fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The first attempt disapeared: Perps move Observation post into position

For several minutes they blocked me from posting this on FB then it was released and I could post it. Over the weekend the perps put in a trailer house at the neighbors a few dozen yards down the road from me. Their view was blocked by small trees and bushes on my property. In the past 24 hours they came on my property across the road from them and removed small trees and bushes that were blocking their view of my front porch swing and office window. The trees and bushes removed were at least 60 yards from their trailer and well inside my property line. As it currently sits their picture windows (2) in the living room area and the dinning area as well as the smaller window in the front bedroom area have a strait shot view of my front porch swing (where I often sit for a few hours on good weather days), a large area of the front porch and the office window area of my house. This trailer is pulled by a large white four door pickup that is usually not present. The trailer also is used to block my view of the front of their house, their garage (where in the past I have seen a homewelded bullet shield made of quarter inch steel with a gun slot cut into it installed on the back of a flatbed truck parked there) and most of the large parking area in front of their house. The fact that they removed trees and bushes from my property is a strong indication of their sinister purpose.

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Thanks Gil for this report of thugs who commit offenses against you; such criminals have ruined this country with the consent and at the direction of the fbi assassins. USA now pays for their government sponsored crimes as the world discovers the deadly implications of USA's totalitarianism. Stay strong and I am with you in mind and in spirit.


Gil...try to get photos proving they were on your property to cut trees.  This is a low level "criminal mischief" crime....and arrogant as hell.

Sometimes...when I exposed the dipshits on my blog....The FBI (monitoring this affair from a safe location) would remind his charges that "...they had to at least follow some pretense of decorum".

The dumbest part of this whole thing for you Gil is..............you are not a terrorist or criminal.  So........WTF? are these idiots doing and why?

This whole secret phenomenon of stalking and intrusion.....shows cause......that those volunteering for this chickenshit duty, must serious problems with "living their lives" . 

The dorks I ran into who volunteer for this......are total dumbf---k losers.  Usually stupid, incurious...conventional...dedicated to being part of a group....and hopelessly dedicated to "their own delusional fantasy" concerning their own self serving sense of honor and righteousness as they commit felonies?

For whatever reason.....someone whipped this stupidity up for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion: The first thing we need to do is get past the idea that we are fighting a bunch of idiots.  Look what Hitler was able to do with his bunch of idiots.  We are fighting a massive gov army that has everything except us and God on their side.  The one world government has decided to eliminate us and take our property as well as our siblings and children.  They use our most trusted loved ones against us if they can, and usually they can.  They can use the entire us military and even specific units from the russian (and other) armies against us.  They can access and use the fbi, cia, dhs, ftfc, and all other federal agencies from our own country and several other countries against us.  You can trust the fbi and others as far as a common jew could trust hitler.  In the past I haven't taken many photos because I was concentrated on the ufo phenomena but in the future I plan to take more as they present the opportunity but I am not going out of my way or loosing sleep to take photos of criminal activity that no court is going to give any attention.  Neither am I going to be signing any petitions that some naive target is going to write and collect signatures for and then submit to the very people who have designated that person as a target.  The criminals are at the very highest level of gov and they love to hear us cry and moan about the treatment to which we are  being subjected.  The local sheriff dept. people are laughing themselves silly waiting for me to call them and complain about any crimes that anyone commits against me.  They can keep laughing until hell freezes over and I will keep dealing with the criminals in my own way.  When the day of judgement arrives that will be my last day on this planet so I am not worried about what judgement they receive if any. 

--Idiots:  well...they are brilliant at harassing fairly decent people, so...geniuses at stalking.  Stupid at living their life, and making very bad karmic choices.  Good at covering all the bases as far as sabotaging people's lifes.  The target only deals with low level dipshits.  At the top...are pure psychopaths who...probably were sexually abused to make them tougher and more cold.  A Nazi conditioning program.  They are proficient at reaching their goals to neutralize targets.

--Loved ones:  yup...they do that to my ailing parents, playing them as stooges to my chagrin.  They can damage reputations, and slander and smear outside my hearing and sight.....so...I do try to avoid bringing this to my family....and....I have no friends left, they've all been contacted and out of respect, I avoid them.  ISOLATION FROM CHOSEN SOCIAL NETWORK is a way of tweaking the target, who obviously has been selected to create the school shooters or "going postal" events that this police state enjoys. Make no mistake, the prosecutors are totally on board and often times are mislead by FBI, who do nothing except create fear.

--"UFO Phenomenon"....what exactly and where...is this?  I'm into UFO's...met too many abductees to not believe in aliens.  I do seem to run into abductees, wherever I go.  Two in Moab, Utah?  I do agree and thought your thought about "recording evidence" for what or who to review?

--"Judgement Day":  could be right around the corner....these vigilantees...have lots of bad karma and suffering to experience...and, they never did understand "how their sins, destroy themselves" making it impossible to Ascend, or reach a higher vibration as a requisite for spiraling upward.  There is some thought to the Galactic Community intervening in Earth's affairs....soon.  Two fronts for advanced alien tech from "good entities" exists at The Keshe Foundation...and Gordon Duff's Adamus Group.  Those two exist in my mind to solidify my hope that a galactic intervention will occur to prevent an American Holocaust.

Some form of Judgement has been promised.  A device that forces stalkers to feel....all the fear and antagonism they created in the target's life?

I can only hope.


Thomas, have you looked at my website?  It is http://cosmostarman.tripod.com/   There are 18 pages of closeup ufo photos that I took in Jefferson City, Missouri between the fall of 1999 and the summer of 2005.  Also included are some details on the experiences and the harassment I received after I first published some of the photos in 2002.  I also got a lot of harassment on the internet from so called squirt experts.  I also have an infrared video taken in the summer of 2005.  It is not the best video I have ever seen but it definately shows a lot of ufo activity around the area.  It is on the You Tube page for Cosmostarman. 

I don't put any stock in the age of aquarius or the intervention of any extra terrestrial or demensional creatures to save us from the enemy.  I believe the enemy is extra demensional and demonic and the situation will change when Jesus returns.  Until then the only spiritual advancement I am going to receive is when I am able to shed this body and live in my spirit body only.  I was in a bad accident in July of 1975 and had just a few seconds experience when I was out of this flesh body and only in the spirit body and it was a great feeling of completeness and I really felt good.  I could see what was going on around me and I could see some extra things in the area but no angels or light tunnels and when I had a thought the lips on my seperated flesh body tried to say what I had just thought and in a flash I was back in the flesh body.  If I had been given a choice I would not have gone back into it. 

I know that being home is bound to be tough but parents will always love and care for their children.  I think my age just makes me an easier target for these wolves.  They love to attack the elderly and weak as we are less able to fight on a physical basis.  That is the way it is in the wild as the young wolves are taught to chase down the old and the weak because they are the easiest prey. 

I wish you the best and for all of us I hope this part of hell will soon be over.


Yeah......don't know WTF is going on, or will happen.

Hope to Ascend soon. There is nothing here for me.....and going to another country, is also frought with potential problems (Rendition, Torture in off paper Third world prison).

I am amazed at how worthless the candy ass punks known as FED, STATE, AND LOCAL PROSECUTORS ARE, were, will be???

Stunning level of criminal apathy.......or disinterest?

To this day....my contempt for the spec prosecutor and his FBI agent wife.....knows no bounds of civility: "No Witness Protection after 24 years and this many deaths and maimings?"

They wouldn't even identify themselves????

To do this to an old guy.....who has probably been slandered to whip up the intrusion....is just criminal and outrageous.

Do you blame me for hating pigs?????

I'll check out the website.

I did a post on a STEW WEBB, interview for Project Camelot.

He said the same thing: dark entities...and satanic worship...occult...and he even got visited by a Basophet that broke the doors down.

He somehow....stumbled into this all.....and gets stalked, run off road...guns pointed at him....stuff like that. Apparently, INTERPOL helped him once...and "shot down a black helicopter" (Blackwater?) with a missile...in Nebraska.

I'd put the link up.....but somehow....they are disabled or something?


Hint: "copy and paste that into google" to get Stew Webb's interview...and at the

1:15:51 mark Stew talks about French Mirage jet shooting down a helicopter inside US in Nebraska..........and at 1:36:00...Stew gets visit from a very dark entity.

I was real edgey about any RV parking next to me.


They have portable DEW weapons...and I got fried with one while sleeping in my truck at a grocery store parking lot.


You'll know what direction the microwave radiation comes from.  For me lately, it's coming from above the house.  I'll have to get up on the roof....because...I remember getting fried from several locations when I had an apartment in SxFalls.  Sometimes from a adjoining wall that could have only come from the neighbor next door......or from the roof or floor.  I thought they had placed the devices to focus on the bed, and the chair in front of the TV or Computer.


I think the device is mobile....that would be easier for them, as the target seeks to find a safe place and usually moves his furniture around.


Why FBI AND DOJ consider this a fact pattern to ignore..........is all the proof necessary to make sure BOB MUELLER has a very bad day sometime in the future.  Focus should be on both Mueller and Holder.......since they sanction it all with absolutely no curiosity about motive to torture?

Years ago I was putting in a new mail box on the county road and got the microwave burn to the point that I had to stop and get in front of a fan.  I figure that was coming from the perps house where the trailer was parked years later.  Otherwise I have had muscle spasm attacks while sleeping and some of those were quite painful.  They could have come from one of the neighbor houses, but I also figure they are able to use satelite equipment to do that to targets.  After all if they are planing to use these weapons to fight a war then satelite technology is the way to go.  I am sure they have many of these weapons that are vehicle mounted but I have not seen any of those close to the house.  One perp did have a moving van parked in his yard for a few days and that could have contained a weapon.  I have also noted the neighbor perps would on occasion move some heavy equipment into or out of their houses.  All of us are going to have to realize that we will receive zero help from the fed gov.  Their personnel and equipment belongs to the enemy. 

In their twisted bogus reactionary minds....they see your UFO PHOTOS at a government installation as "definitive proof" that you were casing a government structure...with no thought that photography is not always nefarious.  And...no thought to "just how much of an intrusion" can legally last into perpetuity?  Again, "How can you be guilty of suspicion into perpetuity" when, the length of time without arrest or prosecution proves that the suspicion was not corroborated...right?  No interview on the photos?  You'll see, this counter terror crap, is all about finding a rationalization to not only make millions on contracts, but to also "rationalize group criminality" as part of scapegoating.  These idiots.......are looking for a crime victim to harass, which they enjoy doing outside the scope of a legitimate law enforcement prerogative. So....another beef with FBI HQ is their failure to answer the question:

------"....just how many people going postal were under stalker--surveillance?"...and is that a hidden corroborated theory explaining School Shooters going postal (3 times in 7 days twice in two different week periods)?

I noticed how the surveillance is RECKLESSLY INTOXICATED AND FILLED UP WITH POWER as they maximize the saddistic intrusion as part of what can only be called stalking.  But, in their twisted groupthink minds, "...it's not a crime, if the target is guilty....it's rational extrajudicial punishment, because we cannot have people getting way with crimes without punishment, like we (the stalkers) do every day...".   These groups are accusing the target, then punishing the target....as they PROJECT AND DISPLACE what they know, they are guilty of, "criminality without punishment".  And, when the groups get away with crimes, it builds a bizarre false belief in their own "special superiority" as special weapons deployed secretly to prevent criminality (...these clowns are living out their own James Bond fantasies while waging a treacherous war against a dangerous enemy...)?

That is the absurdity of the selfish, stupid, power trippers.  These clowns...actually think they are righteous in their stalking....almost approaching heroic patriotic valor based on their own subjective and distorted view of reality. 

But even more disturbing is the fact that SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING was used on me....to create the suspicion....and thus, "the vigilante sport seems even more expedient".  WHEN FBI WOULD NOT DELIVER FINDINGS CONCERNING MY ALLEGATION THAT ENTRAPMENT USING MIND CONTROL was part of Operation Slammer (my case)...Mueller would not open a dialogue long enough to even refuse or deny or confirm anything?  So how can FBI or HLS or CIA or vigilantes...ever be sure of any suspicion?  (Now you know why The War Commissions Act included a section legalizing "entrapment"...again, the key term of art, was not sufficiently defined to maximize the potential 'good faith assertion' to avoid prosecution for running OPERATION SLAMMER).

Again, we now appreciate Section 215 of Pat Act.  It has no time limitation on seizing anything: TORTURE AND RECORD the target, seizing proof the target is unstable and terroristic, after creating the problem?  HOLDER'S SECRET MEMO ON INTERPRETING SEC 215, amounts to explaining his statement in front of Leahy (Sen Jud Comm) that "...warrantless wiretapping is unwise...".  You see....even during the wiretapping scandal...no one at FBI OR DOJ OR NSA said, "..we can do this under section 215 without warrants...".  No one said, we don't need warrants, even though...that's the secret policy being applied.  [There's also some interaction with The FISA CT interpreting The Patriot Act?  I really don't know anything about this.  Does anybody know if "The FISA CT signs off on use of the Pat. Act Section 215" or is this court used to chip targets only, because Section 215 doesn't require a warrant?]

I remember long ago...when this "see through wall" penetrating tech (DEW) was first spun as a way of conducting a search of a target's home...then the spin was "less than lethal" crowd control...but, never once DID ANY TRANSFERENCE AUTHORITY FIGURE ever admit or seek confirmation in public that the torture debate (before and after the War Commissions Act passed in Oct 2006 that legalized ENHANCED INTERROGATION) ALSO INCLUDED DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS.

The media and pundits and terror experts admitted "sleep deprivation" was allowable....and somehow righteous...but, come on....assault with DEW to tamper with Deep REM sleep when no interrogation occurred, sounds alot like a crime.  And....when this is done only to provoke the target, I cannot imagine how anybody IS NOT GONNA ARM HIMSELF AND DEFEND HIMSELF.  What would you expect is gonna happen?

I saw PANETTA and PELOSI debate whether or not the CIA CORRECTLY BRIEFED CONGRESS on all the torture techniques....and it amounted to nothing because it was all too obtuse and undefined with no confirmation that CONGRESS KNEW WHAT THEY WERE SIGNING OFF ON?  Even more obvious and questionable is how the WCA, does not specifically require TORTURE to be related to an interrogation?

I've never heard the CONGRESS, MEDIA, OR OFFICIAL MILITARY TRASH (McCrystal, Brennan, the assassinations czar) ever once use the word "directed energy weapon" as a torture technique...or explain Rich Gordon's brain tumor, Leroy Rogers' brain stroke, SD US Sen Tim Johnson's brain stroke...and the bizarre hospitalization of Jon Van Patten.   (Those are facts that HOLDER AND MUELLER pretend they don't know about....because they would not ask for the second complaint and neither would ask for it...and HOLDER'S Spec Pros and FBI wife, also..."wouldn't ask for the complaint"?).   What kind of idiot...is afraid to ask for a witness statement made under penalty of prosecution?

The latest limited hangout news release on torture came from Barky the spook puppet recently, who admitted that perhaps "some of the torture had been abusive"?  That's it. After that limited hangout, I was again DEWED in my father's home...while asleep.  No interrogation occurred. No focus on my known associates ending up with brain tumor, brain strokes, and sleep deprivation. 

Please tell me why both HOLDER AND MUELLER, know of the second complaint.........but have never asked for it with an email or phone call or interview????    How does Holder explain making policy without knowing all the facts from all parties?  (With Holder supervising the bogus Durham investigations that amounted to nothing, we saw how merely claiming interrogation tapes were destroyed, was enough to satisfy Holder that interrogations took place and therefore were rational?...and therefore, TORTURE IS OKAY since unproven interrogation tapes were destroyed?)

When MINNEAPOLIS FBI had knowledge that their coerced, harassed, COINTELPROED source of info named DR MARK GORDON, was obviously being tortured and assaulted in his apartment.....there was no evidence from FBI HQ or DOJ HQ, that any fed jackass "bothered to be concerned with Dr. Gordon's health" ....even when he was a cooperating witness for The FBI?  Did the FBI contact The Minnesota US Attorney with this crime info?  I don't think so.

We did see US Atty Minnesota, Thomas Hefflefinger resign.....but never was that story fully explained.  State Secrets are used....to chill out the truth under penalty of prosecution, and the unspoken penalty known as COINTELPRO, BLACK OPS, MURDER.  The abuse of state secrets amounts to overt acts as part of conspiracies to obstruct justice....and...when Holder refuses to investigate or interview me.....that says alot about his complicity.

I fully believe HOLDER is complicit in War Crimes committed against me.....since....there was and is no terroristic threat that "was not created" using subliminal programming to manufacture "good faith" excuses for doing what THE CIA wanted to do: ASSAULT, TORTURE, PROVOKE, STALK, AND TICKLE THE WIRE after torture (that they refuse to admit).  It's called OPERATION SLAMMER.  And, "...can Holder show cause, that my first complaint was investigated?...if not, he does not know what he does not know...the spooks create the problem, and hide their criminality leaving the target to explain without any due process opportunity...". 


With Congress signing off on these laws......is there any crime committed by the surveillance that cannot be rationalized under a "good faith doctrine" that has been alluded to by the "terror spin control experts"?

The conspiracy to deprive civil liberties is so well entrenched.....I'm not sure it is possible to fight against this tyranny in any forum...other than here?

A guy can go nuts.....spinning his wheels.....trying to understand and articulate reality that never glues back together as well as before....when it was not shattered.

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