fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally


                 **Stop violent police/fbi action with non-violence


As we all know no one is permitted to advocate violent methods to stop violent police oppression; failure to honor this concept results in death, torture  or imprisonment of the transgressor.


Now, on a related subject,  when a thug or assassin enters your home to rob, rape, torture or kill you or a member of your family, you may  say, ”please don’t  hurt  my family, take whatever you want, just please do not harm anyone”. These hopeless pleas are similarly made to cops/fbi,etc.


When the  fbi/police come banging into your home with their corrupt court papers, the men in blue who now parade about with the words ‘ICE’ on their uniforms  are ready to kill everyone in the house, to seize the children, to imprison the Target(s) or anyone who interferes, and to carry out the mandate of the prosecutors who live for the purpose of killing/imprisoning our people. 


See Also cjis:

 Indeed, the serial killers of the so-called law enforcement community often show up as  *SWAT team members with masks covering their faces because they do not want to be  exposed as the hideous and homicidal animals that they are.


Sometimes the fbi/police thugs enter your home when you are not there, so that they can terrorize you, poison you, or otherwise suggest that you seek another and final exit from their persecution.


Nevermind that the police and the fbi make false statements under oath, enter false data on their records for entrapment 



or for blackmail purposes, refuse to honestly record complaints from victims, and engage in vendettas (phony  sting operations)at the direction of their superior officers at the federal level.


 No one cares about such brutal conduct, except you the terrorized.




***In summary all of the ills that the police and fbi pretend to address are compounded ten fold in today’s society  because  the police and the fbi need more crime and more violence to justify their own sick jobs and the funding for same.



Thus, the reader is urged to allow the fbi/police to engage in their armed assaults, battery, burglary,torture, kidnapping, false imprisonment, murder at their will and with no resistance from the individual subject to fbi/police illegal action;

See corruption of the courts:


further  that the subjects of the police/fbi,etc., warrants or illegal raids  give up peacefully and submit to the assassins who will turn the subjects  over to the corrupt courts where even the known innocent ones will be executed with the approval of the governor.

See innocent man executed by governor because the governor says the accused is a "bad man":



****Each of us must now accept the atrocities committed against us by the fbi/cia/police,etc., because we have a mandate under threat of death to do so.




*   "To Chiefs Of Police and all law enforcement personnel in the USA:
Reign in your serial killer police, or I will do it for you."
Read more: http://newsbusters.org/forums/topic-discussion/fbi-cia-police-serial-killers-scoundrels-guarding-our-liberties-23824%20#ixzz1CY4SYhMD

               The above link is disabled by the fools at so-called 'newsbusters'.










"And the police always do what they’re told, which
makes them our deadly enemies."



"A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." 

- John Stuart Mill                                                                          


How to resist armed thugs of government(i.e.,fbi/cia/police) from violently attacking & killing people globally!

by Geral Sosbee on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 2:31pm

Well, in the past violence has not stopped the barbarians; ' love thy enemy' equally fails; pleas to politicians bring more of the same; peaceful protests are mocked by the assassins, and the killing/torturing/imprisoning goes on and on generationally.

Yet, when a madman attacks one's home and


 and begins the inhumane and murderous onslaught, one must respond; if not for self, then for


one must take a stand &  resist and counterattack; otherwise, all is lost.

So, one may ask whether one is is prepared to defend with life all that is dear and sacred! If no one is so willing, then all meaning for fruitful existence is questioned. If just  one be prepared for the heroic deed, then all of Mankind  benefit ironically from the singular efforts of the one, even as others flee from the conflict; in this sense the life of one (bravely under homicidal attack) is worth defending to the death,because the entire


 of mankind benefits from the survival (or sacrifice) of this one.

Thus, I must vote for the one who acts at once on behalf of self & the extended


which includes  every human being on the good earth.







From Harlingen, Texas, February 11, 2011: In apparent retaliation for the above report the fbi begins an intensified sleep deprivation assault which completely incapacitates Sosbee through exhaustion; the violent extremists of the radical right wing of the US government, seeking to instill fear in this Target, clearly use the high tech assaults for torture purposes. See:



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TWO  BRAVE & DESPERATE  MEN  WHO UNDERSTOOD THE NATURE OF THE CRIMINALS  IN THE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY  continue today to teach the serial killers in fbi/cia/police a lesson that they will never forget:


Michael Lee Platt: 6'0" - 173 lbs.

Born: 3 February 1954, San Diego, California
KOFA High School, Yuma, Arizona. Graduated 1972
Stellar 3-Sports Athlete
Miami-Dade Community College

U.S. Army (#526087944) from 27 June 1972-1 May 1979
Honorable Discharge; E-6
MOS: 11B10, 11B20, 11B30
Airborne Ranger trained at Fort Campbell: 9/73-5/75
Also served in M.P. Unit there with Matix. Service notation includes "High Combat Proficiency."

Married and divored from first wife (unknown) in 1972
Widowed from second wife Regina E. Lylen Platt
Born: 13 September 1952
Married: 13 October 1975
Died: 21 December 1984
Cause of death: Suicide (shotgun to the mouth)

Third wife: Brenda
Married, January 1985

Brother: Timothy Lee Platt

At the time of his death, Platt lived at 15031 SW 88th Lane, West Kendall.

William Russell Matix: 6'1" - 147 lbs.

Born: 25 May 1951, Lewisburg, Ohio
New Madison High School, Ohio. Graduated 1969
Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. Graduated: 28 December 1979
National School of Meat Cutting, Toledo, Ohio
Columbus Technical School, Aviation Maintenance Program: Fall 1983-Spring 1984.

Marine Corps (#2578943) from 7 October 1969-7 July 1972. Honorable Discharge; E-5
MOS: 3371 (Cook/Supply)
Tattoo on right forearm of Bulldog and "USMC" with his service number.

U.S. Army (#2578943) from 10 August 1973-9 August 1976. Honorable Discharge; E-5
MOS: Military Police, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Widowed from first wife Patricia Buckanich Matix
Born: 1953
Married: 1976
Died: 30 December 1983
Cause of death: Murder
One daughter: Melissa, born October 1983

2nd wife: Christy Lou Horne
Married: 17 May 1985
Son: 27 December 1985

At the time of his death, Matix lived at 15615 SW 85th Avenue, Southwood.

Both Platt and Matix died within 12 blocks of where they were then living.

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