Secret Courts & Armed Judges Corruptly Wreak Havoc On Targets

The Star Chamber courts of the past centuries now are de facto present with a vengeance (literally) in the United States of America and are being used as a political weapon which allows for actions against opponents to the policies and practices of the corrupt & murderous United States government. Now, the corrupt courts rule in secret against Targets who suffer multiple injuries from cruel and provocative assaults by government agents and the general public.


 In my case the judge who allowed the fbi to abuse the civil process is an accomplice to attempted murder, aggravated assault, and multiple other crimes; that judge (or those judges ) so manipulated should  be jailed and tried as criminals and traitors.

As I have documented, secret hearings are now held between the fbi/cia/police/government operatives and the secret courts wherein the judges authorize the use of drugs on or incarceration of the Target based upon fraudulent data in the possession of the fbi (or its CJIS), the police, and other agencies as well as other quasi government groups.


All constitutional rights (and civil as well as human rights) are ignored in the star chamber meetings. The problem for the average citizen is that he has no defense against the rulings of the judges who remain under the control of the predatory and murderous agencies that I have described. Today all states now expand the ability of the secret courts to deliver drugs or directed energy assaults, or incarceration, against a given Target.


The fbi and associates now armed with less process than would be necessary to seize a refrigerator  gain access (via abusive court orders) to the Target's body in a dental office, a doctor's examing room, a coffee shop, or in the Target's own bed and thereupon infuse or inject disabling drugs and poisons (or assault him with brain entrainment technology), in complete disregard for his fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights.



 See castration report:

See the laws in your states which compare to those in Texas and discover for yourself how this nations’ lawyers and judges abandon all pretense of fairness and human decency in their outrageous and sometimes murderous actions. For example, probate judges in Texas (and their newly empowered associates on the bench) now regularly and with the click of the mouse (and another click for email notices) order the use of so-called ‘psychoactive medications’ against the Target. The victims of these court ordered assaults often have no idea that they are being poisoned with a variety of dangerous drugs, including a *few of which even the judges are unaware. Almost all of the judges  are also now allowed to carry concealed handguns to protect against the possible backlash of their abuses (another of which is the handling of some adults, until the age of 21, as juveniles in order to deprive the young adult of constitutional safeguards against summary orders of incarceration/medication).


 Meanwhile, the federal representatives in Congress (such as John Cornyn, Lloyd Doggett and Kay Bailey Hutchison) provide grant money to the states to ensure full compliance with the secret rules & star chamber type courts that allow the complete circumvention of the conventional & constitutional protections of the accused or targeted. For supportive data on the above report see some of the links below.





"To be honest, Starla, the control is indirect or “soft” control. It’s mainly drug companies that control mental health – but the government allows them to do it, by preventing the FDA from regulating some of the criminal behavior of the pharmaceutical companies. Where US intelligence comes in is that they do seem to have a lot of control over the media – and use the media extensively to portray intelligence whistle blowers and people who disagree with the government as mentally ill to discredit them. The reality is that it’s not really necessary for the government to control psychiatrists. For the most part they are happy to believe what the drug companies tell them – and to go around locking up activists and whistle blowers based on a belief (that they get from the media) that people only do such things because they are mentally unbalanced."

PS: Secret Courts Criminally Violate All Traditional Constitutional Safeguards:

and don't forget this:
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    Thomas S. Bean


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    Thomas S. Bean

    Another sneaky modus is GUARDIANSHIP.


    I've read stories of how....corrupt courts rubberstamp anything, so the local power group can get a trustee or guardian who steals the target's money.  Usually they use "old age, or infirmity" as a pretext to seize bank accounts........and, of course the hospitals and old folks homes always "remove or murder the client" when the money runs out.


    We've seen "organ trafficking" by Hasidic rabbis in New York.....corrupt Judges helping the Prison INdustrial Complex by "putting juveniles or homeless" people in jail.....with a straight eye on the profit motivation.


    And, with involuntary mental health commitments....................that person is now "an unperson" into perpetuity.  Nothing in the law, allows a RESTORATION OF RIGHTS, OR matter the facts.


    I suppose one could use a legal remedy to "address the inequity" but, have to disprove a negative(mental illness) that shrinks have a hard time demonstrating with anything quanitative and legitimate that arises to a level of validity that one could reasonably depend upon?


    If shrinks cannot achieve "internal validity" proving mental can you prove the opposite?


    Rod Stich has archived numerous stories about THE ABUSE OF MENTAL ILLNESS STIGMATIZATION when whistleblowers are considered problems needing neutralization.

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    Thomas S. Bean