fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

A few years ago I was in a gun shop in Columbia, MO.  Three men from the Federal Threat Fusion Center were also there.  I did not know them at the time and they were not in uniform.  As I left, one of the three men began to act silly and struck a pose as if he were a western cowboy and was going to fast draw his gun and shoot me.  I watched him carefully as I walked away and exited the building.  I later learned that this is what they call theatre and if I had reacted by going along with his play acting and struck as pose as if we were two cowboys about to have a fast draw contest, those three men would have thrown me down and stomped me and arrested me and charged me with attempted murder of a federal officer.

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Yes, Gil, these are the provocateurs who seek to find a way to charge the Target with any offense, civil or criminal. The thugs who played the game with you are the lowest form of human intellect and represent the emerging United States national character : cowardly, homicidal, evil. This is the same persona that the USA uses globally in efforts to destroy governments and murder en masse hundreds of thousands (or millions) of people. The USA through such criminals is now known by rational people everywhere as NAZI USA and MAFIA/fbi.


For more on the thugs who seek to provoke a respone to their assaults see parts 19, 19a, 19b, and 19c at:


I always wondered about these vigilantes. Then you see Zimmerman, playing cop talking a line about "all the breakins to neighbor's homes" to rationalize the cold blooded slaying of an unarmed teenage boy talking to his girlfriend? These idiots, come in quite a few shades of grey. Most are just bored losers....who don't have the guts to be cops...or wash out of the entrance requirements. Most cops....really don't believe in doing this level of stalking, but....they remain silent all the way. Quite a few....are criminally deviant dipshits....and are far more likely to performing burglaries and petty thefts...than anybody they are stalking.
I wondered...if the vigilantees...are satanic or into the occult? Most of them are first class losers with nothing to do but project and displace their own self loathing onto the target . Usually, targets are slandered or defamed to maximize the vigilantees resorting to "their own extrajudicial punishments" as part of a dynamic, none of them seem to recognize. I blame MUELLER'S FBI all the way for.....silently sanctioning the whole pathetic sordid program.

Thomas S. Bean said:

I always wondered about these ....


Hello Thomas, 

Very good to hear your opinion on this subject.  And you are correct.  Most victims simply can't figure out who is responsible for the torture being dished out with the approval of the gov agencies and the truth is that those responsible are at the very top of the ladder, even the FBI and the CIA. 

Black Ops and Dirty Tricks are the order of the day as far as the PTB are concerned.  Here in mid-Missouri we have bodies turning up that have been beaten, tortured by dozens of burns from a stun gun and then shot - After months of no investigation the cops called it a Drug Deal gone bad. 

Another guy found hung in a shelter on the City Golf Course was called a suicide - strangely enough agents had spent several years ruining the guys reputation and they are probably the ones who suicided him.  I once had two agents here at the house pretending they were from a local church and one of the agents said he knew that particular guy and he started faking tears when talking about him.  I'll bet he knew him alright.  He was probably there when the victim supposedly commited suicide. 

Another body was found by the river on a hiking trail with more than a dozen knife cuts and the cops said those knife cuts made it a suspicious death.  Really?  That was a couple of years ago and they still haven't found any suspects for any of the three deaths. 

I'm sure that it was some of the same people that spent several years destroying the reputation of those people and that would be a good place to start looking for suspects if they wanted to find any.  But those people are their friends and working associates so they won't look there. 

If your photo is recent, it looks like you are taking care of yourself and I hope you are having a good time.

Gil....that's alot of deaths.  What do you think this is about?  I did finger some contract vigilantees on the CHRISTINA MOORE MURDER in Round Rock, Texas, in 2003.  There was little or no response from Round Rock, Texas, PD and/or the FBI agent on that task futorce?

I identified one police sketch...and gave names that fit the other two descriptions.  The local prosecutor JOHN "GOP candy ass" BRADLEY still has not matched the DNA finger nail evidence taken from under Christina's finger nails as she clawed and fought for her life.  BRADLEY threw a patsy under the bus, and he easily could have been flipped to name the other coconspirators.  That did not happen...but any intrepid reporter can get Michael Keith Moore to talk (he is serving life).  With a life sentence....he could cut a deal and reduce his sentence to thirty years.  Nobody in Central Texas law enforcement bothered calling me or showing me the other police sketch?  Nobody tracked down the CALEA Wiretap records to the NSA 902ND COUNTERINTEL GROUP.


As for torture of those dead Missouri men.......you got to wonder what the illicit marijuana market is worth to the corrupt cops.  Let me tell you, if there are drugs and weed around, it will all be controlled by the police power control group.  They are well organized.  I was stunned at how worthless the FBI-DOJ is when major crimes are committed.


One brave lady who is one of the few US ATTY'S to hold a grand jury....is Michelle Tapken.  She was the interim SD US ATTY after James McMahon was forced to resign after I sent my complaint to D.C.   Michelle's grand jury got shut down, and....the neocons used the Iowa US Atty to indict her son (as leverage on Michelle).  Her son got 18 months for some overcharged alleged series of crimes having to do with the loan applications processed as part of an auto loan business.


There has to be smoking gun emails on the conspiracy to cover up the SD facts.  I had Cheney tied to Austin lawyer Whittington to NSA to NSA TSP contractors to an Enron witness named Christina Moore..........but............the media and DOJ dropped it....and Obama-Holder are "looking forward"???


 Hope your doing well.  I had a little incident near Flaming Gorge on the Utah-Wyoming border in Dutch John.  The Infraguard contractor sicked two vicious dogs on me.  It's at my blog "hollowmantras of cracked vision".  Dog assaults....are spun as Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and are psuedo legal under the War Commissions Act.


I went home to be safe with my 76 year old parents.  With witnesses, and living out in the country on ten acres....I am alot safer.   Hope you are well.  Bothers me that those jerks are harassing and older guy like you.  These idiots are usually fed a line of slander....to whip up the intrusion.  I always photograph anybody who follows me anywhere.  It's for Fed Court.  Get video. 

What that idiot did......is an overt act as part of making a terroristic threat....as part of a series of acts amounting to Criminal Stalking.

This is all protected by fed, state, and local pigs and prosecutors....to my stunned disbelief?

You are dealing with illiterate military trash.  These morons....are the most expendable dorks the military could use to pour into the meat grinder.  They know it.  They know.......they are nothing......and that creates one of the dynamics of stalking: IMPOTENCE morphing into OMNIPOTENCE over the target.

These morons....don't know this......and, act like it.

I was always amazed that the vaunted FBI HQ, really has no "dog in this hunt" and "won't lift a finger" to prevent OPERATION SLAMMER from creating targets who eventually go postal.

I had to get away from the clowns: moved in with my elderly parents....and found some solitude and security..............but, alas.............I did get DEWed while sleeping in the basement.  Sleep Deprivation with DEW.  I usually get DEWEd ever time a fall asleep.  Always done to stop the dream state.

This torture, cannot be explained or understood by anyone like my parents or family..........who remain concerned thinking "I'm crazy" or delusional?

If you have not been DEWed........you won't understand it.

It should be obvious.......this stalking (all over the country) is used to create people going postal.

It's all a very deadly game.......and lucrative for the contractors.


How many vigilantees have been shot......when the target goes postal?  That's a question for Mueller. 

Most people don't realize......Mueller was confronted by Sen Leahy under oath....and his response was, "....we were following our protocol....our hands are tied...".  Does anybody believe that excuse?   I've never heard of the FBI having their hands tied........ever.  There are no excuses for Mueller's FBI to remain indifferent.

They were in Quartzite........long ago........and............no indictment......when I gave them who, what, when, why, how........on the Korean laundromat owner?

The special prosecutor was on the list to replace Mueller as Director of FBI.  I'd like to hear his answers to my probing questions:

"...how come you did not indict?.....


how come you did not give me Witness Protection?....


how come your wife, The FBI CounterIntel Cunt, did not remind you about THE SECOND COMPLAINT naming Mueller?...."

Ever wonder Gil.........just WTF is a Fusion Center, and under what laws are the operating under?

DOJ admitted months ago that they have a secret classified memo defining how they interpret Section 215 of the Patriot Act.  Two congressman were not allowed access to that secret policy and interpretation????

HOLDER AND MUELLER are claiming the "blank check authority" in 215 means.....we don't need warrants for anything.  That's the real scandal...that would have effected passage of the Pat Act renewals.  Yet........somehow.......nobody of substance seems to care?

After dealing with these dumbfucks.......and warning them over and over.....to cease and desist.....................YOU REALLY HAVE NO OPTION LEFT BUT TO STAND YOUR GROUND AND SHOOT THE STALKERS WHO WANT IT AFTER THEY ASKED FOR IT.

In my mind.......at least I get to put some payback in their little punk group.

They media.....will spin it to make the cops look like heros......but........so what.

The winners will paint the portrait of the loosers of the battle, hopefully the loosers won't care because they will be in a better place and living a better life.  The Federal Threat Fusion Center (is the threat) as well as the Department of Homeland Security are heavily staffed by CIA agents and operatives.  They are dirty tricks and black ops.  Everything from lies and faked evidence to destroy reputation to outright murder.  What we are looking at ref. to 215 and no need for warrants is martial law, no matter what its called or written, peace time martial law to enslave the american citizen.  The stalkers do have leaders (agents) who meet with them on a regular basis on certain neighborhood properties that have been taken over by the gov agencies who have either hired and then moved out the original residents or simply replaced the original residents with their agent/operatives.  Years ago I was a member of the Cosmospolitian Luncheon Club and told one of the members (a retired US Air Force Captain) that I was going to talk to an ACLU lawyer about the tampering with my computer and other harassment I had noticed.  I made an appointment from a phone in a community store yet when I showed up for the appoint I was kept in the lobby for an hour, until an fbi agent showed up, took a look at me and said hello to which I replied Hello.  The agent then went back to see the lawyer and a few minutes later the clerk told me the lawyer couldn't see me and I left.  So the feds and the lawyers (even the aclu) are eyeball deep in this crap and there is no use in even trying to bring this to court.  The criminal acts by agents and operatives are condoned and probably encouraged by tptb.  Other powerful organizations such as the Masonic lodge are also in this up to their eyeballs.  People going postal feeds the monster: creates a public image that more LE is needed and therefore more personel for the local police and military.  Combining the military with local le and furnishing military to local le to use against isolated citizens when an army comes agains a single citizen who does not agree with the locals.  It will continue to grow until it destroyes itself or destroys us. 

That ACLU story is stunning.  FBI walks right in.....and the lawyer eats it up believing all of that shit?  I was stunned at how easy the FBI can and will break the law.  IF THEY DID NOTHING WRONG, why sabotage a legal response?  Mueller's FBI did that to me several times.  Two different defence attorneys......screwed up my defence.  Then, my response with ethics complaints......got obstructed?  FBI OBSTRUCTS STATE BAR ETHICS COMPLAINTS? ....under the rubric of using "National Security"?

They actually said I was an Israeli spy in the FISA COURT?  I can categorically prove, that Bob Mueller is a Mossad agent working for Neocons who are all dual citizen jews working to turn America into an Israeli colony of haves, and have nots.  Mueller banked his 150 million....that was supposed to go to me......in an Israeli bank.  The Ponzi Schemer who stole FBI pension funds......mysteriously suicides.  No witness to implicate Mueller.

Mueller also stole the Whitey Bulger reward, using a citizen from...Iceland.  Why Iceland?  My civil suit subpoena is of no effect in a foreign country.

Some day.....I get to testify against Mueller and Holder....that glimmer of hope, comes from The Adamus Group and Keshe Foundation.  It means....the Galactic Community, is starting to push back on the police state.  Mueller is now......understanding what I said to him, "...you're gonna eat that money all the way to prison".

Masons and secret societies.  At the top, they are Illuminati or satanic.  At the bottom,  you have mislead goofballs, who don't know.  Just to bolster your conspiracy thoughts.......Peter Levenda did a lecture called "The Secret Space Program" on youtube.  In the first ten minutes he ties Guy Bannister (FBI X files agent in New Orleans wi Oswald) to David Ferrie and the wandering bishops (bizarre Roman Catholic diocese used as a front)...to Allen Dulles, and Aleister Crowley (notorious satanist).  Wow?

Justice will be done....six months.....I think you'll know, big changes are coming, and the satanists have no place to hide.  I'm told, arrests have begun....and the wheat is being seperated from the chaff (FBI).

I'll feel a lot better when Louis Freeh, Potts, Coulsen...are cuffed.

They are using the NSL against Targeted Individuals.  I am sure that in most cases the NSL is being used improperly and not for its intended purpose but it suits the politicians to use it in such a manner because it is very effective.  I have also read that dis-information that arrest have begun but there is no public record of any of the cabal beng arrested or disappearing.  Some of the bank top ceos have resigned and taken off with their billions so they can have time to properly prepare their hideout prior to the big slap this planet is going to get soon.  The perps are the ones putting out the info saying that arrest have taken place because they know it weakens our resolve to do anything about their criminal actions.  They want us to just sit back and stay out of their way while they install the NWO.  For the present time, we are our only hope and that doesn't look very promising.

I got to agree with you Gil.  You seem to be the most rational person I've talked to or listened to...in a long time.  Age creates wisdom.

Indeed, my hope got the better of me.  I had hoped Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today was on the up and up, and I think he is.  He talked about The Adamus Group and his post suggests an intervention from so called "good entities".

I do like the way you think: "...it's all a  carefully orchestrated con, to keep us from doing what should be done...".  Doesn't surprise me. 

I agree.....the idea of defeating the Satanic NWO....is impossible without the girl scout pussies in fed, state, and local law enforcement...who should have "already confronted the lamestream media" to get some momentum going on Impeachment based on Fed prosecutions of the White House going back to Reagan-Bush. 

[My bitter experience with a desperate attempt at putting Cheney in jail for murdering CHRISTINA MOORE in ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, was met with harassment from two pigs working for SFPD.  THESE PIGS, actually had the audacity to come to my home....knock on my door....to send a message to me from a pussy named DET COOMBS AT ROUND ROCK , TX, PD....who did not have the guts "to call me and leave a message on my machine".   I told those pigs' SGT in no uncertain terms, "......LEAVE A FUCKING MESSAGE ON THE MACHINE AND DON'T EVER DO A KNOCK AND TALK ON ME EVER AGAIN....".

Typical pig behavior????  I'm supposed to call the Detective......when "it's his investigation of a pregnant christian housewife" and the dumbfuck...."did not conduct his own interview and search at APD HQ following my lead, showing cause the police sketch is identical to a guy who was sent after me...."Phil the narc" who worked with NATHAN GRIFFITH, AND CAPT "cokehead" BOB McNaughton????????????]

I did try, and a few feds also tried in Sioux Falls.  But, Michelle Tapken's Grand Jury got derailed secretly when her son got illegally investigated (Dan Nelson Auto Loan prosecution by Iowa US Attorney's Office) and....it was always THE CANDY ASS FBI PUNK NAMED BOB MUELLER, who played both sides against the middle....and he's been doing this his whole spook career (As a US Atty in San Fran, where his father moved to after coming from Nazi Germany as an SS Major, he helped derail and cover up a major PEDERAST RING, with the perp getting a light probationary slap on the wrist???)

MUELLER'S attitude is always, "....first do what is good for me..then do what is good for FBI...then do what is good for law enforcement" and somewhere and sometime...maybe a crumb of oversight will be promoted to create the appearance of propriety, decorum and integrity....AND THE HALF ASSED SERVICE FROM FBI, will always amount to nothing remotely tied to WHAT THEY CAN DO, AND HAVE DONE TO SOME OF MY INNOCENT WHITE COLLAR KNOWN ASSOCIATES whose careers and reputations were unilaterally destroyed....to FBI PUNKS.  And to top it off...MUELLER ENDS UP STEALING MY DAMAGES AND REWARD amounting to 152,000,000$?!

He's a guy who can literally "tell the media anything, and they repeat it".  He is also...well acquainted with how The Illuminati murders secretly and also uses control files on anybody given power.  Bob said "...his hands were tied...".  Hmmmmm.......4 murdered US Attorneys during his tenure....and "Did Not See Bob Talk About that on his website or with his shills in the media"?

When US Attorneys get murdered........and "I showed FBI how to work political murders" by immediatly searching the CALEA COMPUTERIZED WIRETAP RECORDS AT NSA 902ND and at THE TELECOMM PROVIDER.......and.........we see and hear nothing from FBI HQ........that's when "you realize how corrupt, weak, gutless, and absolutely worthless BIG, BAD, F---FACE MUELLER is...was...and will always be.

No excuses.

Guess it was meant to be this way.......with a rapture or Ascension...or Holacaust?

See you in heavon Gil.  Thanks for sharing...your UFO story...and...that is a damn good story....and the harassment actually corroborates your photos and conclusions to an extent.  Hey...if you were not onto something...they would not bother with an elderly gentlemen who does not have a criminal bone in his body......no?

With men like HOLDER, MUKASY, GONZALEZ, ASHCROFT, RENO....FREEH, MUELLER, POTTS, COULSEN......................your country is a joke.

Remember, inside the bizarre fuck you cult known as THE FBI, they actually believe and repeat their own "hollow mantra of cracked vision" that goes like this: "....Only we know what is right for the country, and ONLY we have the power to do something about it.....".


WANT TO MEET A TREASONOUS CONSTITUTIONAL TERRORIST with a mouthful of girl scout excuses???.......................just talk to a pig at the fed, state, or local levels.  The enemy.....is right in front of us...and they believe in "Zero Tolerence" and "Proactive Policing" (sarcasm added after the 'and' conjunction).

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