fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The Lies by f b I obscure their attacks on the brains of f b I Targets


f b I covers up their atrocities against Vince Foster, Myron May, Aaron Alexis, Chris Donner et al. They were all attacked by DEW/ELF
technology which cause confusion & neuroses. Loss of free will results from attacks on brain.



f b I intentionally drives Targets crazy by attacks on brain.f b I also expects Targets to kill themselves or others, after psyops & DEW attacks. See evidence of these atrocities in reports by me & RAMOLA D.
Secrets of fbi/cia are use of DEW & psyops against Targets."The Issue"


All main street reporters & journalists help f b i discredit my reports of f b i crimes.2:01 AM & I notice extreme attacks on me by DEW in apparent response to my recent reports of f b i cruel & criminal use of their secret high tech weapons. Fed Judges are aware of f b i crimes.


f b I anonymous assassin writes:
"They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance.”

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