fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

A few years ago I was in a gun shop in Columbia, MO.  Three men from the Federal Threat Fusion Center were also there.  I did not know them at the time and they were not in uniform.  As I left, one of the three men began to act silly and struck a pose as if he were a western cowboy and was going to fast draw his gun and shoot me.  I watched him carefully as I walked away and exited the building.  I later learned that this is what they call theatre and if I had reacted by going along with his play acting and struck as pose as if we were two cowboys about to have a fast draw contest, those three men would have thrown me down and stomped me and arrested me and charged me with attempted murder of a federal officer.

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My contempt for those good solid citizens known as law enforcement (especially the girl scout pussies known as prosecutors") knows........absolutely no boundaries of civility or decorum...as, "karma swings around in my mind"...and, "they deserve the contempt they earn every day".

Nobody.....has betrayed this country better and more secretly......then prosecutors.  Nobody....but a close second and third are badges and "holster sniffing pig groupies" known as Judges, WHO DON'T HAVE A CLUE what I'm talking about..........and have never made an effort to police their courtrooms.  Any Judge in South Dakota at the state or federal level.......can contact me with an email or phone call if THEY WANT TO KNOW HOW SFPD USES "THE HAND OFF METHOD" ..."TICKLING THE WIRE" or "STIFFING THE CALL" to manufacture evidence, while the judges are happily mislead.  (INCIDENTALLY, I DID DUMP INFO ON FED JUDGE LARRY PEIRSOL'S DESK, AND HE SENT IT BACK....without understanding the explicit statutory language and requirement set forth in THE FED MISPRISION OF A FELONY law, allowing "contact with Fed Judges to disclose info" if the source prefers to avoid dealing with corrupt fags known as US ATTORNEYS AND FBI JOKERS.  That is the law....Judge...sorry you are not a legal scholar everyday?)

Not one "officer of the court" known as a prosecutor at the fed, state, or local levels........ever bothered challenging the bogus con known as "state secrets- National Security"?   And  we now have a political prisoner joker.....at SD US ATTORNEYS.  He is SD US SENATOR TIM JOHNSON'S SON.  Former Army officer.  Yet...the dude does not know, "....FBI HELPED GET HIS FATHER BRAINSTROKED WITH DEW" as Bob Mueller and SIOUX FALLS FBI'S JFLTTF aided and abetted DOD CIFA UNIT who outsourced the MURDERS AND TORTURE MAIMINGS of anybody...I contacted.  This SD US ATTORNEY JOHNSON...doesn't know...FBI SURVEILLANCE followed me to his father's SIOUX FALLS, SD, CONGRESSIONAL OFFICE with a copy of THE US DOJ OIG COMPLAINT, explicitly accusing The BUSH-CHENEY WHITE HOUSE of engaging in warrantless CALEA WIRETAPPING of SD US SEN TOM DASCHLE'S CAMPAIGN with the evidence....collected already...and copied by FBI HQ.

[FBI HQ, under MUELLER, had the impeacheable evidence.......worst then Watergate.


DO YOU KNOW WHO DERAILED IMPEACHMENT OF BUSH-CHENEY?  His name is....ROBERT SWAN MUELLER, III, who held the info back........as a selfish bargaining chip........for himself....not the country or The Bill of Rights.  MUELLER KNOWS, WHAT MY INTENT IS: subpoena Bob, force his hand...and of course.....have MUELLER REMOVED FOR CAUSE AND INDICTED FOR THE OVERT ACTS AS PART OF THE CONSPIRACIES TO MURDER AND MAIM (Rich Gordon, YPD SGT Mark Defenbaugh, John Kabieseman, Bob Nelson of N.Dakota, Jon Van Patten, Leroy Rogers, Dr. Mark Gordon, Lenny Lee, Thomas S. Bean).

These are the facts......................that MUELLER HAS REMAINED SILENT ABOUT....NEVER OFFERING, VOLUNTEERING, OR STICKING HIS NECK OUT FOR JUSTICE.  Thus...CONGRESS HIDES BEHIND PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY about what they are signing off on...when Enabling Laws are passed and not understood????

It all falls on MUELLER'S FAT HEAD.  AND, after ten years....statute prohibits FBI DIRECTOR from extending his power trip past ten years.............BOB GOT THE LAW CHANGED AS AN EXCEPTION TO THIS LAW PASSED TO PREVENT A J.EDGAR HOOVER PROBLEM.  We are stuck with a fat face punk, pussy.......who stole justice for his own benefit and his own selfish power trip.  THAT CANNOT BE DENIED.]

Not one PROSECUTOR, including this pussified dipshit punk at SD US ATTORNEY, HAD THE GUTS TO CHALLENGE NATIONAL SECURITY, even when......this boyscout punk's father...got fried with DEW to create one of the suspicious brain strokes of my contacts??????????

I had the pleasure of observing MUELLER'S FBI JFLTTF chase me and Dr Mark Gordon around interstate......while secretly using Section 215 to "illegally disseminate info from a spy camera in Mark's home" to make a DUI arrest and Minnehaha County States Attorney prosecution........with failure to report BRADY MATERIAL as part of a Fed Felony known as "Conspiracy to Deprive Civil Liberties under color of authority" (Section 241) tripping more legal analysis of THE CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT, MISPRISION OF A FELONY, TITLE III, and SDCL wiretapping law?

These are facts............that a pimp, Uncle Tom, spear chucking, Federalist Society, joker...named ERIC "house negro" HOLDER.......wants to avoid...and is afraid of, much like Sgt Schultz in Hogan's Heroes (TV show) in which ole Schultzie...."...see's nothing, hears nothing, knows nothing...".

Patriot Act used.......to secretly rationalize use of illegally obtained info for a DUI?  We got Patriot Act used to make DUI arrests with info from a pin hole spy camera in a Doctor's home....who was targeted by YANKTON PD SGT MARK DEFENBAUGH AND HIS SNITCH WHO EXTORTED 500$ from mark....and we got FBI USING GPS TRACKING OF MARK'S CAR TO COORDINATE THE FBI'S deployment of a latino gang banging snitch who was told by FBI TO SPIT IN GORDON'S FACE AT AN OK CITY GAS STATION, when Mark was running to Texas to avoid SF FBI'S HARASSMENT?

MUELLER KNOWS........................I TOLD HIM, "I'm gonna destroy you with these facts"...."I'm gonna testify against you eventually in a War Crimes Trial someday...".  Mueller knows...with his cunt counter intel agent (Susie Cream Cheese) what is in the second complaint.....THAT HOLDER IS AFRAID TO REVIEW OR ASK FOR?????????????????

HOLDER PIMP, knows about me........but, "he's afraid to talk or send a Special Prosecutor to actually conduct an interview for five f-cking minutes".......and the joker punk he put in at Quartzite, Arizona at Silly Al's Pizza........DID NOT ASK FOR THE SECOND COMPLAINT....and his wife (I call her little Miss Susie Cream Cheese) was the FBI C-NT who was the COUNTER INTEL AGENT dedicated to colluding with Bob on the MIRANDA VIOLATION in The Ruby Mountains outside ELKO, NEVEDA, when their snitch "John" (I have photos and tape) was fishing for WHITEY BULGER INFO (found in Port Aransas, Texas, living on a 28 ft sailboat....Whitey has bad teeth and had a strict diet dedicated to off setting Diabetes)...in which....THIS ENHANCED INTERROGATION (Subliminal Debriefing to make the target talk) was used and abuse outside THE USUAL PARAMETERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY (capturing Whitey had nothing to do with a state secret, or a terroristic threat, or Nat Sec???/) so.......Bob, and "Susie CreamCheese" could swindle the 2,000,000$ reward....after laundering and using the info as part of the scripted use of The FBI Confederate (lady from Iceland made the call and got the reward).

They used a citizen of Iceland.....knowing she would be long gone, and any subpoena from me in pursuit of a civil suit..would have no effect in a foreign country?  If they did that......then they stole the money and cut it up.  That "Susie Cream Cheese Cunt" was seen by me...over and over....in Arizona...Moab, Utah....where she enjoyed her mountain biking workouts on the slick rock trails.

Look at the audacity.......of this cunt and Bob.......violating MIRANDA TO STEAL INFO AND REWARDS....while later...issuing a press statement with Holder that, "....Miranda Rights can be unilaterally waived and subverted with some disclosure at some later undisclosed date..." that never occurs until the statute of limitations runs out or the target is neutralized.

I could not make this up.

This is the life....I'm born into.

This is my experience dealing with BOB MUELLER'S FBI GIRL SCOUT JAMBOREE?

Can any man.......judge me today?

Can any punk with a badge..........appreciate...........why "I told the PIGS over and over,...do not...ever....use a 24 year civilian dipshit vigilante surveillance on me....while running an INTERSTATE STALKING CAMPAIGN DEDICATED TO PROVOCATION OF THE CRIME VICTIM"?

Gil McDonald, Sr. said:

"....They are using the NSL against Targeted Individuals. ..."


I think it has already been admitted in some press release.  Not one prosecutor has ever, ever, ever.....put The FBI in their place or figured out, "...just what is Mueller talking about when his testimony is so obtuse and filled with vacuous hyperbole..."???


With THE WAR COMMISSIONS ACT, creating a good faith defence for "entrapment" which was not explicitly defined........you can see how harassment with NSL could be "entrapment" to "tickle the wire" ...and since "good faith exception" to outrageous pig conduct could be argued,...now THE PROSECUTORS CAN SILENTLY SANCTION THE WHOLE THING without explaining anything, unless you get them in court.


But wait....since WCA legalizes undefined torture....with Congress claiming they were "read in" on Enhanced Techniques....we see how WCA TORTURE and ENTRAPMENT can be interpreted to "hound, harass, misdirect" anybody who might be drafting a civil suit challenge  in Fed Dist Court?


So the enabling laws....work together....and nobody has a clue how SECTION 215 of PATRIOT ACT is interpreted.  Oddly enough....BRADY RULING, doesn't seem to be followed by The Minnehaha county states attorneys......and SD STATE BAR DISCIPLINARY BOARD, isn't to worried about by six complaints that they were not allowed to see or review?  IT WAS THE PRESIDING JUDGE OF THE SD SUPREME COURT (Gilbertson), who also joined the conspiracy to obstruct, when my appeal of Thomas C. Barnett's decision to the court (supposed to meet en banc, as a whole group) was round filed by Judge Gilbertson.


Later, the other four judges found out...........and nobody on that court filed an ethics complaint targeting this judge, who easily could have and should have been removed?


All it would have taken...for dominos to tumble...was THE ARGUS LEADER to run the story I gave them, at their internet discussion forum.  That did not happen.  That's all it would have taken, forcing MARTY JACKLEY'S HAND AT SD US ATTORNEYS OFFICE?


LOOK HOW CLOSE IMPEACHMENT AND PROSECUTION OF CHENY-ADDINGTON-HAYDEN-MUELLER was........for so many terroristic murders of my known associates.  Worst then Watergate...........and SOUTH DAKOTA screwed this country, because..."they are all good solid citizens...doncha know"? (sarcasm added).



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