fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

TI's, please remember: You can not trust anyone.  Not the delivery person, the Doctor, the Dentist, the Cop, the Lawyer, the Judge, and not even close family members.  You may think you'r signing for a delivery package but you could be signing a 'Quit Claim Deed' to every piece of proprety you own.  When some people are forced off of their property by such illegal tactics they can't fight back because they can't get a lawyer and maybe that person thinks they will just go far away and start over again.  That won't work either.  TI's who can get a job can only keep it a couple of weeks and then they are bullied out of it and usually don't get paid for the work they have already done.  We are not fighting bad luck here.  We are fighting bad lucifer, that is we are fighting against the evil forces of a one world government and that evil force has every resource except God on their side.  It may be to late for me but the rest of you can heed my advice and save yourself by saving your property and your job by fighting smart.

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Good advice.


Signing away your property....with a delivery driver con artist protected by THE POLICE STATE, would not surprise me.


THE QUARTZITE, ARIZONA PD used their INFRAGUARD-Neighborhood Watch Group to...locate my known associates (none of whom I knew rather well) so they could "rationalize the theft after murder" of a Korean immigrant and US CITIZEN who had the bad luck of owning a lucrative laundramat small business.


I had to break open the case for FBI-DOJ clown pretendors...............who of course..........did nothing about nothing......since INFRAGUARD-NEIGHBOR HOOD WATCH GROUPS are all FBI CREATIONS.




This resulted in some court room action in Fed Dist Court.....when 10 honest QPD cops challenged the chief.  Keith Olbermann ran a story on this when a lady was not allowed to speak at a city council meeting.


I do find myself..............in the thick of things....don't I?



This morning I was thinking about the last time I voted.  I was being TI-ed at the time.  As I innocently put my ballot into the box I had the vote marked side turned up and noticed the female vote judge looking at it and then at me with a hateful Nazi expression on her face.  This morning it occured to me that people who don't vote obama are being run away from the poles.  I wonder how many 'Ron Paul' supporters are afraid to leave their homes empty long enough to go vote.  How many voters will stay home just to protect their property and their physical well being?  Is it possible the democrats or republicans could win the election just because so many hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people are afraid to go vote.  Take a look at the current situation of the Arizona Sheriffs.  They are afraid to go to work and do their jobs.

What is the Arizona Sheriff's story...anyway?  Are they opposing Fed domination of their historical prerogatives?


Wacky ass world.  Fascism is bad news.  And, none can or will explain "just how does all the coke, heroin, and marijuana make it into 200 American cities???"?


Merry f------- Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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