fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Until These Criminals Are Tried, The USA Is De Facto Lawless

The various officers  of the United States government including President Barack Obama and others listed in the narrative below (and those persons who support them) are hereby identified as candidates for either a war crimes trial or a new Nuremberg Trial for engaging in high crimes against my person, for presenting false statements at court, for slandering and libeling me in efforts to persuade the corrupt judges (in illegal ex parte sessions)to throw my case out with prejudice, and for treason. For *links see:




 See some of the criminal actors here at modern day Hague War Crimes Trial:



<-----------------Hague War Crimes Trial



 All judges and justices (including those in the United States Supreme Court, The United States Court of Appeals For the 9th Circuit, The United States District Court and Judge thereof Manuel L. Real), all US attorneys including Alejandro N. Mayorkas, Leon W. Weidman, and Sarah R. Robinson, all named  defendants at court as reflected at


 and other persons (including doctors, dentists, & lawyers) some of whom are not yet identified who participated  in or who otherwise assisted in the ongoing ten to twenty year attempted murder & torture  campaign (as well as other offenses) against Geral W. Sosbee as outlined  at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com   are to be named as criminal defendants at trial. The specific defendants include but are not limited to:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation,FBI Director Robert Mueller, the CIA, The United States Department of Justice, Louis Freeh, Janet Reno, James Desarno. All departments of government including those listed at


and their operatives, informants and assigns who assisted in the perpetration of heinous offenses against my person as I have extensively outlined on my sites, and each judge who allowed the thugs of government to corrupt civil process in order to incessantly harm me.


The laws which are violated by the above listed persons include violations of the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution, including the following specific passages found at Preamble, Articles IV, VI; Amendments: I, IV, V, VI, VII,VIII,IX,X,XIV.Formore see:




All private individuals who carried out the various high crimes and misdemeanors against my person and all material witnesses thereto  are also to be brought to justice.See included offenses at:



Until all CULPABLE persons, including members of Congress, are held responsible for the crime wave which I have documented against my person, no citizen of the USA is safe; further and theoretically, no law which is enforced against the people of the United States of America is validly enforced because all law enforcement agencies of the nation are corrupted as evidenced by their continued hostile refusal to investigate the crimes that I have documented. Finally, each person who is imprisoned or otherwise accused (whether convicted or not) in every jurisdiction in the nation must be exonerated and released/discharged and record purged, because the persons who bring the charges are in every scenario the greatest criminal and moral offenders in our land.


QUESTIONS!geral sosbee (956)536-0439



         http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/thelawoftheunite.html          http://www.justiceforallcitizens.com/electromagneticvictim.html

Regarding fbi efforts to silence critics,
 “So far as opposition is concerned in any form, the opposition of each individual person was not tolerated unless it is a matter of no importance.”Goering


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BOB MUELLER, being the lying, two faced, cowardly lowlife punk.............grand standed numerous times claiming to take a hard line for civil liberties....in.re. the "renewal of The NSA TSP" when Ashcroft was sick and gave The DOJ HQ to Comey.


Anything in the mainstream media..........is a lie................and, "how that story got out" to the mainstream media.....is a mystery since this psy op "for Mueller's benefit" was anti thetical to the BUSH-CHENEY FASCISM, and therefore "should never have been reported"?


And...MUELLER also claimed in the two bogus TIME MAGAZINE PUFF PIECES PROMOTING MUELLER'S CREDIBILITY, PROFESSIONALISM, AND LOYALTY TO THE BILL OF RIGHTS........that big, bad, Bob "submitted his resignation" twice over civil liberties .   I find that very hard to believe.


MUELLER has said nothing and done nothing about FOUR, YES FOUR MURDERED US ATTORNEYS killed during MUELLER'S TENURE AS THE NEO CON PUNK AT FBI.


Bob is a rat all the way.


Bob is a cover up artist and will always, always, always.................do what is selfishly beneficial to himself...while taking absolutely no risk what so ever.


I got that fat asshole in front of Leahy back in 2007....when MUELLER USED THE PATRIOT ACT TO STEAL MY X RAYS SHOWING THE CHIP and also "flipped the doctors" (Dr Chad Carda, Jennifer Burger) to commit malpractise........and....MUELLER THEN USED THE CHIP AND TORTURE WITH DEW, to run me out of my home with full knowledge I could get that fat punk fired and indicted if ........if.........if...........I got to file and litigate a Motion for INjunctive Releif in Sioux Falls, SD, Fed Court.


You have no idea......how powerful my fact pattern is........and...........ACLU NAT SEC DIVISION will not talk to me, or litigate my facts,,,,,,......making it impossible to do what must be done.


Ask yourself Geral...."could you possible litigate a motion" with a chip in your head or while being tortured in your home to prevent deep REM sleep?


FBI had the keystroke logger on my computer.........called a MAGIC LANTERN, and violated my Sixth amendment rights to private attorney client confidentiality........and they SIOUX FALLS FBI DID THAT DURING THE COURSE OF THEIR bogus arrests and prosecutions in the Minnehaha Cty court system.




Mainstream media "puffed up Fine's" bogus history of having a legitimate reputation amounting to "the personification of the word Ineffable" when considering Fine's reputation for fairness and professionalism?


Geral.........can you..........flipping.....................believe .............these f----ing lying scum?

Never forget that we are not up against girls scouts in our struggle for liberty; we are facing

                        EVIL INCARNATE in the agents & operatives of the fbi and the cia:


"A Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA crash landed on September 24, 2007 after it ran out of fuel over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula it had a cargo of several tons of Cocaine on board now documents have turned up on both sides of the Atlantic that link this Cocaine Smuggling Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA that crashed in Mexico to the CIA who used it on at least 3 rendition flights from Europe and the USA to Guantanamo's infamous torture chambers between 2003 to 2005."

I'll say this...they are undefeateable on a fair playing field.


You cannot beat them in court....because...they will go after the judge, or....already have a control file on the judge.


You cannot beat them legally, no matter how hard you try....and hey man, I set up a sting operation using The Jerky

Boys Comedy Album in which me and Dr. Mark Gordon repeated the dialogue from several comedy sketches.  This was done to catch the FBI-NSA 902nd illegally wiretapping and illegally desiminating the info (The Hand Off Method of laundering and using info).  The trap was sprung when FBI and others gave sworn testimony in an ex parte warrant application in front of Judge Peter Gregory (retired after being framed, ).  


I'm at a lost for plans, tactics, or effective means of getting any sort of justice.



All connected together with The ACLU HQ already flipped?  When I was tracked down by a special US Attorney and his FBI agent wife (nice couple).....they did not introduce themselves as badges?  Why even track me down, if you are not interviewing me...about my allegations?  These surveillance dipshits, think this is a game...or "am I entertainment" for these idiots?

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