fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

by Gil McDonald on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 6:08pm

It was in the Fall of the year 2011.  This was the first day of firearms deer hunting season for central Missouri.  I live at the end of a county road in Boone County, Missouri and I was walking out to the mail box on the county road.  There is one house about fifty yards past my house at the end of a private road.  As I go to the mail box I would usually walk up a slight hill that is my front yard, then turn left on the private road to the country road and then left a dozen or so steps to the mail box.  It was about 11:am as I walked up the front yard slope to the private road and I was sure that the postman had driven by and there was some mail in the box.  As I made the left turn on the private road I was thinking how fresh and cool the morning air smelled as the leaves were beginning to brown in preperation for winter.  I heard a shot from a rifle that was very close behind me.  The rifle was a large caliber of either a 308 or 30-06 caliber.  I could tell that the shot came from an area of woods that was less than thirty yards behind me.  The owner of that property was John Foley who lived in the house with his wife.  The blast was very loud and the shot was directed slightly to the left and slightly above my position.  It took a few instants to figure this out and during that time I had not faltered in my walk nor did I physically jerk or respond in any way to the loud noise.  I was grateful that my knees had not buckled or given any physical sigh that I had even heard the loud blast.  I did not turn around to look for the shooter or shout out to that not so funny fellow that was surely now hidding behind some large tree waiting for me to make a move in his direction.  As quickly as I had figured out what caused the noise I had figured out that I was not hit by the bullet and knew that the person responsible was the same federal agent john king who was in charge of the federal threat fusion center for my area and so delighted himself with any discomfort he could cause to a targeted individual.  I continued on at the same pace to the mail box where I removed a couple of peices of mail and then took a slightly different path back to my front porch.  Most will automatically conclude that the shot was meant to frighten the targeted individual into moving away from the property; however, it is designed to trick the target into making a response so the shooter can apply a killing shot and then claim self defense.  We are not dealing with honest cops or honest citizens in these cases.  They want to set up a situation where they can claim natural death, suicide, accidental death or at the very least self defense.

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John King? What kind of badge does this guy have? I think a lot of gang stalking comes from Homeland Insecurity?

Anyway you cut it.....Either Holder or Mueller are responsible for what goes on. I've had the dipshits follow me around with guns....and in the forest, they have shot their guns around my campsite? Unbelievable stupidity by the jokers. I told them...."...they are gonna get hurt eventually..."...and they took that warning as a challenge and it only made the game more exciting for the stalkers?

You realize that the people going postal and getting arrested are TIs....and it's the FBI and doj that know that there is a link between this program and the ubiquitous "radicalized homegrown domestic terrorists" (going postal).

A total breakdown in law and order....by the most well funded and technologically sophisticated police apparatus. I'm still stunned about how worthless The FBI HQ is and was. There is literally no greater enemy to this country then the God Damned FEDSCUM.
Lately...the stalking is going after my Mom's disabled brother, Jim who was assaulted and mugged...then...breakins using the keys they strong armed from him. Mere family association is all it takes for someone to get GANG STALKED....targeting a disabled adult?

That's a serious felony crime...committed by the pigs.......all protected by big bad BOB MUELLER and his little candy ass punk field agents....who...to this day...have never arrested any HLS contractors or watch group members???!!!!!!!!!!

FBI monitors these cases and makes sure no investigation occurs. HOW come FBI has never once talked to me about justice....ever?....ever?
IF I EVER GET A CHANCE to run oVer a fed with my car.......it will not be too soon. I'm stunned at the arrogance and cowardly conformity displayed by the SD PIGS. A PIG IS A PIG.

I live at the end of a county road.  There is a turn around loop about fifty yards from the house.  There is one house past mine by private drive.  Any time I am close to the county road and hear a car coming this way I make it a point to position myself off the road near a tree where the vehicle can not hit me if it runs off the road.  Using Hit & Run is a favorite tactic that the perps like to use to eliminate a TI.  Sorry to hear about your relative.  That is just how the system works.  I always say the the motto for Homeland Security is: "Find those who will do the least harm and then stomp the crap out of them."

Good idea keeping tree in front of you and the car. There would be no response from cops or prosecutors...no matter what the facts are. If you defend yourself...you will be detained... And if the prosecutor finds out all the facts...they'll offer time served...and you can do 2.5years waiting in jail for the fuckhead prosecutor to figure what all the facts are. OF course HOLDER doesn't believe any laws apply to vigilantes.

One of the burning legal issues that deserves a Fed Judge's attention is....the use of Section 215 and it's open ended interpretation.


Party in Interest status is all about initial access to the courts.  Fed Judges do not want to stick their neck out on any issue not popular with law enforcement.  Fed Judges will do whatever they can to prevent access to the courts, so they do not have to rule, listen, work, or subjectively stick their neck's out.

Since "everything the police state does" is a secret......."party in interest" status is literally impossible to achieve expecially when it comes down to "finding who, what, when, how, why" evidence.

Who do you subpoena?

What compels any police state actor to honestly answer any question made under oath?

It's our word versus your word, and good luck identifying us for a subpoena?

I've never ever...recieved any notice about any breakin to my home, office, or car...ever?

One obvious abuse of The Patriot Act is what I call "the hand off method" and "tickling the wire" and "stiffing the call".  It's the police state surveillance fronting as citizens, who call the cops on the target, yet....somehow...if charges are filed...the prosecutors do not turn over the entire surveillance file kept by civilians?  Also, the police report for a DUI, does not mention the person calling in the suspicion...so...you, the defendant, have to get a copy of the call and trace the number yourself.  Often times, the cops will say, we could not trace that number?


  The FBI used to call the secret surveillance file,  "the Q File".....and, FBI AND DOJ has never once "turned over all the evidence from all the secret surveillance files"...ever?


When US Attorneys in Arizona were prosecuting the Bullhead City and other Arizona Hells Angels in 2008....they found out that The BATF agent, SLATTALA, would not turn over a file....so...The US Attorneys pled the angels to "time served" (18 months, and...DOJ did not put on a case...they incarcerated for a year and half, and did not put on any evidence of anything?).


Another legal issue involves the use of drones to track cars...and whether HLS or local pigs, need a warrant for the GPS device, if drones are used.  With drones....do you need a warrant to track a vehicle?


Again, if you try to litigate these issues....lots of problems exist...including the legalization of secret torture methods in which "no notice of torture" is ever given to the target...ever?  So...HLS or CIA or FBI or local pigs.....do not need to worry about civil suits or motion filings because, THE POLICE STATE CAN AND WILL TORTURE WITH DEW OR CHIPPING IN SKULL, to "make litigation impossible" especialy when IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTACT OR TALK TO A LAWYER.


MY SURVEILLANCE by BOB MUELLER'S FBI RUNNING THE JFLTTF in SIOUX FALLS, SD, always "chilled all associations" or attempted associations...including "attempts at interviewing with lawyers".  NO LAWYERS, NO RIGHTS.


Any attempt at litigating that issue (RIGHT TO COUNSEL, RIGHT TO ASSOCIATION FREE OF CHILLIN EFFECT)......is done without sleep, legitimate reliance on safety ("do you know if you will be targeted for murder?") and amounts to "my word versus the bogus words of a secret surveillance" who have immunity from perjury.


Thus....no secret why PATRIOT ACT, WAR COMMISSIONS ACT, FISA, MILITARY DETENTION LAWS, have not been challenged.  To challenge those laws, will likely result in TORTURE, FRAMEUPS, GOONS, ENTAPMENT, MURDER, SICKNESS, etc.


Both MUELLER AND HOLDER, and THE SD US FAG ATTORNEY (Johnson punk) have knowledge of the second complaint........and literally.....will not ask for it, or discuss it, or even consider other versions of reality?????????????????????????????????????/

Thomas S. Bean said:
John King? What kind of badge does this guy have? I think a lot of gang stalking comes from Homeland Insecurity?

Captain John King and his twin brother are currently DHS. A question that no one has raised since the creation of DHS is where did all these people come from. They create the agency and suddenly there are thousands of people ready to go to work suppressing american people and working with other countries to do the same. Obviously, as much as ninety percent of DHS came directly from CIA. John and his brother are a prime example as their mother and here twin brother were cia during the hiring spree on twins and the female volunteered for the Hy-brid breeding experiments of which John and his twin were prime examples. There were raised cia and as adults were dumped into the DHS as soon as the opportunity arrived. Although both of them appear to be a little odd they are considered by most to be human but neither of these two would qualify for the human classification under scientific scrutnity as their biological father was not human but said to be one of the so called space aliens (demons) that came into gov. controll back in the late 40s or early 50s. They are interesting creatures who are taller than most humans and very intelligent with good abilites in mind reading and between them they seem to be able to communicate mentally. There are probably tens of thousands of such creatures currently working for and controlling world governments. I know this is unblievable for most people and apparently so is most of all gov. activites these days.
Gil that is a wildasses story...and I don't doubt the potential weirdness of it all. DHS is a repository for any wacko with law enforcement or military in their backgrounds. I recently got frequent fearful messages from a lady from Utah...and she needs to talk to someone badly. she's rather attractive and is freaked out.

FROM Facebook: Leigh Smith-carter

"I need you to call me please my number is 7026883488. im under suveillnce 24/7 . i also thought i was going crazy. i am educated and am a nurse and counselor at night i have lights acting as stars following me along with heat and lights that elluminate. its been this way for 6 mo. i am ready to start shooting the m.f its as if they want me crazy and have everyone else believe i am to. i have never had a mental illness and when i read your blog i could identify with everything you said. my car is bugged along with my cell phone. i have young kids on motor cycles and kids driving loud vehicles following me. my dash in my car makes a crazy noise and if i even open my car door within 2 min i have planes flying above. i could go on and on please call me again my number is 7026883488 thank you"

I don't know what to do here? Guess I'll call wondering if this is some kind of set up...huh?

A big problem that we are going to have in understanding and dealing with our situation is the fact that we are not dealing with modern scientific technology or space aliens, etc.  We are dealing with demons and technology that comes from their spiritual realm.  These things are not ghost with paranormal technology.  These things are demons with demonic technology.  I'm not trying to scare people.  I'm not preaching or trying to save souls.  People want to argue about whether or not Jesus was real or if God or gods exist.  I'm not preaching or teaching or anything else but just simply stating a fact.  These things are demonic.  The minds of man have been given over to the devil's demons and those of us who are being attacked are having to fight these demons and their technology and we are not playing on our home turf.  Those who are being abducted are not being abducted by space aliens they are being abducted by demons, the servants of satan and if we want to survive we are going to have to realize who and what we are going to go to war against.  The human mind has great difficulty thinking that such things exist and the brain denies even the possibility of such a thing.  Maybe it is spooky and even more monsterous than anything we have even known but if we are going to fight it we are going to have to recognize it for what it is.  We are not fighting those zombies who used to be humans but now are under the control of a big, bad demon called satan.  We are fighting the demons who serve satan and control the zombies.  Sure, they can make little lite flashes in a dark closet.  So what?  For almost everything they do they use their human servants.  So we may fight with the humans but they are not our enemy.  I hope you will be careful what you say on the phone.  This good looking woman might be a zombie and your worst enemy.  I hope you won't let her make you angry or confused.  If they can do that they will use it to incarcerate you.  I have had people call me in the past and pretend they were a friend of mine and if I got the least bit preblexed because of their inunendos that I was guilty of something, they would just start giggling like they were really having a lot of fun.  The demon inside of them probably was having a lot of fun.  I still answer the phone sometime and usually its some perp wanting to pretend they are going to take a survey or secure a donation for some organization.  I politely tell them I don't do that on the phone and say "Goodby".  Ninety percent of my unanswered phone calls do not show a caller ID or phone # nor do they leave a msg.  Ninety percent of my answered phone calls are perps and/or junk.  Except for my use of the phone for the net and shopping it is just about useless.  I know that I'm talking to the Choir here.  These are things you already know.  I hope this lady will turn out to be a friend.  There are a lot of us in this part of the world.  It would be great if we could all get together and accomplish some good.  Most people feel they are accomplishing something by sending petitions to the very people who are responsible for all the damage being done.  I personally think petitions are a total waste of time.  I don't have any better ideas but I don't need the discouragement of wasting what time and resources I do have on petitions. 

You always made sense to me,Gil.

On my blogspot blog...I put up a video of STEW WEBB who claimed to have a demonic encounter who knocked the doors off his house in Texas? I believe he had an encounter with something....also....Coast to Coast AM had a guy studying bizarre abductions on public lands that are inexplicable and all too common going back to the old West times. We also have the Nazis tied to occult practices...and we can tie Prescott Bush to funding the Nazis...and Allan Dulles is tied to protecting Nazis and bringing them home or aiding in the indifference to capture.

One of the snitches that Austin Texas FBI agent JOHN "pissing in the streets" MASPERO used against me was a guy named Steven Goldfein. Steve was a guy who might have been possessed by a demonic spirit. I did come into contact with two jokers in Green River, Wyoming......they were carrying a baby with them on a provocation mission....I always wondered what happened to that child during the next satanic holiday date?

ON PHONES: Very dangerous to communicate (recently a US Marine got committed for a 30day hold because of his political beliefs that promoted the arrest of a corrupt government). Recently Facebook sent a snotty message telling me you cannot send friend requests to people you don't know?....and this bizarre message asked me to remove friends who I didn't know? This was done shortly after I sent a message to a post at this site suggesting you can spoof the bogus voyeurism by creating a huge Facebook network of strangers so the jerk offs can entertain themselves into thinking they were smart enough to monitor legitimate communications. Amazing how stupid and obvious these punks are? They hope to think they have the element of surprise? Soon there will be a law against spoofing jerkoffs?

GETTING TOGETHER: If I had the money I'd set up safe houses...everyone gets polygraphed before they get a key....snitches would have to be vetted out,despite the fact there was no conspiracy to investigate. they came after me for 24years.....so tell me,what do these prosecutors think they are doing? If the had a case....let's see the evidence after 24years???????!!!!!!!! that's a question for the SD US Attorney to answer under oath(can you subpoena a US Attorney?).

We would all be smart to travel together and keep moving together...that would not work for those tied to jobs...recently a lady named Gabreilla told me in a Facebook message that she got stalked in Canada after leaving Hungary? International Gang Fascistic Stalking?....no doubt predicated on the bogus lie that the target is a terrorist? They went after Geral across International borders (FBI or CIA). Incidentally, my first introduction to all this was through Geral's first site and "Stop Covert War".... Eventually I talked to Geral's on the phone and heard it from the horse's mouth about the chip.......then I got chipped and DEWed...then and only then did I appreciate what Geral's had said or published.

The worse part is how you cannot trust anybody...ever.

I can trust you Gil...probably.
I can trust Geral always...because I know they could not or would ever flip him.

For me...I sadly had to tell my Tired father tonight...that it is best that I leave him and Mom alone for now...I'm bringing the heat to them and they do not need to be dealing with this crap.
I wish targets had the right to stand their ground like Zimmerman thought he had.

I have read about Stew Webb. Talking about babies. These perps use babies all the time. I had one of them (a young adult black female) come by the house and she had three black babies with her and two of them were barely walking, the third she was carrying. Their pretext was that they lived back down the road and were out walking & wanted to pick some berries off of my mulberry tree. I told her I don't have a mulberry tree. She insisted there was one by the road on my property. Ha ha, if this wasn't so stupid it would be funny. A couple of weeks later they were walking by again but they didn't come up to the house so I was yelling at them from the front porch, "There are no mulberry trees on my property. There are no mulberry trees on my property." They wern't paying attention so I yelled louder. If the neighbors wern't already perps they sure would have been willing to testify that I was acting like I was crazy standing there yelling there were no mulberry trees on my property.
When John King and one of his associates came to the house a couple of years ago they were pretending to be a preacher and deacon from a small church that is a couple of miles from here, they brought a little boy with them that appeared to be about five years old. They later used the boy as an excuse to leave saying that he was getting sleepy. I used to know the preacher from that little church but hadn't seen him in more than ten years. A few weeks later I passed by and saw the preacher outside so stopped to tell him that John King was using his identity. The preacher said 'NO' that was him and his deacon (but I know it wasn't so I guess this preacher is on the clergy response team and probably a mason although I ask him about being a mason and he denied it) but I did find out that the little boy with them was the preacher's adopted son who was playing in the parking lot the day I talked with the preacher. So apparently the people that work with dhs & ftfc on this are willing to loan out their babies to take part in what I would call dangerous missions.
I do wish people could get together but I think a safe house would shortly be inflitrated and going wrong. The feds have been members of organized crime mob groups for more that 50 years and one thing I have to admit is that they make good criminals. Anytime I start thinking of group living I drift to = commune = cult = jim jones poison from within or david koresh gov military attack from outside of ... The attack on koresh was conducted strictly to see if the public would react and they didn't. Everybody just believed what they were told and didn't care period. So they were able to use that info to further develope the mk ti program. They use the same false accusations aginst us that they used on jones and koresh and others and nobody cares. "The worse part is how you cannot trust anybody...ever." I still believe those words are true and in the best interst of all concerned. Your life and that of your parents will not change much no matter where you are. The gov wants your parent's land so they will not leave them alone. They want this little piece of land that I have and if I leave it for more than a few hours they will truck away everything I have here and put in their own furniture and people and claim that I gave it to them or that they bought it or ??? whatever else they draw up some fake document for. I hope that none of you are really expecting any improvement in the situation because I hope you will not be caught by surprise and lose more ... If you do go I hope you will check back with them on a regular basis. There are some massive problems worldwide right now. It is going to explode soon and I really don't see how this can go on for more than a couple of years and I really think it must end in less than a year. Best wishes Thomas. I hope you will post occasionally.

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