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International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier, February 4, 2012

As a result of my experience as an fbi agent and my battle with the fbi assassins over the past few decades, I can confirm that the following report is based upon valid premises and that in all likelihood Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted as set forth below; further, he is in my opinion a hero who stood as man against the fbi psychopaths and serial killers (both within the ranks of the fbi gang and within the civilian community that the fbi controlled) who were sent to kill him.


Also, I served in the fbi during the time of the violence at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota; I recall that the fbi across the nation maintained a feverish or psychotic obsession to take vrengeance in the case against anyone involved the deaths of the agents. Today, the fbi continues gross violations of constitutional rights (including murder, torture and false imprisonment) against political dissidents. I believe that Leonard Peltier was such a dissident and he is a defender of liberty against the murderous fbi agents who ran amuk  at the reservation .


Few men can say that they faced off against the hoodlums of the fbi; few stand tall against the community vigilantes directed by cops and fbi assassins; and fewer still now come to the defense of this American Legend,

Mr. Leonard Peltier.






"Background: Native American activist Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted in connection with the deaths of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 
The evidence shows that the FBI was the aggressor in the firefight that occurred on June 26, 1975.  From 1973 to 1976, Indigenous People on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were victims of beatings, drive-by shootings, and stabbings carried out by local vigilantes who collaborated with the FBI.  Peltier and other Indigenous activists were forced into a defensive posture to protect not only their lives, but the lives of others who were present-elders, women, and children.  Indeed, Mr. Peltier's co-defendants, tried separately, were acquitted on grounds of self-defense."

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I agree (after reading Peter Mathiesen's book) that Peltier was near to the shooting, but did not fire the killing shots. 

FBI did not and would not resolve all the problems with the red truck.


A corrupt North Dakota Fed Judge, sealed Peltiers fate with erroneous rulings.  Suborning Perjury was and is common for The FBI who "Win at all Costs" if they have to.


Growing up in South Dakota with Bill "Wild Bill" Janklow as the emperor sitting Governor for far too long...it was assumed that "The Indians" were all terrorists.  But...alas...later on, the real truth came out about how worthless and Fascistic the pathetic, shameless FBI HQ is, was, and always will be.


FBI scum...always protect themselves no matter how bad the facts are.  Rarely do you read a book from the mouth of a dissenting FBI agent. 


Leonard was in a bad position in the order of "easily demonized Indian scapegoats".  The other defendants tried before him were acquitted.  He was the last chance The FBI had at "putting a scalp on the wall" to avenge their pals.  The murdered agents, weren't as bad as others who always covered up the violence and terrorism used by "The G.O.O.N.s" led by tribal chief Dick Wilson (a lowlife puppet for the FBI and Uranium mining firms who did get one eighth of the reservation deeded to them by Wilson.  That real estate held valuable minerals.).


My contempt for The FBI knows...no boundaries of hate and malice.


Even worse (especially in my fact pattern) is the god damned US Attorneys (who made it impossible for The FBI to do much of anything for me).

With HOLDER playing Sgt. Schultz (from "Hogan's Heroes") and hiding behind Obama's weakness and corruption....there will be no justice for any Targeted Individuals (and the Stalkers know that they cannot and will not ever be charged for any of their crimes).

Being forced into a defensive position.............is part of THE COINTELPRO GAME.


After this option is used by the targeted individual, any hostility, malice, or threats can be used to paint the target as unstable and a threat.


No time is spent on analyzing crucial Entrapment issues of fact.


There's a website called TICKLING THE WIRE.com.  The phrase "Tickling The Wire" in cop parlance means, "...you harass the target, then tape record the target with no reference to the prior bad acts of the aggressor-Police State Actors".


Any half way reasonable, peaceful, and passive individual...........can be turned into a raving lunatic as long as the intrusions are continuous and outrageous.

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