geral sosbee, POW. Update on decades of assaults by fbi, cia, dod, police, operatives

See my update that reveals the destruction of our society by the assassins of fbi, et al, even while this nation pretends to protect human, civil and constitutional rights.


For the past several years (extending from about 1988 to the present), the fbi has increased their attacks on me in efforts to discreetly terminate or otherwise silence me from reporting their crimes. Many of my reports involve the fbi's use of chemical and biological agents to attack me (see and  .

In some instances the fbi plants operatives next door to me in order to flood my unit with cigarette smoke causing me serious medical complications.Today the directed energy assaults (ELF) are extreme and through sleep deprivation keep me in bed on average of 12-14 hours per day. In essence I am chained (metaphorically) to my bed as a prisoner of war by the fbi/cia/dod own assassins and torturers who have *overthrown the legitimate government here.  See my links below for more on this subject. The fbi continues to use my neighbors to harass (including acts of  vandalism, assaults and widespread slander) and threaten me; often the neighbor uses toxic, second hand cigarette  fumes and other tactics to cause me medical problems. I have been forced out of my homes about ten times in the past ten years. A careful reading of my reports will also show evidence that the fbi also now uses US Postal Inspector, DPS Agents, and police to engage in dirty deeds for harassment purposes and in one instance to cause me lung problems.

Thus, I realize that this nation has become the absolutely most corrupt regime on the planet and in the history of the earth. Study of my material reveals that the fbi, cia, police, and their operatives throughout our society share with Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele, et al, a macabre and murderous agenda which depends in part on the fear and cowardice of the general population and on the propaganda fed them. I weep for mankind as the lowest form of human intellect (ie government thugs and operatives) control the world. The Age of Madness is upon us .


High tech assaults with ELF, plus Military Intelligence, fbi, police, criminals acting as fbi operatives

False, or fraudulent reports from medical doctors:

Postal Inspector and DPS fraudulent harassment program designed to intimidate; the following reports also include data on a Harlingen, Texas, police officer:


What can one do about it!


Humanity is in Perilous Trouble



"If overpopulation continues, intelligent people will die out." Joseph Mengele, Nazi War Criminal, medical doctor/monster.

 Today fbi/cia continues the practices of Mengele and the two murderous agencies engage around the clock in similar atrocities as were committed by Mengele himself. Few tried to stop him and he evaded capture the rest of his life after the fall of Nazi Germany. Fbi/cia torturers similarly engage in torture, forced suicide, murder, and as they are allowed to operate anonymously will never be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

We modern victims of such feindish crimes (including those committed by medical doctors, dentists and other health care providers, as I have touched on in my reports) represent a microcosm of the new holocaust now underway. While we may number now in the tens of millions, all the earth's inhabitants live under the threat of joining our ranks. As the heinous crimes of our millennium mount, the people cower & tremble under the omnipresent, and menacing images of fbi/cia/police murderers.

Ironically, we who are now being tortured and murdered are in a sense freed from substantial fear because all is taken from us, except our last breath. When relief comes, many of us will thank God for deliverance from the torture and pain.

Meanwhile, the at large population and future generations will not generally live free of fear because they will have accepted the standard of mind control, the threats of torture/forced suicide and the possibility of bad death at the hands of the most atrocious killers of all time: fbi, cia,police,operatives,and robotic members of the controlled communities globally.

Thank you kindly.geral

As I have shown the fbi/cia has corrupted the police and  the courts across the nation and similarly around the world. The police and the judges accept the lies and propaganda handed them by the fbi. In turn the police also seek to harm the Target of fbi/police covert operations in any way possible; see my reports of how the fbi corrupts the US Postal Inspector and the Texas DPS, as well as police; note that all the while the fbi and their operatives are busy in the torture (physical and psychological) and discreet attempts to murder  the Target:
For evidence of actual police corruption see the following link and its sequels at 19a,19b,19c:
Note that the judges are also under an obligation to accept the lies of the fbi and their operatives, and the result is a wholesale assault on the Target by all branches of government and by members of  the community at large:
Thus the most unimaginable horrors of a Nazi- type police state is upon us now. Those in government assist the fbi and police because no one wants to risk becoming a Target. members of the ruling class benefit from the imprisonment and murders of Targets  by police and fbi: