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Intelligence Report On Crimes In The Financial Markets By The fbi And The cia.

Intelligence Report On Crimes In The Financial Markets By The fbi And The cia.
Posted by geral sosbee on August 4, 2008

During my service in new york city I learned that the fbi apparently has ghost accounts with Merrill Lynch and others wherein stocks,bonds and commodities (including futures) are traded anonymously for the profit of fbi offices and their bosses(especially the nyc office). The trades are always profitable as the fbi and the cia have advance knowledge of values and futures contracts affecting the global business community. The SEC ignores the intelligence agencies' trades as a result of fancy footwork, covering, and the use of intelligence code words (such as 'national security') designed to head off any inquiry. The money gained from this *mafia type activity is used for covert criminal operations and for rewards for selected special agents who are particularly deserving of promotion to the ruling elite inside the fbi offices. Only a few fbi agents are aware of the illegal trades, and usually the SAC and his designated representative have contact with the Broker in managing the funds.
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* Note that the fbi also steals cash from their Targets, as I have documented.

[The fbi increases the directed energy assaults and harassment after the above report appears; on the night of 8-2-08, this Target suffers extreme sleep deprivation and
other harassment in his residence. Note that such responses by the fbi are encouraging to Sosbee as he observes the fbi/cia squirm in their homicidal psychopathology as a result of these truthful reports. The next day a fbi **Living Dead goon stalks and assaults Sosbee in the book store; the same night extreme sleep deprivation and related games continue.in the united states of america.]
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