fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

We are all to familar with the 'No Fly / No Buy List' which contain the names of several million Americans.  Coming soon to the roads and highways you helped to pay for is the 'No Travel List'.  More Military being used in the domestic area of Road Blocks and Illegal Searches as well as the Theft (confiscation) of Valuables & Cash from your pockets and vehicles.  The big question is: If your name is on the No Travel List will they send you home or take you (& your vehicle + contents) into (confiscation) custody?

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Good question.


Death camps....?....why not, who would know?...and who would stop them?


Obama has already ordered the POLITICAL ASSASINATION of a CIA asset, used to set up some false flag ops.


And, the legal memo used....was...uh....never shown to the American public.  Ron Paul is now claiming that "this could be Obama's Impeacheable moment".


And hey man..........THEY KILLED MY KNOWN ASSOCIATES AND I also...was tortured in Nevada in my hotel room....several times after Obama was seated?  So...for TORTURE to be LEGAL under The War Commissions Act...only, only, only...The President can make that determination that "Thomas S. Bean is a non-enemy combatant" not on a battlefield.


So....like I said on my blog......OBAMA IS THE TORTURE PRESIDENT also. 


Of course.......HOLDER and MUELLER refuse to ever, ever, ever....intervene or "question me" or "ask for a sworn affidavit"........so........no interest from either HOLDER or MUELLER.



Well, they built all the FEMA camps for something. They could certainly be useful as death camps where the population can be sorted and filtered into the useful slaves and the otherwise old, handicapped, and useless for whatever reason to be given a 'flu??' shot. 

When they federalize all the local law enforcement agencies the locals will be replaced with federal officers.  Ha ha, all the local officers are thinking they are going to be promoted to federal status but they will just be replaced because they can't be trusted to carry out the harsh orders that will be given.  The local officers will be shipped off for training and sent to FEMA for their flu shot. 

It greives me to have to say this but they can't impeach a usurper.  All they can do is arrest and charge the criminal.

There was a guy using the name of Dutchsense on Facebook and about a month ago they put five rounds from an AK47 into his best friend from close range while the guy was sleeping.  The last I heard the friend was going to live but Dutch has since gone into hidding. 

Dutchsense was doing research on the use of HAARP to cause tornados (like the one that destroyed Joplin, Missouri) and hurricanes (like Katrina that destroyed New Orleans). He could recognize patters and had put some really good information up on Facebook.

Hope your doing well, Thomas.  Take care.




That is interesting...no?


A lot of whistleblowers and internet reporters get clipped.


Wayne Madsen thought he was on both Cheney and Obama's death wish list.


I am sure......I am at the top of the list.


But with the chip in, you "can literally control the target" to do or not do (access the Fed Courts) as you see fit.  This is a CIA-DOD-NSA-FBI COINTELPRO operation on me.


Why they allowed me to live......is any man's guess.......but I think "access to the US Senate and media" may have helped me stay alive...somehow?


Seems as though MUELLER'S FBI would "rather deal with me" the time honored and historically successful way using PROVOCATIONS to "tickle the wire" and use that later on while also "hiding all the exculpatory info" explaining "unusual behavior".


I did get poisened in my home.....and was very, very, very......sick for a long time.


Torture is legal under the War Commissions Act?

Gil McDonald, Sr. said:

Well, they built all the FEMA camps for something.




REPLY from Thomas:  I do remember something about a "secret and undisclosed interpretation of The Patriot Act that both MUELLER AND HOLDER refuses to discuss or disclose to Congress?


I think they have interpreted TERRORISM as including "my unfinished legal challenges" suggesting that.....Terrorism can include a civil suit filing in the form of A MOTION FOR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF OR MOTION FOR DECLARATIVE RELIEF to challenge CHIPPING, TORTURE, SUBLIMINAL DEBRIEFING (used by Mueller to steal my info on Whitey Bulgher living on a boat in Port Aransas.........FBI then "laundered the info" through their scripted confederate who recieved the two million dollars.




That's why I did not offer them the info......or any other info.


I keep my mouth shut............and refuse to "aid, abet, or tip off" anybody in law enforcement concering any fact pattern in any of the ten western states.


Fuck them.

They are afraid of anyone who has figured out what is being done to them and they try to make the victim look like he is crazy so the public will not believe the truth.  They can only get by with deliberately killing a few and they are experimenting on many thousands so they use us to exert mind control on the rest of the population. We are a testing field and they are using us to develope a pattern to cast out over the rest for purposes of control.  They don't actually control all the circumstances and the other things that are taking place in the universe are overpowering them and their control.  We all need to hang on a little longer and their power will be gone as if it evaporated like the morning mist.

"Hanging on a little bit longer" with the help of music.


Gil...punch in "Grooveshark.com" for a free music library.


Then click the magnifying glass icon to start a search:  "Tom Waits 'Hold On'"


Good song about holding on....with lyrics like, "...go ahead and call the cops, you don't meet nice girls in coffee shops....".



After MUELLER FAGGOT found out "...I found Whitey in Port Aransas, Texas, living on a small sail boat...".....MUELLER ANNOUNCED TO HIS PUNK BABY BURNING SUPERSTARS in a press conference...that:  "The FBI is, for the first time, iniating a REMOTE VIEWER GROUP".




I HAVE THE PHOTO OF BIG, BAD, protocol pussyboy MUELLER'S snitch....who MUELLER used to LAUNDER THE INFO with a tape made from a shotgun microphone INSTALLED BY THE OVERZEALOUS, AND EAGOR BEAVER JACKASSES who....followed me into that campsite.


FBI subliminally programmed me...to talk to their snitch, "John".


I told him....knowing he was a convict...that "...I did not rat out Whitey Bulgher" since he was sociable to me...and...he was in his seventies...and "...I don't put grandpa's in jail"....and that is all on tape.


The site: outside the Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge in Nevada.


What did fuck head Mueller do with those leads?  He found Whitey in California...and scripted the capture and paper trail...giving  MY 2 MILLION DOLLARS to THE FBI CONFEDERATE FROM ICELAND, who claimed to have "seen the FBI's reward commercial" on TV.


The way it works is..........FBI-DOJ have gotten official sanction from ERIC "house n-----er" HOLDER to conduct MIRANDA VIOLATIONS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE ANY SORT OF LEGITIMATE THREAT, and the notice for those MIRANDA VIOLATIONS is officially delayed to a unspecified point in time, at the discretion of THE FBI (usually only if under oath or after the statute of limitations runs out).


So...just what the f---- am I talking about?






It opens the door to speculation about SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING TO ENTRAP THE TARGET (legal under The War Commissions Act legalizing "entrapment")...followed by...."subliminal debriefing" to corroborate the earlier and undisclosed ENTRAPMENT MODUS?


Long and short of it:  THEy SUBLIMINALLY PROGRAM THE TARGET TO INCRIMINATE HIMSELF, AND OF COURSE.........refuse to disclose the Brady Material and or EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE.


This is done...............to whip a lynch mob vigilante network of "misled good solid dumbfucking jack ass citizens" like LIBRARIANS, PIGS, PUNK PROSECUTORS....VOLUNTEER FIRE FIGHTERS....FIRST RESPONDERS....NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS....CONTRACTORS...US ATTORNEYS...and a totally gutless fag moron named ERIC "Uncle Tom pussy" HOLDER.





I really cannot fathom why.........they did not murder me yet?


MUELLER'S FBI and the revolving door chicanery at DOJ HQ have already covered up and internalized the "dubious righteousness of murdering 4 US ATTORNEYS" while Big, Bad, Bob Mueller fagged around with what he characterized as "....just following our protocol pussy" defence?


Too much money and fun was made....harassing me, and others?


OPERATION SLAMMER requires "maximizing the intrusion" to get bushwhacked targets to "go postal" for the benefit of the FBI......no?


I noticed cats like to play with their victim....and seem to be intoxicated with the power over

a little shivering overpowered mouse.......no?


Is this behavior....instinctual and therefore "automatic" and uncontrolleable?


STALKING is a way for IMPOTENT (not literally meaning 'sexually impotent') people to become

OMNIPOTENT with the victim or scapegoat being used up as the demonized target.


FBI is famous for employing and using and enjoying the protection of "the status quo" of their pathetic rigid personality structure......that relies upon GROUPTHINK and cowardice to build a bizarre and pathetic "inbred cognitive distortion creating" social milieu...that one shrink characterized correctly as being "clinically psychopathic" when "no internal conflict develops" based on the embrace of "differing views of morality".


It all feeds on itself....and requires "isolation from mutually agreed upon morality" whose presence is usually spun as being characteristic of "weakness or liberal progressive thought".


SELFISHNESS and STUPIDITY are the book ends of injustice for those who "prefer to rationalize and spin" their own chicanery, cupidity, and duplicity.


Have we met the enemy, and he is the The GOVERNMENT SCUM fagging around talking a line of crap about "Public Service"?


Mr. Sosbee........"have you ever tasted the joy of public service and the social contract" from those grand standing jackoffs (FBI/DOJ/ACLU HQ) fagging around talking about "law and order" and the justice system?

In the past the US Army, the US Border Patrol and the State Highway Patrol have been used to set up road blocks inside of the United States.  Now the TSA resources are being added to stop traffic and search vehicle occupants and the vehicle itself.  In the state of Tennessee cash money and other valuables have been seized from vacation travelers even tho it was legal to possess such property in that area and there was no reason to suspect any criminal activity was involved in the possession of such valuable property.

CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE laws (promoted by Holder back when he was under Reno) are Draconian enough.  You got ten days to appeal the seizure.  Most people cannot afford counsel.


And, if the lawyer's fees, up front........cost more than the car is worth.........looks like there is no reason to contest the seizure?  Happened a lot in Louisiana.  Big scandal.


The Gov does not have to prove anything.......and it is considered a civil case, not requiring a higher standard of proof showing cause that the property is tied to crime?


Now with TSA doing their Terry Stops......with no cause.......well........what do we do now?


Not long ago.....on youtube....a video of Missouri cops telling truck drivers "they just want the money or drugs, with no questions asked...and no charges...or paper work"??????

I'm on a very unique list that I call The "No Deep R.E.M. Sleep List".


Anytime I scheduled a hotel room in Nevada..........the team would move next to me with an adjoining wall.


This was done so they can fry you with DEW through the thin sheet rock walls.


They always fried me when I was asleep entering the dream state (Deep R.E.M. state of sleep).


They did that to me in Sioux Falls, SD.  Forced me out of my home.  Forced to retreat from my own home?

It seems that at least part of the purpose of 'No Rem Sleep' is to cause actions that can't be carefully thought out. Looking back over the years it seems that I was being subjected to much of that before I even knew I was being Targeted. I have communicated with several Targets on the internet who have been forced out of their home by criminals who fradulently obtained their signature on a blank page and then filled it out to look like a quit claim deed. Then crooked county officials would record it as if it were a legal transaction. Then the thieves usually occupy the property after the rightful owner has left or has been murdered and made to look like a suicide or accidental death by the thieves. Local law enforcement, city and county officials know that a murder and fraud have taken place but refuse to even investigate because they know it was originated and controlled by federal officials. When most people try to escape they think they are doing the right thing, the only thing they can do to get some rest but the perps have already figured that into their formula for torture. All of these torture tactics were figured out decades ago by the CIA who have had a strong association with demonic creatures and have turned themselves and our political form of government over to the demon powers in an attempt to gain enough power to enforce their evil rule over the populace. The people who assist in these torture techniques may not be aware but they have also turned themselves over to the demon powers and their end will be worse than those who were tortured by them. 


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