforts to stop the assaults; that therefore this nation is guilty of high crimes (and as history may affirm, crimes against humanity) against me and others; furthermore, in the event of another assault from foreign or domestic liberators, the blame and responsibility for the resulting suffering, misery and deaths of our people are laid squarely and eternally on government officials of the USA. This culpability extends to all who seized my life and similarly the lives of others, all who tried to drive me to distraction and all who participated in, ignored or condoned such atrocities which in many instances they were witness to. The shame of the USA for its outrageous crimes in this era can never be purged and the names of each hideous and cowardly official is recorded for infamous posterity.