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What Would You Do If ?                  (December 18, 2019)

               What Would You Do If ?

                 (December 18, 2019)




The following groups constitute in their respective houses of horror the most supreme threat to mankind ever and if they are not stopped, then all of the hopes, dreams and aspirations for the betterment of our species is lost: president, congress, courts.


Evidence: See my reports on “World in a Box"  and “Committed To  Healing” and ask yourself the following question .


'What would you do if the fbi, cia, nsa, dod, irs, etc., hijacked your life, took over every aspect of your existence, threatened, harassed, provoked, surveilled and discreetly attempted to kill you in their kill program which is conducted against you  for life.

These groups also direct medical doctors, dentists and other health care professionals and attorneys to torture, insult, refuse service or to intentionally perform professional malpractice against you in order to harm or kill you.


Also, your mind or sanity is assaulted and used as a playground for the most sinister thugs in society as they unsupervised watch you respond to life threatening, dirty tricks. They come into your home to destroy or tamper with items that you need for everyday living, destroy your car or motorcycle. These government operatives and agents also prevent you from employment, from practicing your profession, from association with any former colleague, friend, and even family member.  fbi thugs stop you from being able to rent any place to live, even while these very low hoodlums push you into bankruptcy and force you to sleep in a rental car, on the street, or at the airport.


Consider the parallel between fbi and Nazi SS in Germany in the 30s and 40s.


What would you do, if these dangerous fbi operatives then falsely record intimations of neurosis in your behavior and then take the evidence of such situational adult reactions to a civil judge who signs another order to medicate you. Then, the same corrupt and abusive civil process is used to attack you with directed energy weaponry, causing extreme sleep deprivation for life, to increase threats and other harassment against you by the so called law enforcement community.  All cops and others in authority come to your home and threaten you in your face, even as they issue false warnings to their friends in blue or in the civilian population  to assault and intimidate you every time they see you. See my reports on Knipfing & Rodriguez,  UT cops Brian & Wilson, Detective Posada, et al.


 Everywhere you go the thugs then follow you spreading outrageous rumors that you are a threat to public safety, a deranged psychopath and a murderer; that you are a diseased maniac who must be carefully watched all the time, and that even in your neighborhoods, grocery stores , shopping malls, public libraries, etc., the thugs turn all ordinary citizens against you. In some instances the members of the general population actually engage in felonies against you, while the fbi watches.


See my reports on the corruption of the global disease surveillance system and the results of “fbi designs on medical patients where also document fbi macabre human experimentation program involving assaults by chemical, biological and viral agents.  See Part 16 of “My Story In Detail” at www.sosbeevfi.com.


My law suit against fbi, year 2001:



Fbi history book features GERAL SOSBEE:















World in a box:












See also my report on the dilemma facing men.




The above experiences are all part of my real life experiences for the past twenty five years, continuing to date, and I have dedicated my life to exposing these atrocities.


All persons who assist the fbi in these assaults and mind games are guilty as accessories to torture, attempted murder and attempts by the fbi to force a final exist. As I am not the only person so targeted, I have become friends online with many others in similar situations. They have stories not altogether unlike mine and they bravely come forward publicly to ask the government and the people to stop the madness. No doubt many other victims have decided to remain silent, fearing further complications associated with public disclosure of the atrocities that they endure.


So, I ask the reader to consider why one would accept a world dominated by the kind of sub humans, as name them, who engage in torture, attempted forced suicide, imprisonment, and murder of Targets whom the fbi and company deem activists and whistleblowers. By answering or refusing the question, one reveals his own character as either benign and brave or as evil and cowardly.


So far, all members of the three houses mentioned above have proven that they authorize, condone and profit from the unconscionable crimes that  I have documented,

See my report on, “This congress will live in infamy. Consider also my papers on the corruption of law and society by the fbi and the illegal Quasi Criminal Justice System forged by the fbi at academia.edu.


Finally, as the dod is part of all crimes committed by this overthrown regime, the responsibility for global mass murder, torture, and widespread mayhem delivered upon the world’s population by the dod rests in part on our own population. Thank you kindly.


After this report is posted the fbi hacks into my car's automated functions and remotely tampers with same.


For more information, see podcasts and reports by my two good friends, The splendid RAMOLA D and the wonderful BARBARA Hartwell.















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