fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

University Of Texas And the fbi Continue Years Of Harassment Of Me On Campus

 See my continuing reports and documentations of crimes committed against me by UT, police, fbi, and others, over the past several years contining to date.


*The University of Texas (UT) continues to harass, stalk and malign this reporter of their crimes (in concert with and at the implied direction of the fbi assassins). As I previously documented, the UT officials and police fabricated a false police report against me, even while they sent one of the UT contract employees to criminally assault me in efforts to provoke a violent confrontation. The only violence on campus was perpetrated by the UT staff and the UT police. See the actual fraudulent UT police report and 'BOLO' against me at:


See my report on the UT criminal assault at:


 Other supplementary reports of UT harassment against me are available at



See admission by an fbi operative at the UT campus in Brownsville, Texas, confirming a coordinated illegal surveillance of this reporter:


The UT officials and police are on mandatory alert for any signs of disruptive campus activity by any suspicious person, especially in view of the high profile “occupy’’ movement across many continents. In this regard the UT police (and other so-called law enforcement agencies at colleges and universities) are on guard to identify and to arrest anyone who may pose some kind of security concern on campus.

 -Anyone except, that is, the criminals in the UT administration and police department itself-

The problem is that the falsely presumed great minds at the UT campuses in Austin and San Antonio, etc., are regularly committing assaults, provocations, implied threats, and uncivil conduct against me for the sole purposes to discourage the use of the university’s computer and to help the fbi arrest me. Absolutely no effort is made by the faculty, staff and police at UT to address its own illegal conduct.

The recent efforts by the UT staff in Harlingen, Texas, to remind me that I am unwanted on campus is a reminder to all that the Age Of Madness is not likely to go away anytime soon; and that the threats of arrest of innocent persons by the criminals in high places portend more injustices for us all. Here are two of my recent reports on some of the effects of corrupt government on society in general and on its people:




In apparent retaliation for my recent reports, the fbi increases assaults by street thugs (& DEW) in efforts to provoke a response. *The University of Texas Health Science Center at Harlingen, Texas, is once again used on March 29, 2013, by the fbi who sends the same half wit operative (who for several years has harassed me in public libraries) to stalk, harass, and attempt to provoke a response. The last such provocation by a different fbi operative at the same location is documented here:
*I attempted to file a police report on the same day with the UT Police officer on duty.
In a separate instance the fbi sends lunatic Ms. Rodriguez to assault me in her car on the streets of Harlingen, Texas.



UTB Employees join in the assaults:



*Telephone: (956) 365-8650 Fax No.: (956) 365-8753 Regional Academic Health Center UT Health Science Center at San Antonio 2102 Treasure Hills Blvd. Harlingen, Texas 78550

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Hey Geral..........want to go driving through Mexico for a while?


I got a truck....400$ a week.......and........I think I trust MEXICAN POLICE more than Americans....ya know?


I don't know what to do......if Barky "the trained CIA seal" signs the latest Military Detention Law?



My Dad is convinced "I have nothing to worry about"?


How stupid...is Denial?


This could be our last chance?


Anybody....want to go South until Ron Paul wins?

I'm stunned that NONE of Geral's harassers...understands...."Sosbee is a Viet Nam Veteran" and also an FBI WHISTLEBLOWER.  Sosbee blew whistle on FBI VIOLATING TITLE III, and illegally disseminating the info.  That is what an honest cop or patriotic soldier...is supposed to do....no?


Usually, the vigilante surveillance (protected and supervised "off paper" by FBI agents) always slanders the target with any sort of "emotional trigger suspicion" with no due process rights attaching.  Thus...fatheads think they are joining a legitimate rat pack and enjoy putting grief in the target's life.


And look........after 30 years of harassment.......don't the idiots think "enough is enough"?




It happened to me.


New INDEFINITE DETENTION can be read to "legalize the mind control chipping as a form of military detention"...no?


I saw this Police State.....always absolve themselves of crim liability, after, after, after....they broke the law, but passing new laws that Congress did not debate with any reference to any witness who could "explain the vagueness" of the key dispositive terms.


Seriously Geral....have you thought of getting political asylum somewhere?


I know....they followed and stalked across INTERNATIONAL BORDERS......but, uh...asylum is different in that...the locals realize "you have your story" on paper.


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